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Jelena Private Thread for Petitions/News & WELCOME Dear! xx
4 years ago

Mm, thank you so much for iniviting me in to the group and for giving me this space for my petitions.
I am happy to be here and I am happy to be able to put all my petitions at one place, otherwise I couldn't make it, there is no time for everything. Some of you might have seen my petitions before, I focus on positive aspect of the events and try to promote gratefulnes instead of shocking everyone with the terrible news, so I choose to present a solution instead of a problem, most of the time. Some people like it, some don't, but what to do...I do what I am in alignment with.
I will be posting daily my petitions here, after I upload them on the site I will come here to post them here. For now, I will upload here my petitions from the last 3 days, not to overload you, and gradualy I'll introduce some of my older petitions. Thank you all )

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 5, 2014

Send love to good Samaritan who saved a dog from burning kennel

Send love to five teens who saved severely wounded dog

Send love to abandoned pup which was nursing a 5-month-old kitten

Send love to LTWC for rescuing a 14-month-old bear cub

Applaud Palau for deciding to ban all commercial fishing, declaring a 100 percent marine sanctuary

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 6, 2014

Send thanks to Barcelona for expanding its bullfighting ban

Send thanks to Serbia's Ministry of Agriculture for banning the wolf hunt

Send love to an Essex girl who has dedicated her life to saving elephant orphans in the Zambia

Send thanks to all the organizations in Serbia which stoped the massacre of 100 deer

Send love to a bulldog which adopted stray kittens

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 8, 2014

URGENT! Ukraine-do not let your zoo animals starve to death!!

Support new California's bill aiming to stop SeaWorld from making orcas perform

Send thanks to SPCA of Texas for seizing nearly 100 animals

Send love to a dog which survived after being shot twice by deputy

Send love to a women who welcomes homeless pets making her home a sanctuary

Send love to a dog which helped rescue his owner from icy lake

4 years ago

First I am posting great news about situation in zoo:
The wildlife park asked Ukranian residents to help.
According to a Facebook page
created shortly after the zoo's plea,
many heeded the call to action:
An update on the Facebook group posted Saturday,
on March 8, said the animals are OK for now.
"We just got back from the zoo- l
iterally the entire city had brought bags
and bags of food to donate: cabbage, bread,
carrots, beets, greens, you name it! T
he zoo staff was using tractors to haul the food around.
We spoke to the zoo director and she said t
hey'd also received some cash donations,"
the page announced.

4 years ago
Thank You for Posting
4 years ago

TU for the petitions...I will never post again that I signed or forwarded since it will mess up a thread.   This will be reversed when long.   TU   Hope you guys sign.   Again, I am gone...going to ask for help again...Want Val....xx    I will wipe off my comment so doesn't mess up petitions.

4 years ago

Mm, please, leave your comments, it looks much better with them, thank you

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 11, 2014

Stop Electrocution of the Greyhounds During the Races!

Send Love to Josh Duhamel for Producing Web Series to Help Shelter Pets

Send Thanks to ARLB for Rescuing Nearly 200 Animals from Home in Massachusetts

Send Thanks to San Francisco for Becoming First Major City to Ban Sale of Plastic Water Bottles

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 12, 2014

Send Love to the Dog which is Helping his Owner to Care for an Injured Stray

Send Love to the Loyal Italian Cat which Brings Gifts to Owner's Grave

Send Thanks to ASPCA for Starting After School Program for Empowering Girls Through Animal Rescue

Send Love to the Man and his Dog that are Biking and Raising Awareness for Pet Adoptions

Send Thanks to the Researchers who are Helping Endangered Tinker Frog

Send Thanks to the Photographer who Uses Technical Wizardry to Help Rescued Animals Find Homes

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 13, 2014

Stop Capturing and Training Beluga Whales to Entertain Humans!!

Send Thanks to Colorado for Banning Greyhound Racing

Send Love to Chiquita, the Scoot Pooch which is Raising Money for Animal Rescues

Send Love to the Rescue Dog which Helps a Sick Woman to Have A Better Life

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 15, 2014

Support World's March to End the Shooting of Tame Lions

Send Thanks to European Government for Resolution to Create Arctic Sanctuary

Send Thanks to the Countries that Work Together to Protect Sargasso Sea

Send Thanks to the Feds for Protecting Habitat for Jaguars in the United States

Send Thanks to New Mexico for Recognizing Beaver's Value in Ecosystem

Send Love to the Dog which Rescued her Owner from the Burning Bed

Send Thanks to Backbench MPs for Voting to Halt the Badger Cull

4 years ago

Signed what I could for now - thanks- yes Marilyn is great!

