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Fake Explicit Image of S.E. Cupp Reportedly Appears in Hustler (Graphic)
6 years ago

I am so Angry I can't speak. This is disgusting and in my opinion is cause for a law suit, but no because she is a consrvative woman that vile excuse of a human, Larry Flint will get away with this. I am just fuming!!!!





The Blaze has been alerted to an fake explicit image apparently published in Hustler magazine depicting GBTV host and conservative commentator S.E. Cupp engaged in a sex act with what appears to be a penis in her mouth.

Under the headline “Celebrity Fantasy,” the text beside the picture asks, “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a [d**k] in her mouth?”

It features a disclaimer below: “No such picture of S.E. Cupp actually exists. This composite fantasy is altered from the original for our imagination, does not depict reality, and is not to be taken seriously for any purpose.”

We’ve posted a blurred copy of the image below:


An emailed request for comment to Hustler seeking confirmation of the image was not immediately returned. Cupp will be on the Glenn Beck radio program at 10:05 ET. We will update with relevant information.

6 years ago

Wow...and where are those wonderful liberal women????  Where is NOW????  No where to be found!!!  As long as you don't do it to a liberal women...this is fair game!!!!  Unbelievable and so disgusting!!!!   It's a good thing Moochelle was never treated this way!!!!!  There would be lawsuits and prison time!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

And so much for the NOW who says they can't comment.-Necrophyte (A fungus (or other organism) colonising already dead tissues. Oddballs representing  Weak women.

Their title from what I have seen is a lie. They do not represent all women. They should be sued for that. Very intentionally misleading.

6 years ago

I do find it disgusting too.  Seems things keeping getting worse.  Not sure it fits libel laws but it certainly defamatory and as a public figure, yes, wshe should sue.

6 years ago

It's disgusting, men or women who support this crap, by keeping their damn mouth shut, unless it is something they can find that might be negative about a liberal woman. They are themselves disgusting and not worthy of anyone's time. They can't disappoint Big Daddy (Obama) because Big Daddy is all for it, and they have to play "Follow Their Leader." Good little Sheeple.  Maybe it should be good little cattle.  Obama's got the rope through their nose ring, and they willingly follow without question. I can hear the moos now. 


Gotta run-post office, store.

6 years ago

It'a almost really too bad that Larry Flynt wasn't taken care of  more severly than he was from that shooting that croppled him physically......his brain is still just as decomposed as it always has been!!! What an insult to Conservative women and we don't hear a damn word from the liberals who were screaming about Flake!!! Double standard all the way!!!

6 years ago

That's what I'm talking about. Partially standard. They can't even say they are fair or for all women, unless they want to lie, which is certainly not beneath them.

6 years ago

That's not disappointing to Big Daddy either!

6 years ago

Just got back and have to run again-pick up daughter-Later!

6 years ago

Somehow I just don't see our Founding Fathers idea of freedom of the press or free speech, allowing someone to incorporate someone's physical and personal features any way one pleases to do so.  Drawing political cartoons is one thing, but cutting and pasting someone's face on another's nude body in sexual situations is just going to damn far!


Even if it were a true photo, it has no business being published without permission from the subject! I'm no prude by a long shot.  People have sex, some do fantasies, some do kama sutra, but whatever it is they do is no one's business outside their closed doors!  It REALLY ticks me off when jackasses like Larry Flint pulls this kind of crap!  I would GLADLY vote in favor of a law that would make it illegal to post any photo, edited or not, without the express permission from the subjects in the photo, even with disclaimers that its in jest!!



6 years ago

I'd be for that. It wasn't our Founding Father's idea. These people mock our Founding Father's, and just shows you how low down dirt they are.

