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Can We Afford 3rd Party Votes This Election?
6 years ago

We've heard how Obama will lose by a landslide.  We've heard the race is very close.  We've heard Obama is ahead.  Polls change constantly, I mean constantly as in daily!  What is it going to take to get people to stop listening to the lies and just look at what's happened?  And happening!  If people are going to keep changing their minds because of a speech, then we are sunk. 


The main message I want to get across is we can't rest.  We can't think Obama isn't going to make it.  When I runner is running a race, no matter if they are in first or last place, they don't slack off 10 yards from the finish line.  They envison the finish line 20 yards past the real one and put all effort beyond the line.  We must do the same! 


People who are voting for someone other than Romney are giving a vote for Obama.  People who don't believe their vote will count, are giving a vote to Obama.  There's only one way to save this country and that's to get progressives out of our govt.  Then and only then can we risk the chance of voting for a third party.  Until that day arrives, people need to understand the severe risk to voting for a candidate that cannot win.


Here's the latest Bloomberg poll:

President Obama holds a big lead over Republican rival Mitt Romney in the presidential race, a new poll shows.

Results of a Bloomberg National Poll released Wednesday showed Mr. Obama leading Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters, despite six in 10 respondents saying the nation is headed down the wrong track. The 13-point lead for the president was far bigger than in most other recent national polls, which show a much tighter race.

Fifty-five percent of respondents said Mr. Romney is more out of touch with average Americans, compared with 36 percent who said the president is more out of touch. The survey also showed 39 percent of voters hold a favorable opinion of Mr. Romney, while 48 percent view him unfavorably.

Of voters who said they enthusiastically support a candidate, 49 percent back Mr. Romney compared with 48 percent for Obama.

Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed in the Bloomberg survey say they consider themselves Democrats or independents who lean that way, while 33 percent consider themselves Republicans or independents who lean Republican — a five-point Democratic advantage.

6 years ago

No..we can not afford to vote 3rd candidate but some people will!! If they only realized how much jeprody they are putting this country in!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

I will never believe Obama isn't going to win until the day I learn he hasn't. They would like for us to let our diligence down, believing polls and perhaps wrongly believing that enough people have woken up and are fed up with Obama that there's no way he could win now. We always have to watch our backs where BO and allies are behind the scenes. Don't believe BO is leaving matter of fact, until the day comes the Occupier has actually left the WH for good.


6 years ago

People, at this point in time, with so many besotted the way they are with Obama, who vote a different party, are giving the vote to Obama.  I don't care if they have in past or future, but put it this way this election, there are too many die hard BO soldiers, and if you even want to have the chance to have the freedom to vote 3rd party in the future, then do yourselves a favor and don't do it this election. You think Obama will not destroy that freedom? He's hoping people will vote 3rd party now. Think about it. 

6 years ago

That's just it Carol. I know we know that, but some of these people don't think our country is going to be any worse off if their candidate doesn't win, and therefore Obama stays in. I wish I could get across to these people, how wrong and shamefully misconstrued that idea is right now!!!  We have no choice of what is going to happen to this country, if you think things are bad now, other than to come together and vote this very evil socialist out of office, before you DO NOT have the choice, to ever vote 3rd party agaain!!!!

You'll be lucky to get to vote for anyone other than dem/socialist if you get to vote at all. I see it coming under this man. I'd like to see it stopped before he can accomplish something like this, and then more than likely see a revolution coming.

I don't care if people vote 3rd party, as long as it's not for some dinging socialist, but it cannot, cannot be done now! -Not if you want to have a choice of doing so in future if you wish. Choose keeping freedom of choice, or slavery in this election, is what it amounts to. 

6 years ago

If Paul were to surprise us, and be the top Rep. to run against Obama, I do not  believe his idea that the rest of the world will leave us alone if we play nice, so to speak, but, I can say I would come together with them and then vote for Paul, because at least then, we will still have freedom of choice under him, and I don't think he wouldn't do what it takes to protect our country if it comes down to it (hope I'm not wrong) and I won't vote 3rd party because I'm hanging on to my stubborness (I know some will say that's not it) about wanting my candidate this time or else, just so Obama has more votes.  Not if I want a choice in future.   This election is so important to get this Emperor out, and one has to be able to LOOK AHEAD.- and that's if you choose to be able to even have that freedom anymore-Lookin ahead and choice.

