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Secret Service hooker flap over $47 (or just 83,475 naughty lilí pesos) Read more: http://www.nypos
6 years ago


A Secret Service agent shamed the United States after a wild night of babes and booze that ended in an argument with a Colombian hooker over as little as $47.


One of 11 elite agents assigned to ensure President Obama’s protection at a summit meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, was busted after his lady of the evening refused to leave his hotel room in the morning without her fee.


That woman was one of 11 hookers hired by the agents — and the only one who hadn’t left Cartagena’s swank Hotel Caribe, where White House staffers, members of the press and dignitaries are staying during the Summit of the Americas meeting, sources said.



The confrontation occurred early last week, said Rep. Pete King, a Long Island Republican who was briefed on the incident yesterday.


One of the agents sent home after agency bosses in DC learned what was going on was “in a supervisory role,” said King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.


A hotel employee told The Associated Press that agents arrived at the beachfront hotel a week ago and drank heavily during their stay.


Prostitution is legal in much of Colombia inside “tolerance zones” controlled by police. The going rate for hookers in Cartagena is around $47, according to Colombian TV.


The trouble began for the Secret Service after the agents’ night of carousing, when a hotel employee noticed a hooker’s ID was still at the front desk at 7 a.m., in violation of hotel policy on overnight guests, King said.


The manager went to the agent’s room where the woman had spent the night and saw the two inside arguing, King said.


“She said the agent owed her money,” King said. “He said he didn’t have to pay her.”


He eventually forked over the money and the situation was resolved. But the cops were called and they filed a report, which was sent to the US Embassy.

The probe widened yesterday to include five members of the US military who were allegedly involved in the same incident, officials said.


The service members, with the Southern Command, are still in Colombia “because of the expertise and the knowledge that these guys have,” a military spokesman told CBS News.


A statement released by the Southern Command said the service members “violated the curfew . . . and may have been involved in inappropriate conduct.”


An expert on the Secret Service yesterday said that, although the agents involved in the scandal were not breaking Colombian law, most of them are married and could have been exposed to blackmail.


“It could have resulted in a potential assassination attempt on the president,” said Ronald Kessler, author of “In the President’s Secret Service.”


“It the biggest scandal in the history of the Secret Service and the most basic breach of security,” the author said.


Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said that Obama’s security was not compromised because of the incident.


“This entire matter has been turned over to our Office of Professional Responsibility, which serves as the agency’s internal- affairs component,” he said.


None of the agents involved was directly assigned to protect the president. Donovan said the agents involved were relieved from duty and replaced.


But the scandal has made the United States the laughingstock of the important summit, as diplomats have been gossiping about hooker high jinx rather than focusing on Obama’s goals in the region.


“I had a breakfast meeting to discuss trade and drugs, but the only thing the other delegates wanted to talk about was the story of the agents and the hookers,” chuckled one Latin American diplomat.


Without mentioning the Secret Service scandal specifically, Obama — who arrived in Cartagena on Friday — blasted “flashy” coverage of the controversy.

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6 years ago

Part of the article above: An expert on the Secret Service yesterday said that, although the agents involved in the scandal were not breaking Colombian law, most of them are married and could have been exposed to blackmail.


Well, my oh my.-he sounds like that would have been a disaster! -Sorry, they should be caught out IMO. Then they would have been exposed to their wives for who they are, and they would have been given a rightful decision to decide if they wanted to stay with them or not. If they don't find out, these idiots get to keep the wool pulled over their eyes. 


6 years ago

Well, maybe not now. Some will probably confess, or be found out, but then, it is then fairly given to the wife to decide what to do. The others who were involved I hope are caught out. 

6 years ago

Hi Maui, Hi Sherry.

I am just offering this because I just came across this article and because I think you all might find it interesting.  It's another view entirely of a possible scenario than the one we have been given in the media. I have no idea if it is true - the author is only suggesting "What if?"  What if what we have been told is not what really happened over there?

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6 years ago

You are so right first thought when I heard they were involved with Columbia nice to take some disease home to your wife or girlfriend.  They should be outed and their pictures blasted all over the news and websites....they should not get any protection at all....and they should have been fired on the spot.  We all know this isn't the "first" time this has been done....they just got caught this time!!!   If I was a wife or girlfriend of any of these men, I would be going in for aids testing and STD disgusting....and you can bet, obama knew about this.....I'm sure when all these guys got together they all laughed about the night before...along with their boss.  