6 years ago

Another attack against a Conservative woman.  Then there is this one by a union against Nilki Haley - Govenor of South Carolina.  They first tried spreading a rumour that she has 'stolen' money from her father's Temple (Nikki converted to Christianity I think) - now this .... read it here:


Then there is the recent case of Madeleine McAulay who is a 16 year old conservative blogger.  She recently spoke out against gay marriage and recieved all kinds of vile threats from the left including death threats.  While I do not support her stand on that I do not support any woman being threatened.


Read all about it here:

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6 years ago

It shows one how exactly vile, and dangerous, many on the left are. Not a good combination, as is neither by itself. 

6 years ago

NOW & other Liberals are a joke with their supposed support of all women.  They only speak up for ABC women (anybody but Conservative).

6 years ago



Hustler, a magazine known for its good taste and stolid prose (no, not really), has decided to turn its sights on conservative author and commentator S.E. Cupp. The magazine just published a Photoshopped image of Cupp performing oral sex along with the following justification:

S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. 



Cupp has degrees in art from Cornell and New York University and is a classically trained ballet dancer. She's what you might call a cultured individual. Unfortunately for her, she's also attractive and conservative. As many, many conservative women could testify, this is all it takes to be a target for misogynistic attacks by the tolerant, anti-bullying, anti-misogyny left.


Larry Flynt has responded to outrage over the photo, stating, "That’s satire. I’m able to publish this because of the Supreme Court case I won in 1984 [sic], Flynt v. Falwell.” Naturally, Mr. Flynt would only think of whether he is legally capable of publishing the image.


There are lots of angles we could explore here. The hypocrisy of a party which turned a single use of the word "%#&!*%" into a war on women while lionizing Larry Flynt as a hero. The use of sexual imagery as a weapon against any woman the left wants to ridicule for thought crimes. The idea that you're a humorless prude if you don't go along with their bullying.


But really, the lesson here is the same one we keep seeing month after month. The left will say and do absolutely anything to anyone who opposes their agenda. So while the President talks about civility in public when is serves his interests, you can bet the White House will be quiet as a church mouse as another frequent Democratic donor does his dirty work.


Once again....I AM SO PROUD TO SAY I AM NOT A LIBERAL OR A obama SUPPORTER!!!  Have at it democrat are really looking great going into the 2012 election.....just keep backing up your scum bag donors who love to demean Conservative women.....the Conservative Women are listening and voting......keep that in mind.


Btw....yes....Anne Romney owns horses and rides them for her MS disease...and the media is taking her to task now for this one.....while moochelle just hops aboard AirForce One and vacays whenever  she wants to.  Must have been a slow day for LSM to have to go after Anne for this one...wonder if the Hustler rag mag will make headline news tonight!!!!!

6 years ago

Whoever does this kind of downgrading to any woman needs to pay a penalty BIG time!! I wonder what Sandra Flukes motive was for coming out in support of S.E. Cupp!? Have to say it will maybe help take some of the pressure off her! Maybe! These people need to be put out of business! They are doing nothing but pulling the country into a downward spiral of degredation!!!!

6 years ago

Finally some support for a right winger eh?



If one of you ladies wants to put this up in the news this is the link:!

6 years ago

Amazing. Why S E and not Sarah????

6 years ago

Joy on the View thinks it's ok though for comedians to call Sarah and other Conservative women the "c" she is nothing but a hyprocrite on the panel.....there was a clip out where vulgar mouth Kathy whats her name and Elizabeth getting into it for the names she has called women...while Joy sat right next to her and laughed.....yeah sure are for all liberal women but not Conservative.  What the View women said tomorrow will say something else...Elizabeth who is the only Conservative woman on the show has been trashed by Maher herself.....don't trust the other 3 on the show at all....HYPROCRITES....and so is NOW.


Nancy, I'm sure there just might be some pics of Sarah photoshopped too....I think there was one of her holding a gun in shorts or a bikini....I can't remember.   Again....I'm so glad the right doesn't have to get in the gutter like the left is......

