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6 years ago
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6 years ago

1.] Barn Fellowship-Telling the story of Christimas and Celebrating the Christ Child~

2.] Gathering in our homes for Prayers, Bible Study, and worshiping the Lord~

3.] Sharing Meals and Winter Fellowship~

4.] Praise Worship for House Christians. Joining in Fellowship and Praising the Lord~

5.] Christmas celebrations in villages and hamlets~

6.] Christian Native American gathering in Fellowship for Christmas.

7.] Christmas Giving:Helping those in Need: The Ederly, the Poor, and those Without Family~

8.] Praying on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day~

6 years ago


 Barn Fellowship-Telling the story of Christimas and Celebrating the Christ Child~

6 years ago

Hopefully; as you gather together in your barn converted to a church you have a warm stove or furnace of somekind to allow you to worship comfortably. Since I am going to be recovery from surgery in December I am doing my posting early.

What better place to tell the story of the Christ Child than in a restored and perhaps remodeled barn; for the Christ Child was born in a stable for animals, and in the most humble of surroundings. This is a time to gather around with family, Christian brothers and sisters, and a fellowship in unity, to tell the story of the birth of Jesus.Whetheryou normally worship in a barn building, or if this is a symbolic gester, you can meditate for a moment or two, on how it was like for Mary to be giving birth in a barn, surrounded by animals, in a bed of hay. Or for the father, Joseph, to lay his newborn son in a manger of hay, rather than a bed!

Imagine what it was like for their first visiters to be Kings; and Shephards! Very symbolic indeed; for this young newborn; was to become a King and a Shephard! The King of Kings! The Shephard above all shephards; God's Son!So as you sit in your Barn Church and hear the Christmas story, or as you relate the Christmas story to others, remember that the mightest of Kings, God's Son, came from the humblelest of beginnings! And bow before Jesus in awe and admiration; for this gift given to us from the Father, has given us eternal life!

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6 years ago


Gathering in our homes for Prayers, Bible Study, and worshiping the Lord~

6 years ago

Where I live; and many places on the earth, there are small villages that do not churches buildings; nor any place to worship except in one's home. Imagine if you will, that you are in an isolated village; you have arthritus and no car, or simply that the village is very far away from your church denomination. Perhaps it is extremely far away from any church at all.

One practical solution would be to worship inside your own home; or another's home, and in that way you keep strong in the Lord, and united in fellowship. Perhaps it would be a different home each week, or perhaps the same home, but it would be a gathering of the sheep to worship, sing, and pray to the Lord. During the week there would be Bible Study,  and Prayer also. You might even have a revival meeting at your home. This is what you might have to do if you have no church in your village.

And you can do this also throughout the Holidays. You can share a Thanksgiving, or Harvest Day Celebration together in your own home, with a gathering of believers, and give thanks to the Lord in your own home, or another's home, and rejoice in the Lord.

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6 years ago


Sharing Meals and Winter Fellowship~
6 years ago

Village winters can be long and difficult; depending on the size of the village, and other circumstances. There is no need for Christians to isolate, for winter offers the opportunity to meet in each other's homes, to share meals and fellowship. For those without a car many homes in a small village are within walking distance, but for those with disabilities even that may be impossible, so it is up to the other members to offer a ride so that they can meet with the rest of the fellowship.Even if a person can contribute food their presence there is a contribution.

Winter meals shared, Bible Studies, and Prayer Meetings can all be a real help in getting through a long winter, and worship fellowship can also be held in each others homes. This will also help you to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, grow spiritually, and unite as a fellowship.Try to think of yourself as an early Christian as you meet with your home fellowship, and remember that it only takes two to make a fellowship.

In a home two or three is a strong fellowship, five to seven probably makes your home feel full, and tweny makes a home seem crowded, where in a church, many would view these numbers as an empty church, but really it is the way you percieve this situation that makes a difference. 

