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The American Vote: A View from the North
5 years ago

Please go here to read my views on tomorrow.  Know that when I am talking about patriots - I talk about everyone here at FSM and beyond who has been so kind to Linda and I over these past four and some odd years.  I miss her more and more but know that she will be with us here tomorrow.  If angels have influence on elections you know which way my angel will cast her vote.

I am so dang stressed out over this I will be having a few drinks tomorrow to calm down.  I think it might be in line to have an ELECTION NIGHT PARTY and want to know what our party organizer thinks about that.  We will either be drinking to CELEBRATE (which I am holding the most hope for) or to drown our sorrows! 

Either way it will be a night to celebrate our democracies here in North America.

5 years ago

It's already in the works my dear Cam....and Angel will be with us while we post......I will feel Linda's presence because this is what she had worked so hard for since 2008.....she was a true Conservative supporter and she really knew what the hell she was talking about...and took no crap from any liberal....that's why I loved her so.  We gave many liberals a piece of our mind on the website wOw and then on here.....and laughed all the way through the posts we were reading and posting.....we were instant messaging one another in real time and having the time of our lives!!!   So I will definitely feel her presence tomorrow night......


The party will start around 7pm ET....I know it's going to take awhile for the numbers to come in and we may be here for a long night.....I have my wine chilled and we have a bottle champagne which we will be anxiously waiting to pop the cork!!!!  I just hope I don't pop it a few hours before heading out the door to go to work...LOL....not good...but they are saying, it could be an all nighter!!!!  But...if the polls are correct...we may know as soon as Ohio, Iowa and FLA vote results come in.


It's sad that thousands of military ballots will not get to them in time and it could take 30+ days to get them back to the that really sucks....the voices that are the most important are being denied their right to vote and count!!!!!  That is not right!!!

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5 years ago

As we know, if he stays, it WILL NOT be because he won.  The only way is by cheating and stealing, which they have been helping do again,  just as in 2008. That is not and never will be a win. The Obamanites know it, so if the unthinkable happens, no congratulations from me to any who uphold a liar, cheat and thief, in a privilege that should be most honored and respected, upheld wiith dignity. Obama and his ilk are liars and thieves, and have made our voting system a laughing stock, trampling it without remorse. His devoted ones know it, so denying it, they can save their breath, though it's too fun for them to lie.  That makes them not one bit better than the liar and thief in chief. On the other hand, I will have my bottle of champagne also, in hopes of a celebration for America.

5 years ago

This is one time I must disagree with you Sherry.  While I am actually shocked at accusations of voter fraud in AMERICA of all place ..... I do not believe that there would be enough of it to 'steal' an election.

It is sad that like Canada - the percentage of people who actually do take the time to vote in America is very small.  So it always comes down to three or four states and their success or failure at getting out their votes.  In 08 - Obama was an anomally - he won because he was black - period.  That and they ran one of the dirtiest campaigns I have ever seen in my life using Palin as their pinata.

Obama will win because of your lying media and because his campaign get out the vote effort was better than Romneys.

Romney on the other hand will win because of the Tea Party movement and the ground game they put in place and held since 2010.

I heard that in 08 the Obama campaign called their ground game Narwhale.

Romney's is called ORCA because ORCA'S EAT NARWHALE'S!

5 years ago

Cam..I will add ONE more thing to the reasons of why Obama won and I think it is probably the MOST important one!!! Most Americans were tired of Bush and his policies and all of the bad that went on in this country with him in...even though I don't think it was all his's been leading up to the destruction of our country back when Clinton was in and probably before anyway....people were tired of Bush and were SO THIRSTY to drink the Kool aid that Obama PROMISED and it sounded SO good and Americans just plain simply didn't give a damn who it was to take over so Obama with all of his luster and good words sounded SO promising that Americans swallowed it down in ONE HUGE gulp...and this is what the result is!!!!

5 years ago

Hey there bro, you can count me in to be here to say a big southern HEY to you and your angel.  Where ever you are, she is there, and tomorrow we FSM'ers will party and reflect on the good and the bad of the past 4 years.  For me, the good is easy to describe.  It was meeting you and Linda and the other very fine folks here at FSM.  It turned out to be the very best way for a conservative to make it through hell and back, known as the Obama years.


