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7 years ago
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Attention All: Prayer Warriors, Prayer Guardians, Intercessors, Prayer Partners, Prayer Trios, All of you who belong to Prayer Chains, Youth for Jesus and Youth for Christ, and all of you who believe in Prayer You Are Needed Immediately!!! This poor man is losing his wife because a hate gang shot her and he can not afford to pay medical bills. There is no time to lose! Please get busy and pray! This event is happening in Nigeria where recently there has been outbreaks in many areas of violence against Christians. Please Pray I ask of you, in the name of Jesus! From Donna
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to thank you for the hard work that you are doing to support us in prayer we love you. Please Donna Matthews; the doctor told me that my wife has 48 hours to live if we don't raise  funds for the operation .I believe if she die the blood will be on the Muslim leader who caused  this. Fellow Christians  please pray and tell others to pray; and know that after the death of my loving wife I will  still believe so much in Jesus I will not stop spreading the gospel of Christ! I will someday meet all of you in heaven along with my wife and we will all meet Jesus.Taking the life of my wife will not stop the work of Jesus.
From Pastor Jackson; God Bless You in the name of Jesus!

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