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2 years ago
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Remember the prisoners as if chained with them; Hebrews 13:3
2 years ago
Cristina Mexico

Four-year-old Cristina, along with her mother and 13-year-old brother, quickly walked up the steep trail. Lagging behind them, they urged her to move faster as they did not want to be late for church. In a matter of minutes her world would be turned upside-down.

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2 years ago
Debbie Figueras and Polly Sigulim Israel

Debbie and Polly live in Arad which is located about 12 miles from the Dead Sea. Both women are mothers, both women have a heart to serve… and both women are persecuted for their love for Jesus.

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2 years ago
Anamika Bangladesh

Constructed of corrugated tin, the walls and roof of the small structure shone brightly beneath the sun’s powerful rays. Huddled together on the floor, sat Anamika’s six students eagerly waiting for their reading lessons to begin. But this day would be different; today they also had visitors who had come to hear how this young girl, a former Muslim, had come to Christ.

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1 year ago

Healing Women's Double Trauma

Healing Women's Double Trauma Every Christian Egyptian woman lives with double trauma: she is both female and a Christian. This places her near the bottom of the unspoken, but widely acknowledged, hierarchy of Egyptian society. Muslim men hold the highest place having both the dominant faith and gender. Muslim women, although female, hold the second place because of their adherence to Islam. Third are Christian men, though disadvantaged because of their faith, their gender secures a higher place than Christian women. Christian women find themselves last in the social order.

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