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Holder agrees to give Issa internal emails on Fast and Furious, offers to meet
5 years ago

Holder agrees to give Issa internal emails on Fast and Furious, offers to meet

Friday, June 15, 2012

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Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday agreed to make what he called “an extraordinary accommodation” to Republicans investigating the botched “Operation Fast and Furious” by turning over department emails he has long insisted deal with internal deliberations and should be protected.

Holder is trying to head off a push by House Republicans to hold him in contempt of Congress for allegedly “stonewalling” their investigation. And he offered to personally brief the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., in the next few days.

5 years ago

Did he happen to mention how many will be missing?

5 years ago

I was thinking that same thing Sherry! I wonder how many they will "redact" before handing them over!? But my guess is the lawyers will be smart enough to figure the sequence of events and KNOW when something is missing!!

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UPDATE: Issa Challenges Obama Executive Privilege Claim
5 years ago

Issa Challenges Obama Executive Privilege ClaimWith a vote looming to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, a House committee chairman is challenging President Barack Obama's claim of executive privilege, invoked to maintain secrecy for some documents related to a failed gun-tracking operation.

Obama's claim broadly covers administration documents about the program called Operation Fast and Furious, not just those prepared for the president. But Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that recommended the contempt charge, maintains the privilege is reserved for documents to and from the president and his most senior advisers.

In a letter to the president dated Monday and made public Tuesday, Issa cited an appellate court decision to back his claim and questioned whether Obama was asserting a presidential power "solely for the purpose of further obstructing a congressional investigation."

Some experts agree with the president's view that all executive branch documents are protected from disclosure. Ohio State University law professor Peter Shane, a specialist in presidential power, says executive privilege historically covers documents generated anywhere in the executive branch.

Behind the legal argument is a political dispute. House Republican leaders are pressing for a contempt vote against Holder by Friday, unless they can work out a deal that breaks through the administration's privilege claim.

Holder's offer last week to turn over some documents — the Justice Department has provided 7,600 records so far — was rejected by Issa because he contended the attorney general was demanding an end to the committee's investigation.

Ironically, the documents at the heart of the current argument are not directly related to the workings of Operation Fast and Furious, which allowed guns to "walk" from Arizona to Mexico in hopes they could be tracked.

Rather, Issa wants internal communications from February 2011, when the administration denied knowledge of gun-walking, to the end of the year, when officials acknowledged the denial was in error. Those documents covered a period after Fast and Furious was shut down.

In Fast and Furious, agents of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Arizona abandoned the agency's usual practice of intercepting all weapons they believed to be illicitly purchased. Instead, the goal of gun-walking was to track such weapons to high-level arms traffickers who long had eluded prosecution and to dismantle their networks.

Gun-walking long has been barred by Justice Department policy, but federal agents in Arizona experimented with it in at least two investigations during the George W. Bush administration before Fast and Furious. These experiments came as the department was under widespread criticism that the old policy of arresting every suspected low-level "straw purchaser" was still allowing tens of thousands of guns to reach Mexico. A straw purchaser is an illicit buyer of guns for others.

The agents in Arizona lost track of several hundred weapons in Operation Fast and Furious. The low point of the operation came in Arizona in 2010, when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a firefight with a group of armed Mexican bandits and two guns traced to the operation were found at the scene.

Issa, in his letter to the president, wrote, "Courts have consistently held that the assertion of the constitutionally-based executive privilege ... is only applicable ... to documents and communications that implicate the confidentiality of the president's decision-making process."

The letter said that while the privilege covers only the president and his advisers, it is a qualified privilege that can be overcome by a showing of the committee's need for the documents.

Shane, the Ohio State professor, said: "Executive privilege is really an umbrella concept that encompasses a variety of privileges. History's most famous claim of executive privilege — President Richard Nixon's unsuccessful attempt to withhold the Watergate tapes — was an example of 'presidential privacy privilege.' That privilege covers executive communications when the president is involved."

He said the executive branch historically claims a much broader privilege, the so-called deliberative privilege. That claim tries to protect documents generated anywhere in the executive branch that embody only the executive's internal deliberations, not final policy decisions. The current dispute involves deliberative privilege, he said.

Issa quoted from a 1997 case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in which the court said the privilege should not extend to staff outside the White House in executive branch agencies.

Rather, the court said, it should apply only to "communications authored or solicited and received by those members of an immediate White House adviser's staff" with responsibility for formulating advice for the president.

President George W. Bush invoked executive privilege for the first time in his administration to block a congressional committee trying to review documents about a decades-long scandal involving FBI misuse of mob informants in Boston.

5 years ago

The previous post comes from


I WANT my elected officials to call Obama on this!  He is abusing the office beyond belief!!!

5 years ago

I agree with you on that Michael!! He is pushing the buttons as fast and far as he can to stop whatever he wants or push through whatever he wants!! As long as it fits his agenda then it's OK with him! He is abusing his power to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Issa keeps at him and gets what he wants...somebody has got to stand up to this crook!!

5 years ago

There's going to be a war alright, if he's reelected. There are people around the country who have had enough. Don't know when it will hit, but it will. Hate to say it, but the Obamanites will have set the path for things they will not want to see that will come due to Obama and his comrades, and will have been a leading cause of people who love America and life, ending up having to protect their life as well as ours. They need to get their head out of where the sun don't shine.

