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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Alimjan Yimiti Physically Unwell

Long-term Uyghur prisoner, Alimjan Yimiti, is reportedly in poor health, his exact medical condition is unknown. Alimjan's wife Gulnur…

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4 years ago


Pastor Saeed is in a hospital in Iran.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is he’s still not receiving the treatment he needs, Iran actually chained him to his bed, and then only removed the chains after we triggered an international outcry.

Iran claims it made a “mistake.” Iran needs to correct its mistakes by releasing Pastor Saeed.

Sign Our Petition for Immediate Clemency – Freedom – For Pastor Saeed.

Here at home, attacks on the Cross and Christian speech are spreading like wildfire. In Maryland and California, atheists have filed suit against memorial crosses.

In Colorado, the Air Force Academy forced a cadet to remove a Bible verse from a board outside his dorm room after receiving complaints from extremists who compare evangelical Christians to the Taliban.

We’re fighting back, filing a key brief in the Maryland Cross case and meeting with military officials to remind them of the First Amendment. Join with us.

Join Our Committee: Defend the Cross and Honor Heroes.

We have a legal team in Europe, engaged in critical meetings on behalf of Pastor Saeed. We have a legal team here at home defending the Cross and our right to share our faith. We’re almost halfway through our March Matching Challenge, but we’re not yet halfway to our goal. Please consider a tax-deductible gift.

Support Our Work and Double Your Impact.

The ACLJ Team

4 years ago

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This week at the ACLJ was an important reminder: We have much to be thankful for, and we have many reasons to pray.

We're thankful for an important victory for religious freedom. Last week, we won a key decision in federal court that allows a Christian employer - a campus ministry - to apply biblical principles to its employees.

Read About An Important Court Victory for Religious Freedom.

We're praying also - praying for Pastor Saeed, the American pastor held in Iran.

An ACLJ diplomatic mission led by ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow has just returned from the Middle East, and Jordan reports that Pastor Saeed is out of prison receiving medication in a hospital for injuries caused by prison beatings.

Medical care is a positive development, but Pastor Saeed is not yet free.

Read Jordan Sekulow's Report From the Middle East.

If you haven't signed our petition for Pastor Saeed's freedom, please sign today.

Sign the ACLJ Petition for Clemency - freedom - for Pastor Saeed.

Finally, the entire ACLJ team thanks you for helping us reach our March Matching Challenge Goal. Our donors are also granting us the month of April to finish our Spring Matching Challenge. Any tax-deductible amount you give in April will be doubled. Please consider giving today. Your gifts make victory possible.

Give Today and Double Your Impact.

The ACLJ Team

4 years ago

Under Persecution

Umid Gojayev


Write a Letter Petition Official

Location: Turkmenistan
Arrested: April 2012

In early 2012, 29-year-old Umid Gojayev of Turkmenistan had an argument with four neighbors over access to a well where they live in Dashoguz. In the scuffle, Umid defended himself and hit one of the men on the head with a brick, causing injury. The man filed a complaint against Umid with local police. Several days later, he and his family reconciled with the man he injured and paid for his hospital expenses. They agreed to withdraw their complaint. However, when police learned that Umid was a Christian, they insisted on bringing the case to court. More Info

4 years ago

Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

One year ago, Sawan Masih’s conversation with a Muslim friend triggered a public outcry resulting in his arrest…

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4 years ago

Asia Bibi


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Location: Pakistan
Arrested: June 2009

For the fourth time this year, a court hearing for Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has been postponed. Asia has been waiting in limbo for years since her June 2009 arrest while her case drags through the appeals process �and multiple delays. Hearings set for Feb. 14, March 17, March 26 and now April 14 have all been postponed for various reasons. No future trial date has been set. More Info

4 years ago
Farshid Fathi


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Location: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Arrested: December 2010

On April 17, a prison guard broke Farshid Fathi's foot when he stomped on it during a cell inspection. Farshid went to aid a prisoner who had been beaten, and a guard stopped Farshid and crushed his bare foot with his heavy boot. Farshid's foot and toe were broken. Farshid spent three days in agony before he was allowed to be taken to the hospital.

"Though I was in dire pain, I took it as a gift from our Lord to get out of prison even for a few hours," Farshid wrote. "Of course, we forgive them for all they have done to us because we are followers of the One who says, 'Father, please forgive...' Please... pray for me that I may know him and be found in him and the power of resurrection." More Info

4 years ago

Acteal Prisoner Found Innocent

After spending 17 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit, Antonio Perez was declared a free and innocent man by the Mexican Supreme Court…

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4 years ago

Pastor Saeed Abedini: Beaten and Forcibly Removed From Hospital & Returned to Iranian Prison.

Pastor Saeed Abedini: Beaten and Forcibly Removed From Hospital & Returned to Iranian Prison.
4 years ago

Wenxi Li


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Location: China
Arrested: December 2012

In January 2014, Cai Hong Li, Wenxi's wife, visited her husband for the first time since his arrest. "He is doing well and is able to read the Bible in jail, which is amazing," she said. He has also led several prisoners to the Lord. Cai Hong said she is content that God is using a bad situation for His good purposes, even though the family has faced a lot of hardship as a result of her husband's imprisonment. "I don� think my husband being in prison is a miserable thing," she said. She said she needs nothing but prayer from her brothers and sisters. "Prayer is the most precious thing," she said. More Info

from the ACLJ
4 years ago
Is the State Department Abandoning an American Toddler Imprisoned in Sudan?
By: Matthew Clark
Filed in: United Nations  |   May. 21, 2014
Meriam Ibrahim from Sudan

Martin Wani, a 20-month-old American boy, is suffering in prison as his mother, Meriam Ibrahim, is shackled on death row in Sudan because she is a Christian.

Martin is a U.S. citizen, but the U.S. State Department refuses to even acknowledge this fact.  It’s an unbelievable outrage on top of an already devastating situation.

Martin’s father, Daniel Wani, Meriam’s husband, is an American Christian.  In fact, on top of her death sentence, Meriam, who is pregnant with an American baby, has been sentenced to be beaten with 100 lashes after she delivers the baby because she married her Christian husband.

The State Department was asked point blank about the American boy and his father’s citizenship this week.  The State Department refused to answer stating, “I don’t have any more details to share,” pointing back to a recent statement by the White House that also fails to acknowledge their citizenship.

Worse, Daniel, the husband and father, has reported that he had the doors of the U.S. Embassy shut in his face when he begged for help.  He reported that the U.S. government demanded that he provide DNA evidence that the imprisoned American boy was in fact his son.  He reportedly provided the boy’s birth certificate and wedding documents of his marriage to Meriam, and still the U.S. government refused to help.

It is well known that the father is a U.S. citizen, yet the State Department refuses to even acknowledge this fact.

A little American boy suffers, sick from prison conditions, in a Sudanese jail.  His mother – who is expected to give birth to her child in a matter of weeks – faces torture and execution simply because she is a Christian.  If she is executed, both of her American children would then most likely be turned over to the same radical Islamists who hung her.

If the Obama Administration’s State Department refuses to take decisive action and fight for the freedom of these young Americans, it would be a dereliction of its diplomatic duty.

No one should face execution merely because of their religious beliefs.

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