I'll volunteer to be the DD for the group since the strongest thing I'll be drinking is Coke.  I'll drive from Maine to Hawaii for as long as I can keep my eyes open, reporting each states call as it comes in!

Come to think of it, I can't watch all the channels.  I'll be on FNC.  Anyone want to take CNN?  MSNBC?  Well, maybe we don't need them since they can't tell the truth anymore.  Then there's ABC, CBS, and NBC (local).  I wonder what CSPAN has planned.  I'll check in with them from time to time and share their points.

I'm much newer to FSM than many who post every day, but I feel as though I've been here from the start.  I feel the camaraderie on a daily basis.  I've found kindred spirits, even my brother from another mother as they say.  We've researched until our fingertips were sore.  We've challenged the false statements made by Obamanites.  Tempers flared, friends were there.  We stood face to face and back to back, fighting for what we believe in, doing what's right.  Man, I love this group and the folks within!  Win or lose, we have each other and friendships that can't be beat!

5 years ago

You said it so well Micheal.  So dang well.  This is a special little group indeed and I love the people in it.

5 years ago

Crap Cam!!!! I forgot to read you link!

5 years ago

The FSM party will be what we all worked so hard for.....great minds....great friends....great research all getting together to see if our voices and hard work paid off. We will have nothing to hang our heads down  if Romney/Ryan does not win....we put up a good fight and we all came together to laugh, cry and hug one another when we were posting.  So no matter what the final verdict is......our circle cannot be broke.....we rock!!!    We all know what four more years of obama will do to Our we can't stop fighting if that should happen.  He will no longer have to campaign so he doesn't have to answer to him even shy away from the media now that he used them to serve his purpose.  Our fight will be to hold him accountable for Benghazi and Fast and matter if he wins or loses.....we have to keep it in the forefront......until the truth comes out and heads roll over this.

But I have not lost hope, and I really think Romney will become our 45th President tomorrow.....He has proved to be someone we can trust and can get the job done.  I truly think the divide in the WH will soon be gone and both sides can all work together....they must.....we have lots of reconstruction to do after obama's ruins!!!  

obama's last few days has shown us that he is a very angry shows in his face and it shows in his voice.  His 'revenge' remark proved that.....he only likes to fight his opponent.....instead of fighting for Our Country....instead of apologizing for Our Country.....he was elected because he was black and cool......well, the coolness has warn off and if anyone truly thinks he is still cool, then they really are blind.

I will watch FOX NEWS because they have gotten me through these last four years with their honestly and getting the facts out there that other media didn't want to touch, for fear of hurting obama.....but I will DVR MSNBC just so I can watch the look on mr. tingles, ed, sharpton, and madcow's faces....that will give me the best enjoyment next to Romney's win.

So tomorrow.....wear RED.....bring your hearts and your brilliant minds to FSM and let's party big time!!!  We have so much to be proud of!!!!  I am so excited to go to the polls tomorrow when I get off will probably be the most important time I have ever voted in my life time.  We are proud Americans......btw Cam.....did you send in your absent ballot in time?   Just checking!!!

5 years ago

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have it in the bag!!!!!!!

5 years ago

I could maybe see where the hopey-changey BS thing got him in the first time. This time a lot of people have woken and will not vote for him, but for Romney, It looks like thousands of our militarys votes aren't going to get counted. There are many illegals votong, no ID. Whether Obie said that's a good thing or not, they are still illegal votes.  Then you have the ones voting many times and not going to jail for it, and those votes  being counted. This has been too close a call IMO to not see the voter fraud already going on. We heard about the busloads they bring in to vote and you know they are being told who to vote for. I have also heard this is happening, they are being wined and dined, taken about, then as a return favor, taken to go vote for Obama. I just hope there are enough Romney voters out there that they overrun all the fraud votes.

5 years ago

I got this email from a neighbor:

For those who are still undecided, maybe this will help.  Can they all be wrong?
2  Days To Election
Our military has it figured out.

