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The Absents of Black Leadership when Comes To Economics?
11 years ago
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Where is the so-called black leadership in relationship to THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM OF ALL THE SOCIAL ISSUES EFFECTING BLACK PEOPLE In AMERICA in regards to addressing viable solutions on IMPORTANTS ECONOMICS? When Unemployment hit 6.4% where were the voices of the black leadership? What Where they doing? Where they preoccupied? When the Report where release about over 1 MILLION black children are, NOW living beneath the Extreme Poverty -Line what happen to the people who attend the I Had A Dream March of the Dr.King Era! Are When We Heard increase rises in over 1.5 Million Black Men, Women, & Children, In Prison & again I SAID Black Children in PRISON! In comparison to CHINA, ENGLAND, RUSSIA, INDIA, & AFRICA's prison populations vs. total overall populations of these countries citizenry! I would think we would had a MOVEMENT Larger than the MILLION MAN MARCH over the Serious Enslavement found among African In American found within the US Prison Walls who are descendents of former SLAVES who for over 400 years have served American With FREE LABOR and again an New Modern DAY Slavery in the 21 Century without a Crying Voice!Have the so-called Black Leadership be come so Lazy & Comfortable within the wall of their confinement & insulated from knowing the economic pains of black people for which they of themselves pursue & wooed black people to support their worthless causes leaving children with no HOPE because THEY Have NO VISION are clues to provide Leadership direction in formulating economic solutions! When Conditions Change New Black leadership needs to Learn New Positioning, Which are New Economic Positioning! And If We heard any word from them in 2004 , what about 2003, or better yet 2002 for what substantive economic policies or strategy that you heard of that they have outline to address any of the economic pain of black folks! Could be that they possess the inability to create or know how to created multi-laterials free trade agreements with World or they don't have a clue to finding solutions for black folks regarding OutSourcing of 3Million JOBS & More Down Sizing Due To Automation of Technologies coming This year in the Name of Robotic Industrial ERA which will be Larger Than the Automobile Industry & The Computer Era combinated. Address the Issues of on Black Economic Pain could be due to their living comfortable in the Fat Cats with there Fat Houses with Fat Paid Incomes and Bigger Then Real Intellectual Attitudes & Personalities ",Saying HEY WHITE Folks We KNOW What BEST FOR BLACK FOLKS " And I ASK DO YOU REALLY! Black Leadership Must Be Right Up To The Modern Times To Free Black Folk Economically! Egotistical, Arrogant, and LAZY to relegate the pain of black people to just conversation .and if the White Media will allow them to have Say or Is it their fault for just not saying anything or they just don't Have A CLUE to the How to Create Economic Solutions for Black Folks!
Here is leadership today
7 years ago
It take for business action now.