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6 years ago
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A prayer to make your own, share with loved ones, or both.

Thank you God for the gift of my life and my soul, for the chance to live here on this planet and learn constantly about what it means to follow you, about how to love you and all of mankind. Thank you for the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong, and for the opportunity to apologize and make amends when I screw up.

Thank you for everything I've been given, everything I've learned, and everyone you have brought into my life. I don't always understand why things are the way they are, why I am the way I am, or why things don't always work out the way I want them to, but I know you aren't to blame for that, and I'm sorry if I sometimes act like you are.

Thank you to the ones who love me, because they've all seen me in my most unlovable moments and decided to see the bigger picture of my life and not just the smudges here and there. Thank you to the ones who make me feel loved in so many small and big ways throughout the year, who just make me smile knowing I can count on them when I'm in need.

Thank you to those who have left my life for now, either because they have gone on to heaven or because we have grown apart. I am grateful to have had the special time with them that I did, and I appreciate everything they gave me and taught me.

Thank you to the ones who love me even when I do not return the affection.

Thank you to the people who do good for others in secret, who quietly share their blessings of time or money with those in need, and do not ask for thanks or praise in return. You are true angels in a weary world.

Thank you for possibility, for growth, and potential. Thank you for the lands I have yet to discover, for the people I have yet to meet, and for all the love I have yet to receive from God and others. I give thanks for all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Radical Christianity is a lifestyle, not just a mindset. Radical Christianity is concerned with:

Conquering, not cowering.

Sacrifice, not superficiality.
Victory, not verbiage.
Scoring, not slumming.
Penetration, not pandering.

Radical Christianity is in first gear, neutral is nonexistent. Radical Christianity is courageous, but never constrictive, constraining or cautious! Radical Christianity moves mountains, crosses Red Seas, pulls down walls, builds walls, walks on water, raises the dead, calms storms, feeds 5000 and walks through closed doors.

It suffers regularly, soars often, sweats daily, saturates everything and spreads everywhere. Radical Christianity calls sin black, hell hot, hypocrisy evil, Satan a liar and judgment sure. It doesn’t back down, sit down or stay down. Radical Christianity doesn't depend on the strokes of others to keep it going. It doesn’t acquiesce in the face of loud opposition, fold under pressure, wince under criticism, tarnish under time, die under duress, fade under technology, nor rot under moisture. It doesn’t rust, retreat, renounce, reconsider, return or renege.

Radical Christianity always lifts up Christ, knocks down barriers, marches over objections, overwhelms pessimism, gobbles up cynicism, and tramples down skepticism.

Radical Christianity gives lavishly, prays relentlessly, claims abundantly, works feverishly, preaches powerfully, serves lovingly, perseveres patiently and believes expectantly! Radical Christianity dares to challenge the prevailing standard to make it God’s. It never plays to the grandstands, nor waters down its position, nor adjusts its principles, but rather is a thermostat that controls its surroundings, never a thermometer that merely adjusts to them. It is never big, popular, stylish, convenient, in vogue or in-step with the world. Its adherents are few, its sound clear, its philosophy unpopular and its rewards great. Its disciples aren’t rewarded by this world but are those to whom Christ will say, “Well done!”

A congregation of believers was worshiping in a Sunday service in Peru when a squad of heavily armed "Shining Path" rebels came rushing in. “We’ve heard that this group is committed to God. How many of you are willing to die for your faith? Raise your hands,” he commanded.

Fearing they would be slaughtered, most of the congregation remained still. But a small number of believers tentatively raised their hands. The others were released and the commander said, “Those of you who raised your hands, stop worrying. We’re not going to kill you. We just wanted to see who in the congregation believed enough in their faith that they were willing to die for it. That’s the kind of radical commitment we’re looking for.”

Today I commit to being a radical Christian and
give everything I am and have to Jesus.

Pray for Christians in conflict areas who must
regularly put their lives on the line.

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