Admirals & Generals

Obama's Endorsements from the Military:

General Wesley Clark, USA , (Ret) 
General Colin Powell, USA (Ret)
Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Ret)
Admiral Donald Gutter, USN, former JAG of the Navy, (Ret)
Admiral John Nathman, USN, (Ret)

Mitt Romney's Endorsements from the Military: 

Admiral James B. Busey, USN, (Ret.) 
General James T. Conway, USMC, (Ret.)
General Terrence R. Dake, USMC, (Ret)
Admiral James O. Ellis, USN, (Ret.)
Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, USM, (Ret.)
General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, (Ret)
General Tommy Franks, USA , (Ret)
General Alfred Hansen, USAF, (Ret)
Admiral Ronald Jackson Hays, USN, (Ret)
Admiral Thomas Bibb Hayward , USN, (Ret)
General Chuck Albert Horner, USAF, (Ret)
Admiral Jerome LaMarr Johnson, USN, (Ret)
Admiral Timothy J. Keating, USN, (Ret)
General Paul X. Kelley, USMC, (Ret)
General William Kernan, USA , (Ret)
Admiral George E.R. Kinnear II, USN, (Ret)
General William L. Kirk, USAF, (Ret)
General James J. Lindsay, USA , (Ret)
General William R. Looney III, USAF, (Ret)
Admiral Hank Mauz, USN, (Ret)
General Robert Magnus, USMC, (Ret)
Admiral Paul David Miller, USN, (Ret)
General Henry Hugh Shelton, USA , (Ret)
General Lance Smith, USAF, (Ret)
Admiral Leighton Smith, Jr., USN, (Ret)
General Ronald W. Yates, USAF, (Ret)
Admiral Ronald J. Zlatoper, USN, (Ret)
Lieutenant General James Abrahamson, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Edgar Anderson, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Marcus A. Anderson, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Buck Bedard, USMC, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral A. Bruce Beran, USCG, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Lyle Bien, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Harold Blot, USMC, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, USA , (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Mike Bowman III, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Mike Bucchi, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Walter E. Buchanan III, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Richard A. Burpee, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General William Campbell, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General James E. Chambers, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Edward W. Clexton, Jr., USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General John B. Conaway, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Marvin Covault, USA , (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Terry M. Cross, USCG, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral William Adam Dougherty, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Brett Dula, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Gordon E. Fornell, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral David Frost, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Henry C. Giffin III, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Peter M. Hekman, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Richard D. Herr, USCG, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Thomas J Hickey, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Walter S. Hogle, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Ronald W. Iverson, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Donald W. Jones, USA , (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Douglas J. Katz, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Jay W. Kelley, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Tom Kilcline, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Timothy A. Kinnan, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Harold Koenig, M.D., USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Albert H. Konetzni, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Buford Derald Lary, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Frank Libutti, USMC, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Stephen Loftus, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Michael Malone, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Edward H. Martin, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral John J. Mazach, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Justin D. McCarthy, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral William McCauley, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Fred McCorkle, USMC, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Joseph S. Mobley, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Carol Mutter, USMC, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer, USA , (Ret.)
Vice Admiral John Theodore "Ted" Parker, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks, USMC, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Charles Henry "Chuck" Pitman, USMC, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Steven R. Polk, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral William E. Ramsey, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Joseph J. Redden, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Clifford H. "Ted" Rees, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Edward Rowny, USA (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Dutch Schultz, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Charles J. Searock, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General E. G. "Buck" Shuler, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Alexander M. "Rusty" Sloan, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Edward M. Straw, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General David J. Teal, USAF, (Ret
5 years ago
Lieutenant General Billy M. Thomas, USA , (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Donald C. "Deese" Thompson, USCG, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Herman O. "Tommy" Thomson, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Howard B. Thorsen, USCG, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General William Thurman, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Robert Allen "R.A." Tiebout, USMC, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral John B. Totushek, USNR, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General George J. Trautman, USMC, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Garry R. Trexler, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Claudius "Bud" Watts, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General William "Bill" Welser, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Thad A. Wolfe, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General C. Norman Wood, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Michael W. Wooley, USAF, (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Richard "Rick" Zilmer, USMC, (Ret.)
Major General Chris Adams, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Henry Amos, USN (Ret.)
Major General Nora Alice Astafan, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Almon Bowen Ballard, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General James F. Barnette, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Robert W. Barrow, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John R. Batlzer, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Jon W. Bayless, USN, (Ret.)
Major General John E. Bianchi, USA , (Ret.)
Major General David F. Bice, USMC, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Linda J. Bird, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James H. Black, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Peter A. Bondi, USN, (Ret.)
Major General John L. Borling, USMC, (Ret.)
Major General Tom Braaten, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Robert J. Brandt, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Jerry C. Breast, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Bruce B. Bremner, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Thomas F. Brown III, USN, (Ret.)