6 years ago


S.E. Cupp, Hustler, and the four stages of conservative female abuse




Back in 2008, I wrote a column called “The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse.” It’s a handy guide to the common types of attacks waged against unapologetic conservative women in the public square. You can read my related war on conservative posts here.


The vile exploitation of S.E. Cupp’s image by Hustler magazine — see Twitchy for background/reaction and The Blaze for the original story– falls under category 2 and 4.


Let’s review:

The first stage of Conservative Female Abuse by the Left is infantilization. Right-wing women can’t possibly believe what they believe about the sanctity of life, self-defense, free markets, or foreign policy. They must be submissive little dolls of the White Male Hierarchy. Or, as a far Left (is there any other kind of Left in San Francisco?) San Francisco Chronicle columnist wrote of First Lady Laura Bush, they must be put in their place as “docile doormats” with no brains of their own. True to form, no sooner had John McCain announced Gov. Palin as his veep pick than jeers of “Palin = neocon puppet” sprouted across the Internet.


The second stage of CFA is sexualization. A conservative woman is not merely a sellout. She is an intellectual prostitute. Unable or unwilling to argue with them on the merits, detractors resort to mocking the physical appearance of their ideological opponents in skirts and denigrating them with vulgar epithets. MSNBC hosts insulted former GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s accomplished wife and mother of two, Jeri Thompson, as working the stripper pole. Newspaper cartoonists Ted Rall, Pat Oliphant, and Jeff Danziger caricatured Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a mammy, thick-lipped parrot, and Bush “House Nigga” armed with “hair straightener.” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd derided former GOP Florida secretary of state Katherine Harris for applying “her makeup with a trowel.”


True to form, Dowd was first out of the box to snicker at Gov. Palin’s beauty pageant past, ridicule her “beehive and sexy shoes,” and compare her path to the vice presidential nomination as a “hokey chick flick.” Joe Biden backhandedly praised her as “good looking.” And left-wing bloggers worked overtime on lurid photoshops of Palin as a bikini model and porn star. At the Democratic Underground, a highly trafficked liberal website raising money for Barack Obama, members held a contest to come up with nicknames and posters to slime GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — and then to “spread [them] all over the ‘net.” Among the “nicer” entries: “Cruella,” “Gidget,” “Governor Jesus Camp,” “VPILF,” “Fertilla the Huntress,” “Iditabroad,” and “KILLER PYSCHO FUNDIE BITCH FROM HELL!!”


The third stage of CFA is demonization. When the Left tires of hurling whore insults, it turns conservative women in the public eye into nefarious creatures. Bill Maher called Laura Bush “Hitler’s dog.” George Carlin attacked Barbara Bush as “the Silver douchebag.” A Huffington Post website member wrote of Nancy Reagan: “Like her evil husband, she has lived far too long. Here’s hoping the hag suffers for several weeks, then croaks in the tub.”

Another added: “I feel no pity for the bitc

6 years ago

True to form, rumors of Palin being a crypto-Nazi surfaced on the Internet and the fringe media. And liberal critics used her gun-rights record to smear her as bloodthirsty.


And the final stage of CFA is dehumanization. Conservative women aren’t real women according to the liberal feminist establishment’s definition. Remember when Gloria Steinem called Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a “female impersonator?” Or when curdled NOW leader Patricia Ireland instructed Democrats to vote only for “authentic” female political candidates? Or when Al Gore’s fashion consultant Naomi Wolf described the foreign-policy analysis of Jeane Kirkpatrick as being “uninflected by the experiences of the female body?”


We can’t and needn’t wait for NOW to weigh in. Conservative women are waging the counter-offensives against leftist degradation for themselves that no one else will wage. Whether it’s Palin or Ann Romney or Nikki Haley or S.E. Cupp or a local grass-roots activist mom, right-wing sisters are pushing back.

Which is prompting even more hateful scorn from Democrat officials like this.


Call ‘em out ladies. Call ‘em out.

