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8 years ago
| Blue Label
8 years ago

Our world today is a very different place than the world of the 1950s when I first began smuggling Bibles into the Communist bloc. But despite all the change, there is one thing that hasn’t altered in the past five decades. Whenever we meet with believers who suffer for the name of Christ, we still hear the same request: “Please pray for us!”

This is why your partnership with us is so critical! You see, I am convinced that we are not helpless bystanders in our world, but fully equipped warriors ready to step into the fray and influence the advancement of God’s Kingdom as we serve His persecuted church together.

I hope as you celebrate with us all that God has done in and through the ministry of Open Doors in 2010 that you will be inspired and encouraged to persevere in prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

You and I know that Satan would love to wipe out the remnants of the church in the most restricted countries, but God is using our networks to do just the opposite. The church is, in fact, growing! The gates of hell are NOT prevailing against it! Thank you for giving and praying!


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