6 years ago

Early Christians met almost daily; and shared everything with each other. Some even lived in shared communities, although they kept their whereabouts hidden as much as possible. Sharing meals is a good way to fellowship; each bring a dish if possible, but remember some people just can not afford to do this, yet they must be included in the fellowship meals, because Christian Fellowships are not social organizations but the Body of Christ meeting as the children of God. All members must be included. Worhiping and singing to the Lord is also essential in a home fellowship, or any fellowship, so you must set aside worship in a home, at least once a week. You don't have to have a piano or an organ, although that would be nice, guitar music will do, or if no one has an instrument that they can play, DVD's can do nicely for worship music, with the fellowship singing along, and if you do not even have that, people-lift up your voices! And if no one is able to teach from the Bible, you can still do Bible readings! Bible readings are important to familiarize yourself with the Bible, and it's teachings. Before you begin your Bible readings, pray that the Holy Spirit will teach you what you need to know and give you understanding of the Bible.Pray meetings are important also, and you must not leave this out of you fellowship. Formal; or imformal, in groups of three or 23, prayer meetings are very important. You might have one person who is a Prayer Guardian, two that are Intercessors, and three that are Prayer Warriors, or it may be a group, that simply prays as they see need, but in any case, you must make prayer a absolute. So if you are meeting once a week for worship and fellowship, once a week for Bible Study or Bible reading, and once a week for prayer, you will be meeting three times a week in fellowship, and that my brothers and sisters, is good for your soul!

6 years ago

    ~House Christians: Praise and Worship~

6 years ago

Village House Christians should plan a praise and worship service in one of their homes. Joining in fellowship, praising the Lord, and worshiping together can be deeply spiritual and unite the fellowship in the Lord.

This is the time of year to not only celebrate the harvest, but to give thanks and praise to the Lord in fellowship.

Even when there are only two or three in your tiny village; to gather for praise and worship, you can be sure that Jesus will be there with you.The amount attending should not stop you from your house praise and worship, nor should it discourage you; and if the unthinkable happens and no one else shows up, you must still continue with your praise and worship of the Lord. For this is to honor the Lord, and to respect the Lord for all that He has done for you, and for the fact that He is God, and is good. When you continue to honor and praise His name in your home, the Lord will build a fellowship in your village house worship! Wait on the Lord, and continue in your praise worship, and they will walk in the door, at the appointed time!

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6 years ago
Psalm 47:6 & 7
6.) Sing praises to God, sing praises!
Sing praises to our King, sing praises!
7.) For God is the King of all the earth;
Sing praises with understanding.
Psalm 57:7
7.) My heart is steadfast, o God, my heart is steadfast;
I will sing and give praise.
Psalm 59:16 & 17
16.) But I will sing of Your power;
Yes, I will sing aloud of Your
mercy in the morning;For You have been my defense
And refuge in the day of my trouble.
17.) To You, O my Strength, I will sing praises;
For God is my defense,

         My God of mercy.

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6 years ago


6 years ago

               ~Christmas Celebrations~

6 years ago

This is a wonderful time of the year to include your whole village in Christmas celebrations; and to spread the news about Jesus. Your fellowship can also have private celebrations which include only the members of your fellowship.

It is a wonderful time of year to be a witness to others, and to rejoice in the birth of Christ, as you tell your village of the wonderful news of Salvation; you can put on programs, a village Christmas dinner; in which everyone is invited, and members of your fellowship can participate in caroling!It is important that we let people know about Jesus; and Christmas provides the best of all opportunities.How many people live in your village or hamlet?

In Nebraska a hamlet can be from one person; to 99 people and at the number of 100 a hamlet turns into a village. A village can be anywhere from 100 to 800 people and after that turns into a small city. So you must pray and make plans according to the size of your village also. In a very small hamlet you can talk to people in person, where in a large village advertising may work the best.

If you have a church; this is a splendid opportunity toinvite people to your church, and if you do not have a church, private homes, and rented buildings may have to suffice. However; you can make this interprise into a fun, exciting and wonderful occasion. You can become a closer community in the process, and you may even bring some of your villagers to turn their lives over to Jesus; and to become followers of Jesus in salvation.

Do not forget to take baskets of food to those in your hamlet; or village who are alone, or needy!


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6 years ago


    ~Christian Native Americans gathering For Christmas.~

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6 years ago

Native American Christians are often very isolated from fellowship; and this is especially difficult for individuals to handle at holidays. There are ways to handle these feelings of isolation; when you can not gather with other Christians, and that is to immerse yourself in helping others, in making the holiday fun and cheerful for your children and family, and to plan for Christmas celebration, worship, prayer and telling others about Jesus.

If there is anyway that you can gather with other Christians; I urge you to do this. In Matthew 18:20 you are given the promise that when two; or more gather in the name of Jesus, that He will be there with you! All you have to do; is to find one other Christian to celebrate Christmas with, and to gather in His name.

