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7 years ago
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Dear Donna Matthews , 


Did you know that we receive up to 45% of our annual revenue in the month of December?


That means that all our work for the persecuted in 2012 hangs on what happens in the next three weeks. That work includes:

  • smuggling Bibles into the toughest parts of the world
  • taking care of the widows and children of murdered and imprisoned pastors
  • sending pastors into the most dangerous parts of the world
  • working with US legislators to free prisoners and push back countries that persecute Christians
  • maintaining the world's most comprehensive online database of persecution incidents
  • keeping persecution in the public spotlight via 60+ press releases and hundreds of interviews every year

And that's just the beginning of our work!


Please know that 95% of our funding comes from individuals - people just like you.


We exist only as a bridge to bring your touch, your care, and your compassion to your persecuted brother and sister. We are your servants, your hands, and your feet. Nothing more. 


If you don't choose to help the persecuted, we can't help them.


Given all that, I want to simply ask you to give and to give generously ... right now.


One more thing ... a group of anonymous donors has offered to match any gift you give to our "where most needed" fund in the next three weeks. So, if you give $100, your gift will become $200. A $200 gift will become $400, etc..


Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity to give a generous gift to your persecuted brothers and sisters by clicking here.


Jeff King

Bless You!


Jeff King, President

International Christian Concern



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