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6 years ago
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This is a petition site that anyone can use specifically for petitions to help Christians. You may put on petitions for Christians and we especially welcome petitions for Persecuted Christians and those who are being challenged in their faith! We welcome petitions for home and house churches, and the right to freedom of religion. We also hope for petitions to help teens and college students to establish independent interdenominational student worship centers.      DOES CONTACTING YOUR U.S. LEGISLATORS MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS? Recently published data reveals that citizens have more power than they realize. The report states “The most influential advocacy strategies for swaying an undecided Member of Congress depend on personal communications from constituents.”  I hope this encourages you that your efforts to speak out for Persecuted Christians DO MAKE a DIFFERENCE.  Another finding is that form letters are not nearly as influential to Members as personalized messages

Open Doors provides form letters for our advocacy campaigns as we do not expect our supporters to know all the details of each bill, resolution, or letter we support.  If you have limited time, sending the form message is better than not taking action.  BUT…if you really want to maximize your impact for persecuted Christians, please take a few extra minutes to personalize the message before you send to your legislator. This is done by simply clicking in the message box and adding or editing the form letter. The easiest way to personalize the message is to explain at the beginning of the letter why you care about the issue. You can leave the remainder of the form message if you so desire.  Read report to learn how you can be a more effective advocate>>

6 years ago

Presidential Pledge for Religious Freedom: The Presidential Pledge for Religious Freedom asks each candidate to commit to making domestic and international religious liberty a priority in his or her administration. We are eager to have all candidates sign on to this important pledge. You can help this effort by signing a petition that urges all candidates to sign the pledge. Take a moment to sign the petition now. To learn more please go to

6 years ago

Dear Donna,

We need the help of all Americans, on both sides of the political spectrum to ensure our next president will make religious freedom a top priority!

As you may know by now, the Presidential Pledge for Religious Freedom has been presented to the candidates of each party.

So far, former Senator Rick Santorum is the only presidential candidate who has signed it.

Not only has Santorum signed the pledge, he's also showing support by wearing our One With Them wristband.

Now, we hope the President and all presidential candidates of all parties will sign the pledge!

You can help by signing a petition that urges the President and presidential candidates to take the pledge. Please take a moment to sign this important petition now!

A candidate's signature indicates a commitment to upholding religious freedom for people of all faiths in America, nominating U.S. federal judges who are committed to religious freedom, and prioritizing those freedoms in U.S. foreign policy.

Please sign the petition today, and forward this to all your friends and family.

Together, we can bring religious liberty into the national spotlight and preserve this most valued freedom for future generations of believers!

Dr. Carl Moeller

Carl Moeller
Open Doors USA

6 years ago
Presidential Pledge Signals Candidate Commitment to Religious Freedom: Sign our petition asking candidates to sign the Presidential Pledge for Religious Freedom at this link, Presidential Pledge Petition  Open Doors USA President, Carl Moeller, urges all candidates to sign the Presidential Pledge for Religious Freedom. “Open Doors would love to have the pledge signed by every candidate. Far from being a radical, divisive political document, this pledge lays out a position that our Founding Founders rightly agreed is a basic American value.” Read more>>

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