Whether you live on the reservation, or off you can use the promise of Matthew 18:19; that anything you will ask, will be given, to pray for a fellowship to be given to you. I would be persistant in that prayer and pray for fellowship unceasingly! If you do this; the Lord will put together a fellowship for you. You can also, put together a Christmas celebration for those who live on the reservation, for those who live in the same complex as you, and for those in your neighborhood and community. A gathering of this kind will be very special indeed, in the Lord, and when you pray for it, your gathering will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and the precense of Jesus!

6 years ago


 Christmas Giving:Helping those in Need: The Ederly, the Poor, and those Without Family~

5 years ago

The working of miracles covers alot of territorty!

Working a miracle, not using the dictionary definition; but rather a broad and general definition, which is helpful in this particular situation, is something not expected to happen.

The working of a miracle can cover; healing, miraculous solutions to almost impossible situations, or a small child recieving just the right Christmas gift. A miracle can be a loved overcoming drug addiction, a disaster in which no one was hurt, a positive and quite unbelievable personality change, a homeless person finding a home, an orphan being adopted.

A miracle can be such as what Jesus did, raising the dead, multiplying food with prayer and a blessing, turning water into wine, or a miracle can be giving someone food, finding a friend, or gaining faith and hope, after a terrible depression. So whether you are moving mountains, walking on water, or simply helping someone that needs your help, you may be working a miracle that is a gift from God.

5 years ago

The Elderly are often neglected during the holidays.Their children have often moved away, and are busy. Many of their friends are with their own families, or have even passed away. And on Social Security, and perhaps without transportation, they can not do much when it comes to celebrating Christmas.It is very often a lonely and sad time for those who are shut in and isolated. You can help by offering transportation, inviting an elderly person to church, including an elderly person to your Christmas celebration, and even shoveling their sidewalk, salting an icy area, and lighting their furnace can help. Give gifts that are helpful; a warm sweater, mittens, a scarve and a hat, a warm, thick, and comfortable quilt, and food. Their cuboards may be in need of food. Also make sure their utilites are paid, and that they are not in danger of freezing, or going without. Most of all spend time with them, and pray for them.

Poor families and individuals also feel lonely, and often have no way to really celebrate Christmas. They also will benefit from gifts and invitations to Christmas celebrations.

Even in wealthy countries there are those who do not have their utilities turned on, are without a cooking stove, are without food, and can not afford to buy presents for Christmas.Your church can help by having a Christmas celebration and free pot lucks and Christmas meals, before and on Christmas. You can help as an individual by paying a poor person's utility bill, buying food for them, giving them transportation, and giving gifts which are needed. When giving clothing and quilts, make sure they are oder free, and in good shape. No one wants a quilt that smells badly, or clothing that is torn and ready for the garbage can. And make sure the food is fresh, and not spoiled. And finally some people are not poor, but simply have no family to celebrate with, and would appreciate a friendly invitation to Church and Christmas celebrations.

5 years ago


 Praying on New Year's Eve; and on New Year's Day~

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5 years ago

Any group, fellowship, or church, should understand that praying for the New Year is extremely important. So much is at stake, and so much can happen. And while others are drinking and celebrating in a negative and often destructive way; we can be sending petitions to the Lord to take control of New Year's Eve, and to place angelic protection around the planet earth, as well as our own homes and communities.

When we pray on New Year's Eve we can pray that God's army of angels, and God's children be involved in fighting the battle of evil verses good. We can pray for our Nation, and for other Nations. We can pray for earthly problems; and personal problems, across the earth and in our own homes. We can pray that God's plan and God's will be upheld, in both our own lives, and across the earth. Actually the prayers can be endless, but let the Holy Spirit guide you, because it would be impossible to say all prayers for all people. And New Years Eve is a good time for all the tiny villages to gather together; and to join in prayer for Jesus to be in complete control, throughout the upcoming new year! New Years Day, is also the perfect time to gather, share a meal, and to pray throughout the day, or at a specific time, to bring the new year in by praying!

While others are engaging in wordly pursuits, you can be petitioning and praying for Godly Things to happen throughout the new year, for Godly plan's to take place, and for spiritual events to occur, and for Godly angelic protection in every corner of the earth!

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5 years ago


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