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3 years ago

2012 contest ...

  Water's Worth It! Video Contest
The Canadian Wildlife Federation is celebrating Rivers to Oceans Week in 2012 with our Water's Worth It! video contest. Send us a one-minute video telling us what's so special about your local body of water and why it's worth conserving!
4 years ago
The Canadian Wildlife Federation is celebrating Rivers to Oceans Week in 2011 by launching the new Water's Worth It! video contest. Send us a one-minute video telling us what's so special about your local body of water and why it's worth conserving!
4 years ago


Help cancel the Xayaburi Dam. Follow the link and submit letters to Mekong Commission
6 years ago
Our rivers, streams, and lakes should not be polluted with mining waste. Take action now -- tell the Corps that using our waterways as a waste dump threatens our clean water, public health, and fish and wildlife. The deadline for comments is August 3
6 years ago

Historic Euphrates River Is Drying Up

Adilla Finchaan, 50, checks her land in Al Latifiyah, Iraq, July 9, 2009. A two-year drought and dams in Syria and Turkey have helped shrink the Euphrates River.
6 years ago

First Beaver Seen in Decades in Detroit River

Way to go Detroit!!!! Keep that clean-up going!
7 years ago

You Can Help Decide the Future of Yukon's Three Rivers

Now the Peel's Land Use Planning Commission has a new Senior planner -- and he needs to hear from you!
7 years ago

Who Will Save Asia's Mekong River?
World  (tags: asia, china, conflict, world, water, water conservation, Mekong, Mekong River, rivers )

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- 3 hours ago -

Urbanization, intensive farming, damming, and warring political ideologies are just a few of the hurdles that researchers will need to overcome to protect the Mekong River, one of the most important waterways in Asia. Luckily, they have a plan.
7 years ago

Sewage Right-to-Know Bill Passes House of Representatives
Environment  (tags: rivers, sewage, spills, water, law, environment, ecosystems, habitat, nature )

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- 9 seconds ago -

Landmark Bill Requires Sewage Treatment Plants to Notify Americans in the Event of a Sewage Spill
7 years ago

Gleniffer Oil Spill Estimate Climbs

Environment  (tags: oil spill, pollution, habitatdestruction, destruction, nature, water, wildlife, habitat, environment, ecosystems, conservation )

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- 15 seconds ago -

A pipeline leak at a popular recreational lake might have spilled 60 per cent more oil into the water than first thought, according to Alberta Environment.
7 years ago

Mapping the Future of Freshwater
Environment  (tags: water, conservation, ecosystems, threatened, Sustainabililty, world, science, pollution, protection, endangered, environment, habitat, nature, humans, politics )

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- 14 seconds ago -

Freshwater systems support more than 100,000 species and provide us with life-giving services such as drinking water and fisheries
7 years ago
Environment  (tags: australia, water, drought )

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- 6 minutes ago -
Environmentalists want a system of heritage protection to save rivers like Coopers Creek in the drought-stricken and bone dry Australian outback.
7 years ago

Plans to grow biofuel crops on an idyllic river plain in Kenya underestimate the cost, overestimate the profit and could be illegal if implemented as currently proposed, consultants say in a new report
7 years ago

200,000 Acres of Mississippi River Wetlands at Risk
Environment  (tags: conservation, ecosystems, environment, wetlands, birds, destruction, habitatdestruction, nature, habitat, humans, protection, wildlife, Sustainabililty, forests, endangered )

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- 11 minutes ago -

We need your help today to put a stop to this wasteful and destructive project. Please urge the Environmental Protection Agency to veto the Yazoo Pumps.
8 years ago
Nature Conservancy Says Land Donation From Cooper Communities Good for Saline River Environment (tags: ecosystems, conservation, environment, forests, trees, wildlife, habitat )

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- 12 seconds ago -
Jan. 11, 2008 Cooper Communities of Rogers, Ark., and The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas announced on DATE that Cooper Communities has donated 123 acres in Hot Springs Village to the Conservancy.
8 years ago
A Prescription for Disaster Health & Wellness (tags: water, contamination, drugs, risks )

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- 5 minutes ago -
Flushing old pills down the toilet or throwing them in the trash might clear out the bathroom cupboard, but scientists around the country are finding that these drugs are winding up in our lakes and streams ..

I would never ever think of throwing old pills down the toilet!

8 years ago
Sharing Lessons Learned Protects the World's Great Rivers Environment (tags: ecosystems, environment, water, habitatdestruction, greenliving )

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- 22 seconds ago -
Flowing through eight countries of southern Africa, the Zambezi River faces competing demands for water from agriculture, power generation, industrial and domestic users as well as wildlife and tourism. Rivers in China, Brazil and the United States ...
8 years ago
Three RiversJourney to the Yukon's Three Rivers

Don't miss one of these 12 special evening events across Canada this April and May in support of conserving one of the world's greatest wilderness areas. CPAWS will bring alive the majesty of the Yukon's majestic, yet threatened, Peel River watershed. Two chances to win the trip of a lifetime.

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9 years ago
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We Love... Rivers Environment (tags: water )

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- 1 minute ago -
OUR rivers provide us with life, sport and great beauty. They are often central to our economy, fundamental to our eco-systems and our sense of well-being. But many are under threat.