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13 years ago
Texas governor endorses Creationism!

Is wildlife going the way of McDonalds?

life comes from...

Discuss: There is no contradiction between...
Ironically, the writer of the blog being discussed proved to be an enemy of what we stand for rather than a supporter.

Must evolution and Intelligent Design always be...

South Carolina Rejects Efforts to 'Analyze'...
This article was actually posted first in American Politics by Lena M and then offered to me as a goodwill gesture.

Evolutionism contradicts with Science...
One may question aspects of evolutionary theory here, but to outright deny it is an obvious sign (to me) of the religious fanaticism that breeds bigotry and terrorism.

Design your own creature!

Chicken teeth?

Co-host election

Early beaver-like mammal swam with the dinosaurs
I copied this from another Care2 group, one dedicated to mermaids. What prehistoric beaver-like mammals would have to do with mermaids is a puzzle to me.

News Network: Why is a woman's brain smaller...

Idiotic Creationist Claims

Fossil Fish Sheds Light On Transition

Mary Schweitzer and the fossilized dinosaur...

From Mouse to Man: The Story of Chromosomes

If you want to check it out...
10 years ago

Reproductive history writ in the genome

Whale ankles _ Opposing views   This illustrates how willing Creationists are to outright lie, even though they may risk getting caught by those who know all the facts.

Spain dig yields ancient European

Dinesh D'Souza's lunatic rantings

Another Creationist front group discovered!

How low can Ben Stine go?

Urgent Call by Scientists to DEFEND SCIENCE!

Dissent from Darwinism?

Darwin's first draft goes online

Fox News (and other media outlets) reviewing...

Discuss: An Evolutionary View of Religion

Clues To Ancestral Origin Of Placenta Emerge In...

Humans nearly wiped out 70,000 years ...

Plagerism lawsuit filed over EXPELLED

Proof of Intelligent Design?

Florida: Fighting over Evolution

Evolution: what's the real controversy?


A Creation/Evolution debating forum

"Harun Yahya" sentenced to prison

Evolution's Evangelists???

Maine: Fight over teaching evolution grows in...

Oklahoma WARNING!

I Am Evolution

Angling for Evolutionary Answers: The Work of...

Ninth Circuit to Hear Arguments This Week in UC...

A conference on Creationism in Colorado Springs

Ben Stein interviewed by Bill O'Reilly about...

From RNA to Humans: A symposium on evolution

Creationism's Latest Mutation (Washington Post)

The Hovind Scale

Yeah!!! You showed them!!

Creationist Hypocrisy alert!

Warning to all religious fanatics

Evolution in the South

Creationism is Doomed

Mice Can Do Without Humans' Most Treasured Genes

Opponents of Evolution Adopting a New Strategy

Concern mounting about Texas state science...

Creationist bill passed by Louisiana House of...

Darwin & Creationism!?

Top 10 New Species Named

10 years ago

Report: Science teacher mixed religion, class

Creationist critics get their comeuppance

EE is now a "popular" group!

New Textbook

New bird family tree reveals some odd ducks

Who Was More Important: Lincoln or Darwin?

Former state science director sues over...

Louisiana governor signs creationist bill

Evolution Deniers. Meet the Players.

Behe Being Busted Badly!

The Adam and Eve myth

Lying to promote Intelligent Design

PZ Myers and Abbie Smith discuss their views on...

Odd Fish Find Contradicts Intelligent-Design...

Even some Creationists find Answers in Genesis...

Debating evolution and intelligent design at...

Demise of Evolution?

A re-release of EXPELLED?!

Richard Dawkins slaps creationists into the...

World's first IVF baby marks 30th birthday

How YOU can get evolution back into museums

The 2008 International Conference on Creationism

Aleksandra M. Walczak

Beware of Kamea Frog

Pandas: Evolution's big fat (adorable) mistake?

How Females Lead Ape Studies

Proposal for a new science group

Evolution Survey

Slave ants rebel

Understanding Evolution in Turkish

What Should We Do About Creationism?

Richard Dawkins' Genius Of Darwin

'Accelerated Evolution' Converts RNA Enzyme To...

PZ Myers: Will we ever stop running away from...

The AAAS responds to “Expelled”

Why teaching evolution is dangerous

The Great Story

The Beagle Project, a possible scam

Speciation: Macro verses Microevolution Explained

Report on the Sixth International Conference on...

'Creation science' enters the race

9 years ago

Happy 200th Birthday, Darwin!

Why Evolution Is True

How to respond to requests to debate creationists

Beware the fake science education groups!

I want AIG creationists on my jury!

Natural faith

"Darwinism" blamed for chimp attack

PHOTOS: 7 Major "Missing Links" Since Darwin

Judge Orders Children out of Home School...

State organizations for science advocacy

Don McLeroy expounds on his view of Evolution

Should We Teach the Controversy?

VenomFangX vs. Thunderf00t on YouTube

Comer case dismissed

A really stupid joke

McLeroy nomination in jeopardy (Texas)


Do you believe in evolution? Poll Results:...

The Contradictions between the Creationist...

ICR loves them some scientists!

We have lost Nick again

The Salamander's Tale

Richard Dawkins: The Strangeness of Science

Creating an insult to intelligence

VenomFangX of YouTube put out of business...

Verdict against critic of creationism

Young Universe, Old Stars?

Accommodationism and All That

Polar bears and their closest relatives

Challenging the Discovery Institute to Discover

Creationist Bill Filed in South Carolina

Casey Luskin: Liar, Hypocrite, Category 5 Moron.

Claims of the Discovery Institute re: the Dover...

When Gravity was a Theory in Crisis

Another case of Creationist stupidity

Creation Astronomy

Darwinius masillae

Creationist board chair out in Texas

He's a liar by omission!

A Conversation With WhoIsYourCreator.Com

Walt Brown's Nutty Textbook

This is NOT the "scientific method"!

"Creation Science 101" by Roy Zimmerman


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