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3 years ago

“A new campaign ad from Team Obama says that voting for Obama is like losing your virginity. Hey, for Democrats, voting for Obama IS like losing your virginity. Chances are, they were probably drunk, driven by emotions they couldn't control and regretted it the next day.” -Jodi Miller
3 years ago

‎"Hillary Clinton turned 65 today, the Secretary of State only had ONE REQUEST for her birthday.. NO questions about Libya!" -Jodi Miller
OVER 30,000 IN OHIO......obama had 2,800
3 years ago

3 years ago

Last night, in the cold and with long lines, 30,000 people showed up in Ohio to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. That same day, Obama attracted a meager 2,800. But enthusiasm for President FailureTeleprompter can be judged by more than comparisons with Romney. In 2008, at his last stop in Cleveland, a Democrat stronghold, Obama attracted 80,000 people. This morning, at his last 2012 stop in that same city, Obama could only attract 4,000.

Team Obama will spin, as they have throughout the campaign, and tell their stenographers in the Corrupt Media that they've intentionally chosen smaller, more personal venues. But does anyone honestly believe that if president WaterParter could attract crowds even half as large as the ones we saw in 2008, he wouldn't? 

Besides, even if that was the case, in that exact same Cleveland venue, according to theRNC, McCain was able to attract a bigger crowd in 2008 than Obama did yesterday [added: confirmed]. Yes, that's correct, Obama's attracting crowds smaller than John McCain did in 2008 but the polls are telling us he's going to best or beat his 2008 turnout advantage.

Yesterday, CNN's John King noted that in comparison to 2008, the Romney campaign's ground game and the verifiable enthusiasm King's seeing, give Romney a real chance to take the state:

And this is why we can't believe that fire hose of Ohio polls being turned on us. Nothing in those polls sense any enthusiasm for Romney. Most show Obama will best or beat his 2008 turnout advantage, which no one believes.

Many of those polls claim that 30-40% of people have already voted, when the hard count shows that number closer to 22%. Moreover, hard counts comparing early voting in Pro-Obama and pro-Romney counties show the GOP in much better shape than it was in 2008.

In 2008, Obama only won Ohio by 4.6%.

The race is going to be close, no question, but these polls are all modeled to give Obama an enthusiasm advantage no one is seeing with their lying eyes. It's all about turnout now, about winning outside the Margin Of Media.

Does this answer your question Carol on the other thread about some showing up on Tuesday????   LOL


Former Hillary aide backs Romney
3 years ago

Mitt Romney has been making a pitch for bipartisanship in the closing days of the race, and this morning rolled out an endorsement fromHillary Clinton's former Senate state director, Gigi Georges: 

“For most of my life, I’ve been an active Democrat. I am proud to have worked for President Bill Clinton and then-Senator Hillary Clinton, and, during that time, I saw firsthand what can be accomplished by strong, bipartisan leadership. I know what it means to work across the aisle on issues that are important to the American people. And that’s why I am supporting Mitt Romney. Governor Romney has a plan to restore the prosperity this country deserves and expects. He will work with people of good will no matter what their party, and he will pursue the policies that are in the best interest of our country, no matter who proposes them. That’s what President Obama promised to do four years ago. But like so many of his promises, bipartisan cooperation is just another one he has broken. We can’t have four more years of failed policies and two parties that can’t work together. We need the change Mitt Romney is offering.”

For people in New York politics, Georges, who now lives in Boston, is a familiar name and face - she was also the executive director of the state Democracy Party when Clinton was in office. Romney's been talking up Hillary Clinton for months on and off on the trail, and the final effort to appeal to some of her voters in places like Ohio has continued.

3 years ago

What kind of person says.."Vote for Revenge"????  Especially the leader of our great country???  obama has done more damage to divide our country than any president could ever dare try to.  This man has so much hatred in his body that I really am scared of him.  Thank God he is almost done.....ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

3 years ago

Maui, this was such a positive message from Gigi Goeroges; and it is the truth; Romney will work across the aisle to get things done and soon the people like Pelosi in the House and Reid in the Senate will realize that they either show the same willingness or they will be left out in the cold as the majority of Democrats, I believe, have wanted to work together with the majority of the Republicans all along; it is the Obama machine along with the few like Pelosi and Reid that have stopped this from happening; I do lay this at their feet.  Thank you for sharing such good news and yes, please everyone, Vote if you haven't already and let's get Romney/Ryan elected and this work started.

3 years ago

Linda....yes it was....I was so glad to read this.  I agree, Pelosi and Dirty Harry did so much damage to both parties working together, but obama is to blame too.  He has even ignored his own party and seems to be so above them all.  I hear he hardly would speak to anyone in the WH or Capitol halls.....just would walk around with his head in the air....that is so sad that we have such a self-centered president who could care less about the country he was suppose to lead.  I just pray that Romney sticks to his word and will work with both parties....we need to end the division and get our country back to thriving again and leading with respect and honor.....we lost that these last four years....what a waste of four years.