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 16, 2014

Send Thanks to the Animal Shelter which Brought Back to Life a Tiny Week-old Fox

Stop Giving Extreme Makeovers to the Dogs!

Send Thanks to Tokyo Disneyland for Banning all Fur Items

Send Thanks to Quincy District Court for Taking Severe Measures Against Puppy Doe Abuser

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 17, 2014

Send Love to the British Man who Opened Animal Sanctuary in Taiwan

Send Love to the Dog which Saved her Owner from Choking

4 years ago

Signed a few will return ! xx

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 19, 2014

Send Love to Pit Bull which Sacrificed Self to Save Owner from the Attacker

Send Love to Pit Bull Puppy which has a Special Gift for Comforting Others

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 20, 2014

URGENT: Six-week-old Bear Cub Seized. Donations Needed!

Don't Let Abandoned Animals at Former Ukrainian President's Estate Starve!!

Support UCSI's and SSPCA's Promotion of Love for Animals

Find Out Who Killed Three Bison in Yellowstone!

Save British Bumblebees by Growing Exotic Plants in Gardens

Send Thanks to Fishermen and Conservationists who are Working Together to Save Turtles in Caribbean

Send Thanks to NH for Drafting Legislation that is Offering Domestic Violence Protection to Pets

Send Thanks to State-owned Chinese Retailer for Suspending Ivory Sales

Send Thanks to Middle Township for Creating Animal Welfare Board

Send Love to Search and Rescue Dog which Located Lost 2-Year-Old Boy

Send Love to Sanitation Worker who Rescued a Dog from Ohio Dumpster

Send Love to Liam Neeson for Saving a Dog from Abuse in Central Park

Send Love to Coast Guard which Rescued Man and Three-Legged Dog from Rough Seas

Send Love to the Dog which is Recovering After Being Dragged Behind Truck

4 years ago

Hi signed a few Thanks

Signed most! Thanks. Gotta go!~
4 years ago

4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi Have signed a few .
Thankyou .

4 years ago

Have signed almost all of them. I have always appreciated your positive outlook. Thanks so very much for all that you do, Jelena!

4 years ago

This one was created out of daily order yesterday, so I am posting it separately:

Stop Killing Dogs for Annual Yulin Dog-Eating Festival!!

And this one is from my friend Patricia regarding same subject:

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 22, 2014

Send Love to the Giraffe which Kissed Dying Zoo Worker Final Goodbye

Celebrate World Water Day

Celebrate National Puppy Day

Send Love to Beauty Bloggers who United for "Be Cruelty-Free" Video Appeal

4 years ago

Wow - lots here - love the thanks-willbe back later to do more.

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 25, 2014

Send Love to German Shepherd which Survived Hit-and-Run but Lost his Leg

Send Love to Firefighters who Rescued Homeless Man and his Dog from Torrential Rains

Send Love to Three Men for Rescuing a Dog Trapped in Snow

Send Love to Family who Rescued Pet Stuck in Rock Wall

Send Love to Hero Police K-9 which Survived Shooting

Send Thanks to Ruff Start Rescue for Helping Cupid to Undergoes Corrective Surgery

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 26, 2014

Send Huge Thanks to Judge who Spared Mickey

Send Love to Teenagers who Overcame their Religious Believes to Rescue a Dog Tossed from a Car

Send Thanks to Police and Animal Rescue that Saved Five Malnourished Dogs

Send Love to Family who Rescued their Dog After Mudslide

Send Love to Newly Adopted Pooch which Saved Owner from a Potentially Explosive Situation

Send Thanks to the Authorities which Made Multiple Arrests after Dog-fighting Operation Discovered

Send Love to "Guardians of Rescue" for Helping the 11 "Dogs Left in a Box"

Send Love to the Preacher who Risked his Life to Save Dog from Icy Pond

Send Love to Animal Lovers who Took Part in Demolition of Gas Chamber

Send Love to Gateway Pet Guardians for Rescuing Suki and her Puppies

Send Love to Firefighters who Rescued Abandoned Dog from Ravine

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 27, 2014

Send Love to the Dog which was Buried Alive and Survived

Send Love to the Dog which Helped in His Own Rescue from the Deep Pipe

Send Love to Fifteen-Year-Old who Rescued Dogs from House Fire

Send Love to Stray Mama for Leading Woman into Woods to Rescue Her Puppies

Inform yourself on How to Adopt a Dog Through Breed-Specific Rescue Groups

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 28, 2014

Stop Dynamite Fishing!