6 years ago

Yes, if that happened, that is what I thought too, Maui. They have no right to possibly take home a disease. And yes, if they did it there, they've done it at home, and the women should get tested.

6 years ago

I read the article above, and it sure sounds like quite an imagination.....and they think the 'birthers" are silly????  


I really liked this part:


The real deal is very probably this: 

At least one of the members of the presidential detail is suspected of working with foreign nationals to arrange the assassination of President Obama.


A certain nation comes to mind, one very close to former Governor Romney, the GOP candidate hopelessly behind in the polls, a candidate belonging to a religion seen as a dangerous sect, a candidate hated by most American women and women vote.


One country was told it wasn’t getting a war with Iran, has chosen to put all its weight behind an obvious loser and has no choice but to kill Obama or suffer the wrath of a president who has little to lose during a second term. There is no other reason such a hare brained story as this one would be foisted on the world during an election year.


What is coming up is not fines and demotions but waterboarding, electrodes, lie detectors and forensic accounting, not tied to “below the waist” antics but more to making sure the president was going to catch a 9mm disease or be subjected to one of those car bombs we so often miss.


The newspaper stories, though entertaining, just enough sex and “stink” to put on the president to amuse the Fox News crowd is hiding something and that something is vulnerability.


I would file this in the fiction section.  JMHO...Maui



6 years ago

Personally, Maui IMHO...this is just what I would expect from this Administration who think they are all ABOVE THE LAW and they all walk on Water~!  The poor wives and family!  What a disgrace!  They have to know it is going to get out, or jeeze guess they think it will be "Covered Up" or just don't friggin care!  If I was their Wife, I'd take em to Court!  As well as Blab all I knew to the tabloids! 

6 years ago

Columbia must be a place to let your hair down (or unzip your pants) and party on!!!


Hillary Clinton Dances the Night Away in Colombia



CARTAGENA, Colombia — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kicked back Saturday night, dancing and drinking beer at a local hotspot after a day of summit meetings in Cartagena.


The AFP/Getty got images of the Secretary dancing at Café Havana with her hands up in the air and swigging a local brew with friends.


Clinton and President Obama are spending the weekend in the resort town for the Summit of the Americas, along with the leaders of 33 Latin American countries.


gty hillary clinton columbia jt 120415 wblog Hillary Clinton Dances the Night Away in Colombia




Clinton and President Obama are spending the weekend in the resort town for the Summit of the Americas


Doesn't this sound like they are spending the night together???  Just askin'!!


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6 years ago

Yes, they think the birthers are silly.  

6 years ago

Aww....Maui Let them all just Jump in Bed!  Goodness, they already are!  What is the difference!  Frankly, IMO they are all so  Crooked anyway so WT??????  Maybe they will all get Syphilis and Aids and just go away!

6 years ago you still believe your post above???  (


What a conspiracy that turned out to be huh????  You may want to check this one out:


Secret Service revokes security clearances of 11 accused of misconduct

(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - The Secret Service has revoked the top secret security clearances for all 11 agents and officers accused of misconduct during a presidential mission to Colombia over the weekend.



The Secret Service personnel were sent back to the U.S. through Miami and interviewed in Washington regarding the alleged hiring of prostitutes and other misconduct. They have been placed on administrative leave and barred from entering Secret Service facilities worldwide.


"They are 'do no admit' and their equipment has been taken," a law enforcement official told CBS News correspondent Norah O'Donnell.



Two Secret Service supervisors were among the 11 involved. A top official confirms that the group also included three members of the Counter-Assault Teams, the agents who wear black commando outfits and carry large weapons.



Secret Service officials are rejecting a Wall Street Journal suggesting there is a larger cultural problem at the agency known as "Wheels down, rings off."


"That's not true," a top law enforcement official said. "We hold employees to a high standard. This incident was an anomaly."



Separately Monday, the Pentagon said there may be more U.S. military members under investigation for the alleged inappropriate behavior than the five announced over the weekend.



