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Does It Exist an White On White Racism & How do it exist?
11 years ago
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For many who have read many topics on racism like for classic example topics on white on black racism which is one class of its own ,or either you 've heard or read about issues of black on white racism if it exist, and I even heard subjects on Black on Black racism but could there exist a hidden from view a topic on WHITE ON WHITE RACISM! Does it Exist a WHITE ON WHITE RACISM ? And if it exist where did it start from and why? And Can We Identity the Root Problem to This Issue If It Exist? Do Any One Know If THis a Growing Problem In American? THis is Food For Thought! Wisdom2See
One of many subtle issues rotting away our society
10 years ago
It's encouraging to see that someone finally had the gaul to bring the issue/topic forth to the public.  It does exist, and frankly speaking it is a lot easier for this problem to run rampant in society than some of the other variations of this social blight (black-on-black, americanized-recent arrival, etc.) due to the unfortunate condition that it is politically correct, or socially acceptable to demean, mock, jeer, or attack anyone "considered" to be in the dominant class in society. The fact that someone outside the white community is bringing forth this problem publically is evidence enough. Imagine if someone white (and I use that term very loosely) had brought up the issue; immediately he or she would be attacked, and villified as just another wining white supremacist nut.  Just observe a crowd or an audience the next time during a comedy session, or talk in general when words such as the following are said; %#&!*%, bitch, fag, wetback, hymie, and white trash.  It's a pretty safe bet which ones will bring out talk of a lawsuit, protest, boycott, or lead to someone being labeled intolerant or a bigot.  Likewise, it is also a safe bet which of these misguided expressions will be "politely" overlooked.  No matter who the target is, an ism is an ism.  Whether you are a part of the "group" that is considered in or out, you still have an obligation to oppose the ism at all cost. Period. 
Any Right Ideas On White Racism
7 years ago
Is it class differences among whites or is it ethic differences/
Anyone can answer this questions?