Major General David P. Burford, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John F. Calvert, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Jay A. Campbell, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Henry Canterbury, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James J. Carey, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Nevin Carr, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Stephen K. Chadwick, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral W. Lewis Chatham, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Jeffrey G. Cliver, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Casey Coane, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Isaiah C. Cole, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Stephen Condon, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Richard C. Cosgrave, USANG, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert Cowley, USN, (Ret.)
Major General J.T. Coyne, USMC, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert C. Crates, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Tommy F. Crawford, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James P. Davidson, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, USN, (Ret.)
Major General James D. Delk, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Robert E. Dempsey, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Jay Ronald Denney, USNR, (Ret.)
Major General Robert S. Dickman, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James C. Doebler, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Douglas O. Dollar, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Hunt Downer, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Thomas A. Dyches, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Jay T. Edwards, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General John R. Farrington, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Francis L. Filipiak, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Charles Fletcher, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Bobby O. Floyd, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Veronica Froman, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Vance H. Fry, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral R. Byron Fuller, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral George M. Furlong, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Frank Gallo, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Ben F. Gaumer, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Harry E. Gerhard Jr., USN, (Ret.)
Major General Daniel J. Gibson, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Andrew A. Giordano, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Richard N. Goddard, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Fred Golove, USCGR, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Harold Eric Grant, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Jeff Grime, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Robert Kent Guest, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Tim Haake, USAR, (Ret.)
Major General Otto K. Habedank, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Thomas F. Hall, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Donald P. Harvey, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Leonard W. Hegland, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John Hekman, USN, (Ret.)
Major General John A. Hemphill, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Larry Hereth, USCG, (Ret.)
Major General Wilfred Hessert, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Don Hickman, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Geoffrey Higginbotham, USMC, (Ret.)
Major General Jerry D. Holmes, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Weldon F. Honeycutt, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Steve Israel, USN, (Ret.)
Major General James T. Jackson, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John S. Jenkins, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Tim Jenkins, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Ron Jesberg, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Pierce J. Johnson, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Steven B. Kantrowitz, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John T. Kavanaugh, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Dennis M. Kenneally, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Michael Kerby, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral David Kunkel, USCG, (Ret.)
Major General Geoffrey C. Lambert, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Arthur Langston, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Thomas G. Lilly, USN, (Ret.)
Major General James E. Livingston, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Al Logan, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General John D. Logeman Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Noah H. Long Jr, USNR, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Don Loren, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Andy Love, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch, USN, (R
5 years ago
Rear Admiral Steven Wells Maas , USN, (Ret.)
Major General Robert M. Marquette, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Larry Marsh, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Clark W. Martin, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General William M. Matz, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Gerard Mauer, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral William J. McDaniel, MD, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral E.S. McGinley II, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Henry C. McKinney, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Robert Messerli, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Douglas S. Metcalf, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John W. Miller, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Patrick David Moneymaker, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Mario Montero, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Douglas M. Moore, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Walter Bruce Moore, USA , (Ret.)
Major General William Moore, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Burton R. Moore, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James A. Morgart, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Stanton R. Musser, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John T. Natter, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Robert George Nester, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General George W. Norwood, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert C. Olsen, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Raymund E. O’Mara, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert S. Owens, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John F. Paddock, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Robert W. Paret, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert O. Passmore, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Earl G. Peck, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Richard E. Perraut Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Gerald F. Perryman, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral W.W. Pickavance, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral John J. Prendergast, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Fenton F. Priest, USN, (Ret.)