6 years ago

Thank you Carol K for that information!  I'm wondering if you are combining two separate threads I created.  This one was on a poll about Obama and who would vote for him to have another 4 years and the other was about immigration and executive powers.  Or was your intent to show that Bloomberg wasn't very credible?


The poll I referrenced in this thread was pretty straight forward, if the vote was held today, who would you vote for.  It's extremely disturbing to see 53 percent of voters who still can't see the problems we face as being monumental failures of the current administration.  It's disturbing to see that 53% of voters would accept a president who threatens an entire level of govt to do things his way because they were not voted for by the people or to publicly state that the Supreme Court shouldn't be allowed to overturn something voted by congress!  According to Obama, if the SCOTUS finds obamacare as unconstitutional, it will be the first time in history this has happened.


Obama says he grew up on welfare and yet somehow he finds himself going to Harvard.  I don't have a Harvard education and yet I know the SCOTUS has overturned bills that congress voted on!  Not just once or twice, but well over 100 times!  And yet 53% of voters say they would vote for him.  It just boggles my mind how little people think about truth and holding politicians accountable for truth, honesty and morals within our govt!

6 years ago

I don't like to hear of people voting for third party but there is SOME comfort in the fact that a lot of dissillusioned Obama supporters will vote third party.  The excitement that was in America in 08 is just not there. 


Now that he has used his executive power to cover up fast and furious people know they are hiding something.  That will turn more away as this carries on.


Pandering to the black, gay or hispanic votes will not be enough to keep Obie in the White House.  Plus a lot of the college students that supported him in 08 now have no jobs.


If Romney runs on Obama's record as President alone - he should win.  I have to believe that Americans will not be fooled twice.  I have now heard that new top secret info has slipped out saying that your CIA is working in Syria  .... first of all what the hell are they doing getting invovled in that and secondly I would pull them out.  Their cover has been blown and they are no longer safe.  If Syria gets hold of one of your guys this is going to turn into an international crisis.



6 years ago

Just what obie would want, huh?

6 years ago

I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican in November for President and I wont this year either. I believe one of the keys to rebuilding our economy is by drastically cutting our military spending and ending military involvement overseas. Both Obama and Romney oppose this.


I also believe our civil liberties are being threatened..Neither Romney or Obama wish to repeal the Patriot Act..both support the NDAA


Our economy can be turned around,and many sick patients can be healed through the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana..again Romney and Obama oppose this


These are the issues I base my support for any candidate on..With no difference between the major parties on these issues,I have no choice but to support a third party candidate for President.


6 years ago

Then you are voting for Obama David!! Pure and simple!!! You will lose on this one David!! SAD!!!!

6 years ago

David - You wrote the following:  "I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican in November for President and I wont this year either......."

Then, why did you work so hard to become a delegate to the 2012 Republican national convention? 


and then this gem from you David - "......I have no choice but to support a third party candidate for President......."

Again, my question is WTF are you doing as a delegate to the 2012 Republican national convention?

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6 years ago

Barbara-I was a state delegate..not a national delegate.


Carol-I'd be glad to support the Republican nominee if he'd support the positions I mentioned

6 years ago

On the medical marijuana issue, Romney will hurt himself for being against it for med. reasons even. Paul hurts himself for being for it all to be legalized, if he is, or to have marijuana legalized for other than med. reasons, whichever it is, it's not helping him, and Romneys not doing himself any favors either.

6 years ago

When one says my vote for a Third Party candidate is a vote for Obama,one forgets there are many disillusioned former Obama supporters,who will,instead of voting for Obama,will cast their votes for the Green Party candidate Jill Stein or former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson,running on the Justice Party platform.. I think there is a third party alternate for any political persuasion..It would give the corporate parties a message if folks of various persuasions voted Third Party instead..In addition to Libertarian Gary Johnson,there is also the Constitution Party. In 2008,Ron Paul endorsed the Constitution Party candidate

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