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Tar Sands Protest.
Climate Post:
7 years ago


Texas is the state with the largest installed wind capacity, and recently installed wind farms came through to boost the state’s electricity generation just in time. However, even this jump was not enough to meet demand, and four mothballed natural-gas plants will be fired back up. Thermostats that power companies can automatically adjust also helped ease demand.

Tar Sands Protest
7 years ago

Other than by following the links from sources at Care2 such as the climate post web-address above, I have been disappointed at how difficult it has been to get any information in "the mainstream media" about the tar sands protest or the importance of preventing this for the environment....I did read one NY Times link (via care2) about James Hansen's arguments on the issue, but other than that its been minimal.....

Glad to see states (and even some countries) moving towards more wind/solar/etc, but it will go for naught if we don't stop taking pollution out of the ground, putting it in our cars, planes, trains, electric plants, etc.........the easiest way to not need pollution is conservation...we could all start now....I know its been really hot and dry in some places (like Texas), but just how cool/cold does one need to keep their homes?????

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