Major General David C. Ralston, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Bentley B. Rayburn, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Harold Rich, USN , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Roland Rieve, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Tommy F. Rinard, USN , (Ret.)
Major General Richard H. Roellig, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Michael S. Roesner, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral William J. Ryan, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Loran C. Schnaidt, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Carl Schneider, USAF , (Ret.)
Major General John P. Schoeppner, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Edison E. Scholes, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert H. Shumaker, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral William S. Schwob, USCG, (Ret.)
Major General David J. Scott, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Hugh P. Scott, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Richard Secord, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral William H. Shawcross, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Joseph K. Simeone, USAF and ANG , (Ret.)
Major General Darwin Simpson, ANG , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Greg Slavonic, USN , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral David Oliver "D.O." Smart, USNR, (Ret.)
Major General Richard D. Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Donald Bruce Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Paul O. Soderberg, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert H. "Bob" Spiro, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Henry B. Stelling, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Daniel H. Stone, USN, (Ret.)
Major General William A. Studer, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Hamlin Tallent, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Hugh Banks Tant III , USA , (Ret.)
Major General Larry S. Taylor, USMC, (Ret.)
Major General J.B. Taylor, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Thomas R. Tempel, USA , (Ret.)
Major General Richard L. Testa, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Jere Thompson, USN (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Byron E. Tobin, USN, (Ret.)
Major General Larry Twitchell, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Russell L. Violett, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General David E.B. "DEB" Ward, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Charles J. Wax, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Donald Weatherson, USN, (Ret.)
Major General John Welde, USAF, (Ret.)
Major General Gary Whipple, USA , (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James B. Whittaker, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Charles Williams, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral H. Denny Wisely, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Theodore J. Wojnar, USCG, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral George R. Worthington, USN, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Arthur Abercrombie, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General John R. Allen, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Loring R. Astorino, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Richard Averitt, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Garry S. Bahling , USANG, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Donald E. Barnhart, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Charles L. Bishop, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Clayton Bridges, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jeremiah J. Brophy, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General R. Thomas Browning, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General David A. Brubaker, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Chalmers R. Carr, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Fred F. Caste, USAFR, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Robert V. Clements, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Christopher T Cline, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General George Peyton Cole, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Richard A. Coleman, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Mike Cushman, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Peter Dawkins, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Sam. G. DeGeneres, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General George Demers, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Howard G. DeWolf, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Arthur F. Diehl, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General David Bob Edmonds, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Anthony Farrington, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Norm Gaddis, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Robert H. Harkins, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Thomas W. Honeywill, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Stanley V.
5 years ago
Brigadier General Stanley V. Hood, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General James J. Hourin, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jack C. Ihle, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Thomas G. Jeter, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General William Herbert Johnson, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Kenneth F. Keller, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Wayne W. Lambert, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jerry L. Laws, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Thomas J. Lennon, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General John M. Lotz, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Robert S. Mangum, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Frank Martin, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Joe Mensching, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Richard L. Meyer, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Lawrence A. Mitchell, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Michael P. Mulqueen, USMC, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Ben Nelson, Jr., USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jack W. Nicholson, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Maria C. Owens, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Dave Papak, USMC, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Gary A. Pappas, USANG, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Robert V. Paschon, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Allen K. Rachel, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jon Reynolds, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Edward F. Rodriguez, Jr., USAFR, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Roger Scearce, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad, USAFR, (Ret.)
Brigadier General John Serur, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Joseph L. Shaefer, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Graham Shirley, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Raymond Shulstad, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Stan Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Ralph S. Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Donald Smith, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General David M. Snyder, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Michael Joseph Tashjian, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Richard Louis Ursone, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Earl Van Inwegen, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Terrence P. Woods, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Mitchell Zais, USA , (Ret.)
Brigadier General Allan Ralph Zenowitz, USA , (Ret.)