5 years ago

Hell, there could be one if he isn't reelected too, or of it looks like he isn't going to be. Again, courtesy Barrack and comrades. People better wake up to what this person is, and why it is he has done all that he has done. None of it has been done with good intentions.

5 years ago

He's a Muslim that's why and their whole intent in life is to lie to the infidel..that's us! Obama has done a good job the whole time he's been in there! Invites the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, appoints Muslims to high positions, the woman who is married to Wiener who works for Hillary..her Mother and others in her family are in the Muslim Brotherhood..their whole intent is take over the world which includes the USA!!

5 years ago

He knew he was laying out the mat for his terrorist buddies coming across the borders with the illegls. He knew when he relocated Palestinians to here, Hamas members were amongst them. 


West knows what he was talking about. He is not a man to make such a statement either unless he knows-about the dem socialists. They're working together to destroy this nation, Christianity, all morals, eventually every one of our freedoms and rights. NWO anyone?

The people voting for Obama are helping their cause.

5 years ago


This is a letter from my rep I got today, who so far I have thought a lot of, a


Dear Ms. Hauner,


Thank you for contacting me with your views about Attorney General Eric Holder and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) program known as "Fast and Furious." This Administration's initiative allowed criminal organizations to purchase thousands of guns and traffic them across the U.S.-Mexico border. We agree that the allegations against ATF and the Justice Department regarding these programs are serious and troubling.


As the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, I have serious concerns about the Department of Justice's handling of Operation Fast and Furious and its lack of cooperation with the Judiciary and Oversight Committees. These concerns were heightened when my staff received information that challenged the accuracy of Attorney General Holder's testimony to the Judiciary Committee regarding when he first became aware of Fast and Furious. After learning of this, I wrote President Obama to request that he instruct the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the truthfulness of Attorney General Holder's testimony. 


Allegations that the Attorney General may have intentionally misled members of Congress must be investigated. The Attorney General cannot be expected to objectively investigate himself. Only the independence of a special counsel can ensure Congress and the public that an objective review of the Attorney General's actions occurs. 


The Obama administration's handling of Operation Fast & Furious is just one area of concern. I recently released a report on the Department's disregard of the Constitution and rule of law. The Justice Department has a responsibility to enforce the laws of the land and protect the Constitution. Of all federal agencies, the Justice Department should not be motivated by a partisan agenda. Unfortunately, under this Administration, the Justice Department has become more partisan than ever. 


The report outlines high profile examples of how the Justice Department has ignored the Constitution and rule of law in order to impose the Administration's partisan agenda on the American people. From blocking investigations of Operation Fast & Furious and Justice Elena Kagan's involvement in Obamacare to refusing to enforce and defend certain laws, the Attorney General has allowed a partisan agenda to guide the Justice Department's decisions. 


All government officials are bound by the limits of the Constitution, including the President and the Attorney General. But time and again, this Administration puts a partisan agenda ahead of the Constitution and the rule of law. That's why I called on Attorney General Holder to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on June 7, 2012 to answer for the Administration's actions. A copy of my report on the Justice Department can be found on the House Judiciary Committee website at:


 On June 20, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform found the Attorney General in contempt of Congress for his failure to produce subpoenaed documents related to Operation Fast & Furious. As of today, the full House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on holding the Attorney General in contempt on Thursday, June 28. I intend to vote on favor of that contempt citation.


Be assured that I will keep your concerns in mind as I continue to monitor these issues. To read my complete statement regarding the DOJ's disregard of the Constitution please visit: 


For more information on my work in Congress or to send me an electronic message, please visit the 21st District's website,


5 years ago

It's Lamar Smith. And you can read where he talks about Kagan in the full Report.

5 years ago

How Obama protects the muslims, America everywhere needs to wake up, as to who are the city officials and police. Look at Dearborn, MI where the police protect the violent muslims, and the quiet peaceful people, the police call disturbing the peace.  It was said by someone who lives near there, it gets worse every year, and that it is happening around the country. It will not stay isolated.  It will not.  

5 years ago

All we have to do Sherry is try and hang on until November to get Obama and his whole herd of misfits out fo the White House! That alone will save this country one heck of a lot of $$$$$$$$ It' truly is pathetic to see so many people STILL not seeing how Obama has destroyed this country and cost this country mega bucks!! Just on facbook yesterday there was this guy who came on a article that a friend of mine had put on where I was like a stack of dominos that went in a circle and it said something to the effect of when things come around or something like that. Anyway I said I am waiting for Obama's to come around and this character comes on defending's like they have magnets on them that can hear the word Obama and they come crawling out of the woodwork...his comment was that this country lost more rights under George Bush and he caused the big financial crash that Obama is now trying to fix!?!? I did't want to get into it with him on my friends topic so I just told him..whatever...I can see you are a liberal which explains it all and told him to keep drinking the Kool Aid!! I want to find that video where I think it was Nightline or something like that came out with the breaking news where Bush warned everyone about Fanny and Freddy collapsing and nobody did anything except the Democrats who pushed the agenda forward. Do you remember that video??

5 years ago

Did you mean this one?


Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and ...
5 years ago

Yeah, Obama is a real honest guy, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! They knew!

5 years ago

They need to go ahead with this vote.  Say it - mean it - do it!  No more games.

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