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Obama lies to Univision about Immigration Reform
5 years ago

President Obama was skewered by Univision reporters on Thursday for breaking his promise to enact lasting immigration reform during his first term in the White House.


“But it was a promise, Mr. President,” Univision reporter Jorge Ramos said. “This is very important, I don’t want it to get lost in translation. You promised that, and a promise is a promise and with all due respect, you didn’t keep that promise.”

Obama’s only response was that he does not have the power as president to accomplish everything he wants to, saying it requires cooperation within the other branches of government.

“I am happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didn’t get it done but I did not make a promise that I would get everything done, 100 percent when I was elected as president.”


Jorge reminded Obama that he had control of congress for the first two years.  Obama flipped flopped about republican voters, even though they weren't needed.  Gas was less than $2 a gallon but Obama states his first objective was to save the country from another depression.  See the interview here and see if you can spot the lies, the twists from answering the direct question, and the slight of hand to move on to other things.  Apparently, none of his tricks worked!

5 years ago

If Obama says he didn't have enough time to get everything done, then he should have been working instead of playing golf, shooting hoops, campaigning, extravagant vacations, world apology tours, etc. 


Gas was $1.87 a gallon when he took office.  It's now $4 a gallon in 4 short years.  He says he can't control it, and yet both Reagan and Bush took steps to reduce the price of oil and lower the costs at the pump.   This man makes more unsubstantiated excuses than anyone I've ever come across!

5 years ago

Great points Michael.


I just got done watching George Steph on his Sunday am talk show....they spent 20 minutes bashing Romney for having a very bad week.....and guess what.....not one word was mentioned about how the obama camp for the last nine days blamed the killing of four Americans on a film instead of a terrorists fact....not one word was mentioned at all what was happening in the Mid-East....crickets!!!!!!!!!!!  It was a whole hour bashing I am watching "Meet the Depressed" and the same thing is I guess the Muslim Rage is old news and no time will be spent discussing it....but hey David....let's play that hidden video again of Romney with the missing 2 minutes and bash his latest tax returns....much, much more news worthy right......."unfair and unbalanced".....that's the lapdog media's slogan!!!!!!!!!!


Yes....I am not a happy camper right now.....this is BS what the media is doing..................oh wait....David is now playing skits by SNL bashing Romney....oh so funny!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Ok....Meet the Depressed is over.....not one mention of the Four Americans killed and how the obama camp lied for nine days....crickets.....I guess the lapdog media were all warned not to bring it up on any of their talk shows. on to Chris Wallace....on FOX.....will guess is yes...but then I'm right now not batting very good.


Oh and now that Chuck Todd has spoken with his polls....Romney is done....obama has won all the swing states he needed...he has moved them all to the gang...let's move on to 2016!!!!!  

5 years ago

FAITH IN FOX!!!!!!!!  Leading story was the killing of Four Americans in Lybia and how Rice, Clinton and obama lied to "we the people" last Sunday....and who is he drilling....slobbering gibbs!!!!  Good for Chris....wouldn't let him off the hook...kept on him.


Chris asked....obama will meet with Whoopi next week and not one head of the UN.....thank you for asking....of course...gibbs is covering big time.....too bad the other networks don't know how to ask the tough questions....they should take lessons from Chris Wallace.....they should be ashamed.

5 years ago

I just watched both MTP and TW and I have the same depressed pissed feeling that you do. There were so many opportunities to bash Obama and get the word out that were missed by mainly Kelly Aiyotte. She was trying to be nice to David Gregory but all she said were talking points. And Ann Coulter did a better job but I think it would've been an appropriate time to ask Jorge V if he believes everyone who crosses our borders should become a legalized citizened with full entitlements??? We need to start shoving the ball in their court and let them misstep. At least we know where the next month's bashing is going to be...immigration, just like it was when George S asked about contraception. I believe a line was placed in the original healthcare bill that BO contrived dealt with legalizing illegals and it got removed, then the bill was passed, correct me if I'm wrong. So a lot of the Congress were actually listening to their constituents at the time, as 70 percent of Americans didn't want Amnesty. I can't believe the media is basically calling this election already.