Give Obama credit for one thing: He is living proof that familiarity breeds contempt.

It looks like the Services have that 'Commander-In-Chief' figured out ! GO ARMY< NAVY< AIR FORCE AND MARINES !!


5 years ago

This is why Obama wanted to make it difficult for our military to have their vote counted.

5 years ago

Cam, that was a beautifully expressed open letter to your readership.   You are a human being who cares deeply for freedom no matter whose nationality is involved.  I must admit you may be the finer person for I have no respect for the intolerant ... and it is my hope they know who they are.   

Let's all pray for a Romney day. 

The Byrds/ For Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

Myself, I will propped in front of FoxNews happliy washing down chocolate covered strawberries with Perrier-JouëtSloshed or not, since I am very fond of the members of FSM

I alsointend on seeing everyone here tonight

~ Alice

5 years ago

Good for you Alice.....we will all be here.....this is where we all started!!!



Today....I am wearing Red, White and Blue....I think my co-workers will get the message!!!!  LOL.......


I will be starting a party thread soon to get the ball rolling......I wish we all had party hats and confetti to toss because we will need them about by midnight!!!!!!  I am so ready for this party.......

5 years ago

... Maui, did I mention I'm starting today off FRESH.  I'm naked.  ~ Alice

5 years ago

omg are just too funny.....maybe you should share that with jae and even our good ole friend christian!!!!!!   Nothing like knocking their socks off!!!

5 years ago

Maui, I'd rather Jae and Christian keep as many cloths on as possible thank you ~ Ali

5 years ago

OH!!!  SO it's THAT kind of party!!

5 years ago

Be sure to get out and vote!!!


5 years ago

Michael....leave the "silk ties" at home though!!!!!!

5 years ago

A 'naked' party?  I'M IN!!!  But how will you be able to tell my face from my lilly white ass??

This is for David who has fought the good fight!

This post was modified from its original form on 06 Nov, 8:50
5 years ago

Alice...see what you started gal????? ......  I'm sure by midnight...we will be drunk on our azzes (except for our DD)....I won't want to go to bed because I love to celebrate!!!



I'm going to have blisters on my fingers by the time I go on C2 News and respond to so many of our articles just congratulating President Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  those poor liberals won't know what hit them......and I will be lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Party time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We WILL party hardy when the announcment is made that Obama is NO LONGER PRESIDENT!!!! Wonder what kind of a party they will have in the Obama household tonight!!!! That will feel SO GOOD knowing Moochelle will be sulking around because she won't be able to rip off the American people anymore! What will be better yet is knowing the rest of the information on Benghazi coming down on Obama! I hope he goes to jail and loses all of his fortunes made at the expense of the American people!!! Now that would make a HUGE party!! So I guess then we would have to have another party for that!!

Alice...It will be great having you with us here to party hardy!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Just heard a judge issued an order to cover up that Obama mural so guess it is illegal in America!

5 years ago

Bet a seal can outrun a panther!

5 years ago

Rush just said that the CNN poll said 5% dems were voting for Romney and 93% voting for obama....and Romney had the majority of the independent voters.....



also.....stephanie cutter is warning libs not to listen to the exit polls because the early voter's ballots have not been counted yet.....Rush is telling us the same thing!!!!  LOL

5 years ago

Cam..That is GREAT news!!!!!! I hope they are done doing it already!!!!!!!! I can not believe the amount of fraud the liberals will go through in order to win!!! They simply do not care what crime they commit!!!

5 years ago

Rush said......Hot air pulled their poll that was up this morning saying, Romney was 92,000 up in early voting ....  I forgot what state they were talking about though....but evidently the obama admin didn't like this to be's gone!!!!

5 years ago
( – In the final presidential debate, President Obama dismissed reports about an agreement to hold one-on-one talks with Iranian officials after the election, but now, two weeks later, fresh claims have emerged on the eve of Tue
sday’s election, this time tying senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to alleged secret talks with representatives of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Israel’s mass-circulation Yediot Ahronot newspaper cited unidentified Israeli officials as saying the talks had been led by the Iranian-born Jarrett, were held in Bahrain, and had taken place over “several months.”
5 years ago

Its on 10 here Maui so I am trying to find Rush.

5 years ago

5 years ago

Went to lunch and went and got 2 bottles of champagne.  Counting down, or should I say up, for ROMNEY!!!

5 years ago

Good for you Sherry!!!

Cam..I saw this article a couple days much for believing anything said by the Obama administration..but we already knew that!

5 years ago

I am loading songs here but holding until we see which way this goes.  Just heard Peggy whats her pickle and she is saying she sees a Romney win.

5 years ago

Peggy Noonan....yep...she wrote a good article this week!!!!  She has been rather tough on Romney at times....but I think he has proved to her that he is very presidential!!!!


Wow...Sherry....two bottles....maybe I should stop and get another one too!!!


One of my daughters just posted on my FB wall:


5 years ago

Not that we'll drink them both Maui! One's all we'll need if things go right-the two are mine to drown my sorrows if....just kidding.