Support Biodegradable Urns that Will Turn You Into a Tree After You Die

Send Thanks to Tourism Industry Players for Calling for Life Imprisonment of Poachers in Uganda

Send Love to 17,000 Kids and Organizations which Set Out to Check on Stray Animals

Send Thanks to Maia Dunphy for Spreading Word to Save 500 Pooches

Send Thanks to FDA for Partnering With Veterinary Labs to Help Animals

Send Thanks to PETA for Making China Southern Airlines Ban Shipping of Monkeys to Labs

Send Love to RSPCA, Coastguard and Fire Service for Rescuing Pony from Carmarthenshire Cliff

Send Love to Rescuers who Rescued the Injured Badger from Hailsham Pool

Send Thanks to Pennsylvania's SPCA for Removing 260 Cats from the 'Crazy Cat House'

Send Thanks to Police for Shuting Down Illegal W. Miami Monstrous Slaughterhouse

Send Thanks to Birmingham North's Police for Donation to Sutton Coldfield Animal Sanctuary

Send Thanks to Australian Political Party which Fights to End Shark Cull

Send Thanks to US Government for Helping Asia in the Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking

Send Love to Three Bear Cubs Rescued in Kosovo

Send Love to Students who Volunteered to Protect Turtles

Send Thanks to EU for Cracking Down on Illegal Fishing

Send Thanks to Kenya Wildlife Service for Shooting Rhino Poacher

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 29, 2014

Help to Find the Dog Stolen with the Car

Send Thanks to Washington's Dog Shelter for Offering Sochi Strays for Adoption

Send Love to the Hunter who Rescued an Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub

Send Thanks to Obama Administration for Listing Prairie Chicken as Threatened

Send Love to Firefighters who Rescued the Cat Dangling on the Fence

Send Love to the Cat which Returned to the Owner Who was Miles Away in a New Home

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4 years ago

Thankyou , all done .

4 years ago

Uploaded on March 30, 2014

Send Love to the Woman who Broke Two Fingers to Save her Rottweiler from Being Hanged

Send Love to Firefighters who Rescued a Dog from Burning Home

Send Love to the Woman who Risked Prison to Rescue Freezing, Neglected Dog

Send Love to the Dog which was Missing for 17 Months and Found 400 Miles Away

Send Love to Two Romanian Fishermen for Rescuing the Stray from Icy Canal

Send Love to the Dog which Survived Over 50 BB Gun Shots and Found Forever Home

4 years ago

Wow - you keep me busy - luckily I have already siigned some of these -

4 years ago

Uploaded on April 2, 2014

Urge Feds to Enlist Rare Alaska Wolf as Endangered Species!

Send Love to Speedy whose Microchip Reunited him with his Owners after two Years

Send Thanks to Social Media Users for Helping Abused Dog Get Justice

Send Love to Good Samaritan and Cops for Rescuing a Woman and her Pets from Icy Lake

Send Love to the Firefighter who Rescued American Bulldog from the Fire

Send Thanks to Coast Guard for Rescuing a Woman and her Dog from Isle of Wight Rising Tide

4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago

Almost all petitions signed!

Links for these petitions doesn't work:

Send Thanks to UK Government for Abandoning its Plans to Roll Out the Badger Cull

Send Thanks to Australia for Creating the Largest Marine Sanctuary in the World

Send Thanks to Australia for Creating the Largest Marine Sanctuary in the World

Send Thanks to Ten Firefighters who Rescued the One-eyed Horse from the River

Send Love to German Shepherd which Lost her Front Leg after Being Shot


I'm glad sweet Floki is adopted!


Send love to Jelena - LOTS OF LOVE SENT!

4 years ago

Thanks Desanka and Jelena - signed those I hadn't

4 years ago

I just got this message

jelena radovanovic you rock


"This is a petition of support for our member Jelena Radovanovic who is the victim and target individual members here. Care2 deleted some very important petition from Jelena because of jealousy, envy and malice some members. Someone reported her petitions as disturbing.
That means helping animals is disturbing... 
Have they fallen so low, some members here ... Where is this world going..."