5 years ago

Joan....thank you so much for weighing in on this.  I was so pissed this morning that I was screaming at the husband was laughing at me because I think he thought I had gone nuts...LOL.


Brit Hume said it right.....this will not effect obama for covering up for nine days what really happened to our four Americans, because the media is not covering't that the truth!!!!  FOX is the only ones, and conservative talk radio.....that's all.  They did the same about Fast and when you post these articles on Care2 News page, the liberals call you liars because they never heard any of this....just a head in sand moment!!!


I don't know how Romney is going to win when he is fighting the media all the way.  We know who listens to's conservatives....not liberals, so they will never know the whole truth.  I flipped over every evening to PMSNBC to see if they were saying anything, and it was just all Romney bashing....that's all!!!  Not a word about Lybia....not a word about obama's distribution tape....because they could not authenicate it....BS!!!!!


Yes, Romney/Ryan has to get tough and keep making it all about obama and what he has done to the economy and his foreign policy....of course, the media will never play the clips, they just listen for the gaffes to play.


I had to take a walk after watching all that went on this morning, and I'm still frustrated.  I do have to say, the obama camp sure knew when to release this fundraising video of Romney at the right time to where no one talked about the terrorist attack.  So Romney is playing on the defense all last hopefully he this week he will go after obama....he has to.


I still had to laugh at Chris Wallace asking gibbs if Whoopi was more important this week than meeting with any of the UN heads....that was priceless....of course....lapdog media never heard the question nor would they ask it.



Chris Wallace Asks Obama Adviser 'President Has Time for Whoopi Goldberg But Not World Leaders?' Re
5 years ago

Fox News's Chris Wallace on Sunday asked senior Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs an absolutely delicious question about the current White House resident's schedule.


During a Fox News Sunday interview, the host said, "The President has blocked out time to appear on The View on Tuesday. So, he has time for Whoopi Goldberg but he doesn’t have time for world leaders?" (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for commentary):

CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: I want to go back to the UN though and New York this week. You say that he’s got schedules, that foreign leaders have schedules. But the President has blocked out time to appear on The View on Tuesday. So, he has time for Whoopi Goldberg but he doesn’t have time for world leaders?


ROBERT GIBBS, OBAMA SENIOR CAMPAIGN ADVISER: No, Chris. Look, the President is going to be actively involved at the UN General Assembly.


WALLACE: He’s not meeting with any private leaders. He's giving a speech.


GIBBS: Chris, they have telephones in the White House. Last week, he talked to the President of Egypt. He talked to the leader in Libya. We don't need a meeting in Washington just to confer with leaders. We’ve got a strong...

WALLACE: But he does need the time to be on The View?


GIBBS: We have a strong diplomatic – I’m sure if he was doing an interview with you on Fox News, you’d have no problem with that.


WALLACE: Well, he hasn't, but that’s not the point.


GIBBS: I’m sure that’s not the point. No, look Chris, he’s got a strong schedule. He’s actively involved.


WALLACE: You don't have a problem with the fact that he’s not meeting with any world leaders, but he’s going to appear on The View?


GIBBS: I have no problem with that, because, Chris, you’re the President of the United States every minute of every day.

Read more:


5 years ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- CNN reported on the personal journal of slain American ambassador Christopher Stevens over objections from his family, a State Department spokesman said Saturday.


The news channel, in a story posted online Saturday, said that it found a journal belonging to Stevens four days after he died in a Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Three other Americans also were killed.


CNN broke a pledge to the late ambassador's family that it wouldn't report on the diary, said State Department spokesman Philippe Reines, a senior adviser to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.


In a blistering statement, Reines called CNN's actions "indefensible."


