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Clear & Present fact of White America Economic Apartheid. Mr President
3 years ago
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The reality for Black people born in America is experiencing here is a clear & present  fact of White  American Economic Apartheid. Mr President and no words without  policies  will change the behavior attitudes of those over the financial institution which hidden agenda is apparent for over 100 years ! 

Fact: Of every ethic group in America we can find the former slaves have not one economic policy that connects us to serious commerce which is why  the economic apartheid systems continue to exist here in America that actually profits from  the socially human engineered  design systems for blacks born in America  !  No direct economic mechanism that other ethic groups enjoy .


 They have every ethic groups for ex: an German ,Japanese, Chinese , Irish , Jewish, Mexican, Indian, British , and you can name them all enjoys having some form a monetary economic  systems of ownership that are tied to the following : 1. international trade & banking policies , 2.currency exchanges, 3. duel citizenship, 4. land sovereignty rights to citizenship independence that comes with the politics that produces economic development advancements for their  distinct cultures. 


Technology gaps even existed for China and India if it what not for the advancing developed culture to produce an technological knowledge base transfer of industrial development and financial infrastructure systems to be allowed for systems for advancing an economic transfer to take  place.

Where the segment of the entire black population historically then ,now and presently plagued by  racism seen by former Presidents Kennedy and President Johnson which had to force policy to correct real historic social ills that exist then and even now for Blacks born in America ! 


This is a legal argument and instrument for which the US Constitution & The US  Supreme Courts  must up hold despite  the denial of the White Economic Apartheid systems existence and the ethic upper classes  machination of promoting that  racism does not exist economically for Black people born in America is no different from the South seeing no wrong in Slavery and the JIM Crow era seeing in the 60 s no wrong in their discrimination practices to the present  case of Black Farmers land loss  to targeted foreclosures rate found with of the Housing Mortgages Industries