4 years ago

all done .
I do not understandwhy people join any care group that whole aim is to care for others less fortunate including animals. Jalena is doing stirling work , which does not deserve to inherit envy jealousy or malice, ofcourse some petitions are disturbing, this is only to be expected by some horrendous acts of cruelty that are going on around the world.

4 years ago

Thank you guys for your support, Desanka those petitions that you tried to sign and couldn't are those that site deleted, up until now it is unclear how too thankful can be the reason to delete petitions....but what to do...moving on.

4 years ago

Uploaded on April 6, 2014

Urge Australia to Pass the Bill for Ban on Animal Testing

Send Thanks to Teens whose Quick Thinking Saved Family Dogs from the Blaze

Send Thanks to the Officer who Saved Brokenhearted Dog on Busy Road

4 years ago

Uploaded on April 7, 2014

Spread Awareness about National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Send Thanks to Bombay High Court for Releasing the Sundar Elephant

Send Love to the Dog which Reunited with his Family after Went Missing During the Superstorm Sandy

Send Love to Senior Dog which Walked Three Miles to Find his Owner Missing in the Landslide

Send Love to Incredibly Ill Pit Bull which Got Rescued & Completely Transformed

4 years ago
4 years ago

Thank you dear Jelena, up to date!


504 - Gateway Timeout

4 years ago

Lenicka posted this in another group



Amongs all beautiful friends that I have had on this site you are my closest and the dearest ones (there are also those from ex Yugoslavia to whom I sent msg on my language). As you know few days ago one person reported my "thank you" petitions as non suitable for this site that should promote only abuse and my petitions were taken down....on what ground??....AniMae asked about that care2 team through the goup that communicate with the admin and for 3 days there was no replay, she asked again and Eric wrote this:

"A few contained copywritten materials that were not given permission to 

be copy/pasted and by law, that is a no-no!! "

Most of the time I used articles which I would change a little and add sentence or few to put it in a petition form, without ever wanting to be recognized as an author of the article ,but only to use it for the cause....since the coping has been brought as an issue BEFORE this incident with my petitions, I started to put at the end of my petition this:

"Full credit for the article/text that has been used as a petition material 

goes to the Source, which can be found here: + URL from where it was taken from"

And this was exactly what was written on the petitions that were taken down, so coping is out of the question, since I give full credit to the source I've used for the petition....non the les, the same petitions, in exact same form I republished the next day and noone took them not only that Eric is laing, but he is falsy accusing me for coping and plus he uses patronizing tone " it is no-no" like I am an idiot and a 3-year-old, to cover the fact that they took down the petitions without even looking at them....just to mention that I did complaint for one petition why it was taken down and they returned that one back, I didn't complain about 3, they are still down, but I repulished them the other to shorten the story....they don't do their job well and plus they lie about it, treating me as an idiot.....I have much better things to do with my life than to be here with the liers...I don't hate anything, but if I would, it would be the I am leaving.

I thank you all for being my friends and for your support when it was needed, I appreciate all of you a lot and wish you all the best in your lives as well as here on the site. As soon as I send short goodby note to the rest of my friends I am leaving.   


May all of you be blessed exceedingly and with no conditions.

I thank you and I love you all.

Stay well,


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4 years ago

so sad to see you go Jalena,
Take care
God Bless
Carol R.

Let us be grateful to the people who make the world a happier place!
4 years ago

My news about dear Jelena...

World  (tags: Care2, Jelena Radovanovic, ethics, news, society, world, LOVE )
Desanka - 46 seconds ago -

Another Care2 member, true caring person and dedicated animal advocate, Jelena Radovanovic was forced to leave this network website. We can't undo the past but we can SEND LOVE TO JELENA and be grateful to her for making the world a happier place!

4 years ago

Such a huge and needless loss for the Care2 community and the animals we all love so much! Be well, my friend! You will be missed!

4 years ago

Thanks Desanka ♥ Lots of love sent to Jelena ♥

why go
4 years ago

stand up and fight this you have many to cover your back dont give in that means they have won

4 years ago

You are Amazingly AWESOME! Much love

4 years ago

Done- thanks!

4 years ago

All petitions signed. Thank you for sharing!

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