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6 years ago
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~Prayer Warriors, Intercessors, Prayer Guardians, Prayer Partners, Threefold Cords, Members of Prayer Chains, Group Prayer Members~ Check for Prayer Requests often; so that you can offer Prayer and Supplication for others~ 
Everyone can put in PRAYER REQUESTS ~if there is something you need prayer for~please let us know~    

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6 years ago

A "Thank You" Message from Pastor Zhang Rongliang
Pastor Zhang Rongliang who was granted early release from prison on August 31, 2011 sends his gratitude to those who prayed for him. "Through the grace of God," he says, "the ministry that I was able to do while in prison was a result of your prayers."
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Prayer Request for Incarcerated Children
6 years ago

How ironic the above post was listed when I clicked this thread.

I am requesting prayer for all the incarcerated children in the United States and world, both our case children and those who are absent of the spotlight and advocacy. Those who sit alone and wonder if anybody cares. We do. May God work in their lives for a positive difference.

May God bless our endeavors at Children's Hope and Voice so that we may find mentors for desperate youth, so that we may provide a voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless.

Congrats to Pastor for his release both from evil and prison which sometimes can be one in & of the same.

Merry Christmas Season All!

6 years ago

Praise Update - Ugandan Girl Tortured for Christ Regaining Use of Legs
15-year-old Susan Ithungu, a Christian girl in western Uganda who lost the use of her legs after her father locked her in a room for six months for leaving Islam, has begun to take tentative steps. Living in a rented house in an undisclosed location, Susan says, "Well-wishers have been paying the house rent and buying me food and clothing." Susan added that she has forgiven her father.
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6 years ago
Spiritual Openness Greater Than Ever in Tunisia
The Arab Spring revolution that swept across the Middle East began with revolts in Tunisia. Now, a year later, Tunisian Christians claim that spiritual openness has grown in unprecedented ways!
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