5 years ago

Ok friends....I'm off to go vote.....straight Republican ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and so very proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I get home, I will set up our "Party Thread".......the news sounds so good today from talk radio, the Drudge and Breitbart.....looks like we will be drinking champagne alot earlier than what may be predicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I just heard the lines are huge in Hamilton County, Ohio and it's made up of mostly Republicans!!!!!!  Great news!!!!  Keep going strong Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia and PA......we are on the road to a VICTORY FOR ROMNEY/RYAN - 2012

5 years ago

The clock is ticking.  Polls start closing two hours from ...... NOW!!!

5 years ago

What’s Happening in the Election So Far? Your One Stop Post

5 years ago

I hope that's right Maui, because I'm worried about that large Hispanic vote in N. Virginia, and even Florida, that they were talking about. That so and so bringing in all the illegals, and they just kept and keep growing, and all so he could get their votes. And help break us.

5 years ago

Nan, thanks for the BLAZE address post.  The article warmed the cockles-of-my-heart.

~ Alice

5 years ago

Polls are running out of those I Voted stickers?  You get a sticker for voting?  Apparently some polls were out of them within a couple of hours so is that a good thing?

5 years ago

5 years ago

Poll closing times .....

7:00 - Va (watch the northern Dem counties).

7:30 - Oh (2-3% provisional votes that won't get counted for 10 days).
NC (should go to Romney).

8:00 - Fl (watch Hillsborough county around Tampa, plus Dems usually turn in counts last, so be cautious with early Romney leads).
NH and Pa (could be quite a bit of voter fraud in Pa, possibly enough to lose it).

8:30 - Ar (should go to Romney).

9:00 - Co, Wi, Mn, and Mi (I expect 3 out of these 4 to go to Romney, Mi could be real close with the Unions there).

10:00 - Ia and Nv (Ia should go Romney, but Reid will make Nv a tough call).

11:00 - The west coast states start to close (should be over by now)

1:00am - All polls are closed.

5 years ago

Saw on twitter, made me laugh:

My prediction is that Obama will have the lead early until the Republicans get off work so they can vote.

5 years ago

Now that is funny Cam......I guess that is probably true...those hard working Republicans doing what is right!!!!  Those that are sitting at home watching their big screen tvs and talking on their obama phones got out already to vote and pick up some groceries and beer with their food stamps!!!!

5 years ago

Southfield Twp. voter appears to die, then asks 'Did I vote?'

Ty Houston, 48, a home care registered nurse, was toiling on his absentee ballot Monday afternoon when things got strange at township offices on 13 Mile.

"I was filling out the form as were an elderly couple sitting at a nearby table," said Houston on Tuesday. "His wife, who was helping him fill out the ballot, asked him a couple of questions but he didn't respond. She screamed for help and I went over to see what I could do."

Houston laid the victim on the floor and went to work.

"He was dead," Houston said. "He had no heartbeat and he wasn't breathing. I started CPR, and after a few minutes, he revived and started breathing again. He knew his name and his wife's name."

What happened next astounded Houston and the victim's wife.

"The first question he asked was 'Did I vote?'"

Dumbfounded, the man's wife told him that whether he voted was the least of their concerns.

"She told him 'Your life is my concern,'" Houston said.

According to Houston, the man — who had a tracheotomy in his throat — gulped down a few more breaths and then told her there are only two things that are important to me: "That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote."

Which he had done.

EMS personnel then took the pair to William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, but only after the couple wrapped Houston in thanks and hugs.

"It was God's divine word that I be there. Originally, I was just going skip the ballot and just go to lunch that day," Houston said.

Clerk Sharon Tischler confirmed the story Tuesday but said she didn't know the names of the couple. Houston also wasn't able to recall their names.

"It was definitely a 911 scenario," Tischler said. "It was great there was someone around to render aid."

5 years ago

but what has me howling is the posts underneath it!

Gerard Van der Leun · Top Commenter · Seattle, Washington

If he was a Democrat he voted while dead.
5 years ago

Don Demarco · Top Commenter

Well, since he did NOT die, we all know he voted Republican. He has all the time in the world to vote for the Democrats when he is dead.
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