6 years ago

Don't all of these attacks,slander, foul mouthed pig talk by the leftistists and the leftist women though fit right into what Michael A added I think it was yesterday in the article from the Canadian Free Press about how Obama and his minions are trying to tear this country down!?!? And it's been going on for quite some time now and getting worse all the time..then you add theracist BS on top of it plus the TOTAL IGNORANCE of the left and how they are working the "gutter tactics" and it all fits right into how they are all trying to tear down the moral fiber of our great country! I can't help but feel God has a plan for Obama!!!!!

6 years ago

I added the video on a news story Cam but AGAIN when I add my stories on they never show up right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

6 years ago

So the reason they photoshopped that pic of Ms. Cupp, is because in their trashy little twee brains, they are wishful thinking! Just like they are jealous they can't have Sarah Palin, because they are both beautiful women! and they know they cannot have them!!! Poor babies. WHAAAAAAAA!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!!        


Why else would they have thought of putting out a pic like that???! It definitely is what was on their mind!! Why else talk trashy of Sarah??? MmmmHmmm! GOT THEIR number!!!

6 years ago

In their minds Sherry I think somehow they will make their beauty ugly by making them look cheap!! And like you proves where their minds are at which is in the gutter!!

6 years ago

And I hate to say it, Maui, but I do think that is where a lot of libs minds are at whether they admit it or not. Of course, some we know are not like that, but so many are, and IMO, don't mind showing it by their silence.

6 years ago

"Nancy, I'm sure there just might be some pics of Sarah photoshopped too....I think there was one of her holding a gun in shorts or a bikini...."


Thanks Maui.  I am sure you are correct.  I hadn't thought about the possibility of that being photoshopped but I didn't take it seriously either.


IN any case,  I had checked the news media that night to see if this were out in the regular news.  I never heard a peep.  And I am offended that the media didn't pick it up.  I see though that ABC did pick it up eventually and that Planned Parenthood also came out against it.


I am guessing that many of you will disagree but I view it as a women's issue.  Or at least that is what it SHOULD be.  Anyway, I wasn't able to geton while I was away and did want to check back.

6 years ago

Everyone woman should be offended that the lsm is not reporting "all the news"....only what benefits obama!!!  You can bet if it was a liberal woman in the rag mag, it would have been news worthy.  But then the lsm never even brought up the song being played "Lying A$$ Bi+tch" on the Fallon show...and that was played towards a it goes to show....any Conservative Woman gets trashed, whether they are in politics, on a media network or just being a Conservative Woman period!!!  And the famous liberal organization called NOW remains quiet.....even when a hard working woman like Ann Romney gets trashed by the media for being a rich-stay-at-home-Mom!!! 


I still would like to know all the liberal women that has been trashed by the media or the Republicans like this......I posted it on the C2NN page, and not one liberal woman would come forward....that tells me so much about the gutter low life liberals that cannot even stand up for a Conservative Woman!!!  So far, I think Kirsten Powers is the only one that has come out with disgust by what has happened to Conservative Women!!!  The others sit back and Laugh their a$$es off and agree....but dare it happen to one of won't.....the right doesn't have to play in the gutter!!!

6 years ago

I am guessing that many of you will disagree but I view it as a women's issue.  Or at least that is what it SHOULD be. 


Nancy..I guess I don't quite understand what you mean by this...can you explain a little more please?

6 years ago

Maybe I should think it's a womans issue instead of what?

6 years ago

How can it just be a woman's issue when about 75% of the trash that is being put out there are by liberal men????  These men are scum of the earth...and the obama supporters and company laugh and thinks it's just long as you don't touch my wife or daughters!!!!

6 years ago

Still wondering....

6 years ago

Gee,if this happened to a liberal,well,,,,,,,knowing them,they'd like it! Still,all kidding aside,this is the most disgusting,vile,unconscionable,immoral thing they've done yet! Have they no decency? Seems not.

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