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Rally Planned Tuesday Morning for Bullied Pro-Romney Teen
5 years ago

Friends and supporters of Samantha Pawlucy are planning to rally outside her high school when she returns on Tuesday. Pawlucy says she was bullied and harassed by a teacher and students for wearing a pro-Romney shirt. The sixteen year old was threatened and taunted by a teacher and students at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia.


The harassment extended to her parents on Friday when they went to the school to file a formal complaint.  Friends of the Pawlucy’s told that students shouted threats and obscenities at the couple as they left the school. One friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said one student shouted out to couple, ‘to tell the ‘bitch’ [their daughter Samantha] this school is for democrats.” The students even harassed a Marine Veteran who was standing outside the school with a sign supporting the Pawlucy’s. 


Friends tell that neither Samantha nor her parents want her to return to the school.  However, the unions have made moving her to the location of her choice all but impossible.  The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) (the parent union of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers which represents Pawlucy’s teacher Lynette Gaymon) successfully lobbied against and defeated any pro-vouch amendment to George W. Bush education plan and a pro-charter school bill currently before Congress.


Joe Eastman, one of the organizers of the rally on Tuesday says, “I plan to support that family.  This is just wrong. If that child had worn an Obama T-shirt and gotten harrassed, I’d raise hell about it too.  She goes into the one place you would think a child would be safe and not experience bullying, harrassment and churlish behavior on the part of teacher or adult.”  Eastman says organizers are hoping Mitt Romney himself will show up on Tuesday.


Do you suppose obama had the decency to give her a call like Fluke and the Trayvon family did......???????

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5 years ago

I immediately started laughing when I read where you asked if Obama would have the decency to call this young girl.  If he ever did, you know for a fact it would never ever ever be of his own accord, but because he was told to because he is campaigning!   A REAL LEADER would have been man enough to call Sarah Palin, like her or not, A REAL LEADER would have called that conservative woman, forget her name, but who was filthily photo-opped, A REAL LEADER would call and apologize to this girl too, tell the teacher off.  A REAL LEADER would have called the family of the white boy set on fire,  A REAL LEADER would be on national tv letting EVERYONE know, looking purple in the face mad, that this kind of BS will not be tolerated anywhere!


BUT!   Of course all of that would mean that it was a REAL MAN we had in the WH!  It makes me sick that we have such an immature, sick, very ill, little moron piece of crap sitting in our WH.  He has NEVER been a man,  and of course he never will be now.  


 He is woman hater unless they are democrat.   And yes, I do think for a person to be so evil as Obama where republican/conservative women are concerned, and children who are not black, - the pretty little girl killed in cross gang fire too, the white young man killed by blacks in the dorm.  Brian Terry-white- the white boy set on fire by blacks- NO PHONE CALLS FROM BOZO!! I do think the guy has a very severe mental problem.  And we have the problem sitting in the WH.  No problem calling Flake or bragging about Trayvon Martin!


Don't any lib ever expect me to respect this guy just because he sits in the WH!  If our WH itself had power, it would throw him out itself. So don't say we disrespect the WH either.  We sure DO respect it!  That's why the moron in it has got to go-He does not respect it! -And he is as IMMATURE and UNADULT, and UNMANLY as a person can get.


Romney calls, but she’s not home
5 years ago

Mitt Romney called the Pawlucy household Wednesday, but Samantha Pawlucy was not home.


Pawlucy, the 16-year-old high school sophomore at the center of the Romney-Ryan t-shirt controversy, was at the family-run tae kwon do school Wednesday evening. When the GOP presidential candidate called around 8:30 p.m., Pawlucy was on her way back, her father, Richard, said.

 She missed the call.


Instead, Romney spoke with Pawlucy's mother, Kristine. Kate Meriwether, spokeswoman for the Romney campaign in Pennsylvania, confirmed the call by email this morning.


Relaying what his wife told him, Richard Pawlucy said Romney called to thank his daughter for standing up for herself and see how the family is doing.


"[Kristine Pawlucy] said it was like talking to a neighbor," Richard Pawlucy said.


Richard Pawlucy said he was to blame for his daughter missing Romney's call. He said the family knew to expect a call a few hours in advance, but he "totally forgot" and took his daughter to the martial arts school in Horsham.


News of Romney's call was first reported Wednesday night in a headline on the website

Samantha Pawlucy made headlines last week when she accused her geometry teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond of publicly humiliating her for wearing a Romney-Ryan t-shirt to school. Pawlucy's family said their daughter will no longer be attending the school.


The teacher, Lynette Gaymon, has not returned to the school. She is waiting for the results of a school district investigation and hearing.

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