The channel said in the story online that it took "newsworthy tips" from Stevens' diary and confirmed them with other sources. Citing an unidentified source "familiar with Stevens' thinking," CNN said that the ambassador was concerned about security threats in Benghazi and a "rise in Islamic extremism."


In a statement Saturday, CNN defended its use of the journal's contents and asked "why is the State Department now attacking the messenger."


"CNN did not initially report on the existence of a journal out of respect for the family, but we felt there were issues raised in the journal which required full reporting, which we did," the channel said.


The public has a right to know what CNN learned from "multiple sources" about fears and warnings of a terror threat before the Benghazi attack, the channel said, "which are now raising questions about why the State Department didn't do more to protect Ambassador Stevens and other U.S. personnel."


Stevens' family was informed within hours about the discovery of the journal, a hard-bound book that included seven handwritten pages. It was returned to them via a third party, according to CNN's online story.


An Italian official took control of the diary from CNN in Benghazi at the State Department's request, and it is en route back to Stevens' family, the department said.


"Given the truth of how this was handled, CNN patting themselves on the back is disgusting," Reines said in his statement.


"Whose first instinct is to remove from a crime scene the diary of a man killed along with three other Americans serving our country, read it, transcribe it, email it around your newsroom for others to read" and then call the family?" Reines asked.


In a phone call with the Stevens family, CNN "agreed to abide by the clear wishes of the Stevens family, and pledged not to use the diary or even allude to its existence until hearing back from the family," Reines said.


But four days later, "they just went ahead and used it," he said.


The diary was first mentioned on-air Friday by Anderson Cooper, following previous CNN reports that Stevens feared he was on an "al-Qaida hit list" but did not mention the journal. Cooper said that some of the information in the reports was based on Stevens' personal journal, which he said CNN came across in its reporting.


In its online story, CNN said it found the journal on the "floor of the largely unsecured consulate compound where he was fatally wounded."


Asked to comment on CNN's report that Stevens was concerned about a "hit list," Reines referred to a news conference last Thursday at which Clinton was asked about it.


"I have absolutely no information or reason to believe that there's any basis for that," Clinton had said.

5 years ago

Once you figure out Obie is running a popularity contest its all good!  Nothing but shills for the teenager.  I find these kind of things really demeaning of the office of the Presidency.  Nothing dignified about them at all and it brings shame to America.  However if Romney does not do the same thing it puts him at a huge disadvantage.


That univision interview was an excellent one.  One of the best I have seen and they sure put Obie on the carpet.  He danced around the question regarding immigration.  Went on for over two minutes and never answered the question.


I have to beleive Americans are awake and figuring out that all he is is a flim flam man.

5 years ago

Jorge V who was one of the interviewers Cam, was on the panel this morning and he wasn't impressed with Romney and had some slams for him...but praised obama.....along with the other Latinos.  Thank God for Ann Coulter for not letting them run the table against Romney!!!!  And the same for Bucannan on Meet the Depressed...she knew she was up against a panel of liberals and she called them out on it....good for her....she did an excellent job defending Romney....even though it fell on deaf ears....Traitor Joe didn't like being called out by her at all and she ruffled his feathers....I think there is some love loss there after MSNBC kicked her husband, Pat, off their programs....and more power to her.

5 years ago

Another thing....David Gregory was gloating when he played the clip of Ryan getting booed at the AARP speech....that was newsworthy to him!!!!!  What an a$$ he is.....I'm surprised he didn't show clips of obama on letterman, geesh David...did you run out of airtime???

5 years ago

AARP is just another Obama supporter and they try and lead the Seniors to believe they are all for them...BS on that!! Anything I get from AARP I throw in the garbage!!! We all know the media except for FOX is for Obama so they will follow Obama's lead seeing as how he owns them. That's not hard to figure out at all! There are more Americans awake to this disaster than we know and I can't wait until the November election to have a re-run of 2010!!!!

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