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5 years ago

Hollywood director Paul Verhoeven


A new Hollywood film in the works that some are already calling blasphemous will portray Jesus as the product of His mother Mary being raped by a Roman soldier, and show that miracles mentioned in the New Testament were not real.


Paul Verhoeven, who directed previous hits including “Robocop,” “Total Recall” and “Basic Instinct,” is basing the movie on his 2008 book, “Jesus of Nazareth.”


According to, Verhoeven’s take on the life of Jesus discounts all the miracles mentioned in Scripture, including the virgin birth and the resurrection, as Verhoeven doesn’t believe any of them actually took place.

Perhaps the most controversial of Verhoeven’s notions is that “Jesus might have been the product of his mother being raped by a Roman soldier, which Verhoeven said was commonplace at the time, and that Jesus was a radical prophet who performed exorcisms and was convinced he would find the kingdom of heaven on earth, and did not know he would be sentenced to die on the cross by Pontius Pilate,” Deadline reported.


“He is treading on territory that Christians universally would label as blasphemous,” says Mike Fleming of Deadline. “The film seems to have landed in the appropriate place, as a gritty and controversial independent film.”


WND reader Dale Ulmer is among those already outraged, saying, “Anyone involved in the production of this film will face the wrath of God. I will NOT watch this film and I would personally like to write to these people and tell them they are treading in waters with no life preserver unless they cancel  this film because God’s judgment will be harsh if they choose to mock him.


They have no real proof of what they are suggesting, however the Bible has never failed in its record of historical events. Archaeologists and scientists are discovering proof of biblical accounts, just as it was written.”


In a previous interview with Fleming, Verhoeven spoke of Jesus in these terms:


“If you look at the man, it’s clear you have a person who was completely innovative in the field of ethics. My own passion for Jesus came when I started to realize that. It’s not about miracles, it’s about a new set of ethics, an openness towards the world, which was anathema in a Roman-dominated world. I believe he was crucified because they felt that politically, he was a dangerous person whose following was getting bigger and bigger. Jesus’ ideals are about the utopia of human behavior, about how we should treat each other, how we should step into the shoes of our enemy.”


Muse Productions will reportedly be producing the new film, and Roger Avary, who won an Oscar for co-writing 1994′s “Pulp Fiction,” is on board to adapt the book into a screenplay.



No date has been mentioned yet for when the film is targeted for release.

5 years ago

What next will these people come up with!? I pity them..I truly do because they are blind to the results of their actions! But come judgment day OR before..they WILL find out what it's all about! What a disgrace these people are!!!

5 years ago

And yet someone draws a representation of Mohammad for a cartoon and people are killed for it?


This one statement is what actually renewed my faith in my 20's, "the Bible has never failed in its record of historical events. Archaeologists and scientists are discovering proof of biblical accounts, just as it was written.


For Christians, there are some who are very radical and would still continue the crusades if they could.  There are those who say they are simply because they were brought up that way and are afraid of the 1 unforgivable sin.  Then there are those, who in my opinion are the real Christians, who believe the Bible is the most wonderful way for humans to coexist. I'll probably get some flack for that statement, but its what I believe.


Atheists and other anti-Christians love to bring up the issue of the wars, the crusades, as being "proof why Christianity is a farce".  That's because they only know the very basics of history and not the whole story.  They don't know that it was Christians like me and most of my friends who put an end to the crusades simply because it wasn't the way Jesus taught. 


So many focus on man (or woman) rather than the teachings and then blame the whole of Christianity for it.  And yet so many of them who don't believe or aren't sure, live by the laws of God.  If only they would look at the number 1 best selling Book in the world as guidance for a good life, how to live with and help our neighbors.  If nothing else, it's an outstanding guide for how to live, how to get along.  And then when you add the historical facts that continue to be proven today, it creates a little glimmer.  The more you read, the more facts you see, the brighter that glimmer glows!  Oh what a feeling!


It's my guess that this pathetic attempt to attack Christianity will be quite the loser at the box office.  I expect the people who would see this movie will only be those who want to destroy Christianity.  Those of who read the Book already know these kind of things will keep coming until there is an ultimatum given us to deny our faith. 


While we won't like this type of movie, we won't run out and start killing people over it.  We won't riot and cause destruction of property.  We will voice our opinion, not attend the movie, and pray for the people who would try and destroy a person's faith.  It's our true way.

5 years ago

And another thing those do who don't believe or have a problem with Christianity is the fact of the pedophiles being Priests and anything bad of Christianity goes back to the Priests who are pedophiles and etc; It's impossible to discuss religion or the Bible or anything to do with Christianity with those's a war with them!! As far as this movie goes I too think hope and believe that it will be a box office flop and I hope the guy spends LOTS of money on it so it can all go out the window!!! The mind set of people like this though IMO is pretty scary!!!

5 years ago

We all want someone we can look up to, someone who will lead by example and maybe help us become a better person.  If we depend on man to be the perfect example of a shining light, we will always be disappointed. 

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