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EE's policy on science, religion, and politics
10 years ago

Here in Evolution Education (EE), we as group members are expected to either support wholeheartedly the study and teaching of evolution as a basic part of modern science, or at least be willing to learn about it without trying to shove Creationist bigotry on the rest of us. But sometimes, that involves criticizing certain religious movements or certain actions by politicians that go against our cause.

EE does not endorse any political party, nor does it endorse any political candidate except those who specifically state that they support our cause, whatever their party membership. Neither are we to attack any political party or any candidate for any reason other than he or she publicly makes statements or takes actions that indicate they oppose our cause.

Likewise, we at EE are not expected to attack any religion in itself, though we will stubbornly oppose any movement within any religion that seeks to not only deny evolution but to interfere with the study and teaching of scientific concepts such as evolution.

There are many political Conservatives who support evolution and there are many Christians who support evolution. Thus, for the sake of unity in our cause, attacks on either Conservatism itself or Christianity itself will not be accepted here. EE is only concerned with science education, not politics or religion.


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