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India - Violence Leaves Girls Vulnerable to Trafficking 


Escalating violence in India's Orissa state has opened the door for human traffickers to take advantage of young girls looking for a better life.

India Map


At least four Christian girls attempting to escape the violence had been sold to a "placement agency" in Delhi.


The Sakhi Maid Bureau in Delhi's Ratla village area offered the girls the promise of jobs and a new life after the deadly violence in Orissa has left nearly 50,000 people displaced. What the girls received instead was days of sexual abuse and assault at the hands of Sakhi Maid Bureau's owner, Mr. Monto.


Two of the girls were rescued after another girl managed to escape and get help. One girl is still missing.


The mother of the missing girl, Hemanti Mallik, 50, has camped at Delhi for the last six months, saying she is "seeking legal help and justice" for her daughters and the "arrest of the perpetrators" who trafficked them with false promises of jobs.

"Human traffickers and placement agents have carefully selected communities and areas which are affected by socio-political and communal violence," explained All India Christian Council (AICC)  spokesman Madhu Chandra.


"They target those who are internally displaced after their homes and villages are destroyed at communal violence with false promises of giving jobs," he explained.   

"Human trafficking is serious a threat to humanity all over the world and it is same also for India."   

Police have since detained Mr. Monto, but he was released on bail. The investigation is still ongoing and the next court hearing is scheduled on May 23, 2011, trial observers said.


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