3 years ago
‎"Hillary Clinton turned 65 today, the Secretary of State only had ONE REQUEST for her birthday.. NO questions about Libya!" -Jodi Miller

It just scares the liars to death, doesn't it? No questions because they haven't got their full concocted up story put together yet.

3 years ago

Heard some people walked four miles just to make that there rally.  It was really something.  Obama is having trouble turning out his crowds.  They are just not there.

I know Linda has family members in Colorado that supported Obama in 08.  Not this time and there are 22 of them.

3 years ago

obama doesn't have the crowds....and stevie wonder only brought in 200 that had me rolling on the floor laughing my azz off!!!!  the magic dragon has lost his magic.

3 years ago

Good for them Cam....many have turned their backs on this crook and murderer while he watched four Americans being tortured and killed......I guess he enjoys watching things like this....but of course...he killed his gay lover too....

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3 years ago

lovers-David young and Larry Bland. Nate Spencer would have been #3 if he'd not died of AIDS, unless there are others we don't know about. Leiutenant Quarles Harris Jr. was shot in the head outside his church also, as he would have been a key witness in Obama's passport fraud.

3 years ago

Yup!! There are a LOT of murders on Obama's hands! No matter what he says or does it will not wash off because of his lies!!! I am glad to see this woman sticking up for Romney!!! Every day there are more and more Democrats who are leaving Obama in the dust and coming across the isle!! They only have until Tuesday to keep changing!!

We just got done watching this campaign movie who had John Travolta in it and it was about politics and the Democrats and the Republicans talking about election day next Tuesday. It was the Democrat who won (John Travolta) so I am assuming this movie was instigated by the Democrats! Pretty funny that all the sudden a political movie comes up right before election day on Tuesday and they claimed the same thing in the movie. It was made in 1999!! I didn't think I had seen it but we had...the other actress in it was Kathy Bates and she committed suicide in the movie because Travolta was going to use info against his opponent that Bates and this young black kid had found out for him about his opponent. But Travolta had this young black gal come out and she was pg and she claimed he was the then Travolta sent his Uncle or brother in law or somebody to take a paternal blood test in his place so naturally it would be negative...Bates knew this and committed suicide because Travolta and his wife let her down after she admired them so much from working with them for like over 20 years. Of course they had other names in the movie.. It was pretty good! It was a LONG time ago we had watched it!

3 years ago


On the Drudge Report!!!

obama has blood on his hands.....The Brian Terry family know it's true, and now the four Americans killed in Benghazi while obama and company sat and watched, their families know it's true also.  How does obama and clinton sleep at night????  

3 years ago

Believe it. I have no doubt. He and his cronies have been busy supplying the enemy in the ME and that makes him and they, murderers. THey denied help long before, also, tom our ambassador and Seals. He and Biden gave up our Seals over Bin Laden. No person running the WH, and noone with 36 yrs. experience in politics, does that because they do not know better. They murdered them just as much as if their own fingers had been on the trigger, or handle of the knife. Then glorified in watching the Benghazi murders, to make sure it was carried through. If anyone expects me to show any little bit of niceness to those who back this Obama communist muslim, whether Romney wins or loses, it won't come from this gal.

3 years ago

Those who deny Obama had anything to do with it are just as guilty as Obama is for supporting this kind of traitorous dealings! The liberals who refuse to see through this are a sad and sorry bunch!!

3 years ago

IMO they are just as guilty, by voting for it. That vote is condoning what he did. They can deny of course, but I do believe they know. The families know, the military knows are speaking up,  and these Obamanites know. But their deaths mean nothing to them, because as the article calls him, (not me by a long shot) but their president WaterParter can do no wrong. Their vote is also going against the military who Obama hates, because they are American military.

3 years ago

Woke up too early. Going back to bed to try and get some shut eye as I have a routine wellness checkup appt. this morning. See ya later.

3 years ago

Thank you Maui, so behind and just had a few minutes to peek in.  I Voted last week and it was a Vote to Giddy UP and Get the Heck outta there!   Vote for Love of Country...Well that would be a vote against THIS GUY THAT is sitting in the Oval Office...No more free rides for you period!  I just caught this news from Cher and the article actually has Obama's plans in it...NADA happened.  Take a peek


  Why Is North America Behind The Curve On Climate Change and Energy?      
          Green Lifestyle          (tags:           environment,          greenliving,          conservation,          protection    )    
          Cher           -         9 minutes        ago     -  

Just three short years ago, it appeared that North America was on the verge of finally kicking that nasty dirty energy addiction that was crippling our economies and our energy independence.
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