Pentagon press secretary George Little said Monday that he could not provide a specific number, but that military members who are being investigated were assigned to support the U.S. Secret Service in preparation for President Barack Obama's visit to Cartagena. He said they were not directly involved in presidential security.



Issa: No Secret Service "pre-wheels up" parties
Obama: "I'll be angry" if Secret Service scandal is true

A defense official told CBS News correspondent David Martin that it looks like "more than 10" U.S. military personnel could be involved.



The Secret Service sent 11 of its agents home from Colombia amid allegations that they had hired prostitutes at a Cartagena hotel.



The U.S. Southern Command had announced on Saturday that five service members assigned to the presidential mission in Colombia had violated curfew and may have been involved in "inappropriate conduct."



A military source told CBS News the one of the five is an explosives ordnance disposal technician in the Air Force.


Anxiously waiting for your reply!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

I checked out your story Angie and I have to say it sounds a little far fetched to me!! Just reading the part where they sid Romney is way behind in the polls just don't make any sense at all...a lot of spin is added on in this story IMO!!

6 years ago

The whole issue is pathetic! And the hotels do set it up so if anyone wants a little hanky panky all they have to do is request it and wah lahhhhhh..your little lady mistress comes to your door!! I pity all of the wives of these guys!! Wonder just how many of them will still be married! My guess is not many of them!! And if they did this down there you can bet your sweet A*S they are doing it at home too! I guess all good things...depending on what some consider good things....must come to an end and to think they would put their carrear in jeprody just because they can't keep their pecker in their pants shows how damn weak they are! Pure and pathetically disgusting!!! It's past time that some morals start coming back into this country!!

6 years ago

And over $47.00!?!? Urrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I bet that guy who refused to pay the hooker is on the #1 enemy list of ever SS person!!! I would not want to be him!!!!!!

This post was modified from its original form on 16 Apr, 15:11
6 years ago

I thought the same Carol.....


With what happened this weekend in Columbia, with that many SS men, you Can't tell me this is the "FIRST TIME" this has ever taken would be damn funny now if call girls and hookers start coming out of the wood work telling some stories too....kind of like another Tiger Woods story!!!


I will bet, there will be some damn mad wives and girlfriends over this.....maybe a few divorces being I said....if I was one of them....I would be going in for Aids and STD's testing ASAP!!!!  And you know how boys talk when they get together over drinks.....I will bet you anything obama knew about their playing away from home.....who knows...he might have been right along with them.....

6 years ago

Oh Obama knew!! I think every man on this planet knows this little game! Some are just man enough to not take part in it if they respect themselves and their wives/girlfriends!! This is a HUGE embarrasment for the US!!!!

6 years ago

I dunno ..... first time?  Probably not but first time they have been caught.

6 years ago

I will go with the "first time they've been caught" part Cam!! All it takes is one spoiled apple to spoil the whole rest of the basket!! This story just so happens to be that one SS person because of his corruption and greed spoiled the whole game for the rest of them...funny how corruption has a certain life time..just like anything else! It's bound to come to an end or be found out!

6 years ago

It's sad the guys weren't more stand up and honest husbands, but better the wives/girlfriends found out now than maybe never. Actually too bad they didn't find out sooner. Darn tootin it wasn't the first time for at least some of them, and look what they could have, or maybe have already brought home to their wives. Now the wives or girlfriends have the decision to let them keep on eating their cake and having it too, or not. The ball is finally in the court where it should have been. No more being able to get away with looking the wife/girlfriend in the eye, telling them lies.

6 years ago

Going home to wives and girlfriends is going to be the worst punishment any of them will have to face.

6 years ago

No kidding Cam!! "I'm home honey!!"...."GET THE HELL OUT!!!"

6 years ago

Like I said....I would be very scared if my man was doing hookers/prostitutes (not sure if there is a difference in the two?)  Especially in another country!!!!  Who knows what they are spreading!!!!   I really don't think we have heard the most of this yet......

6 years ago

No difference Maui.  Same thing.  Right about it happening period!  Know guys at work ..... nope ..... will not share that.

6 years ago

I think guys who do this can smell, search and feel each other out...I mean not REALLY smell and feel but you get the just of what I mean... on activities like this! It's like a big challenge/game for I you can't  ..he who has the most fun wins and then they brag about it! Then all the sudden "times up!!"

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