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5 years ago

Dear Friends,


In light of the recent election, FSM is taking a break and changing themes to that of the most active posters.  For awhile, we will be focused on Christianity and Conservatism.  Anyone who is not Christian and Conservative, we ask you to check back with us in the future.  Those who are Christian and Conservative are more than welcome to stay, maintain and make new friends and feel free to discuss your personal beliefs without ridicule or mockery from others.


If you are not Christian and Conservative, we ask that you unjoin our group at this time.  Those who will be staying, we welcome your friends that you bring to the group!


Your FSM Staff,






5 years ago

WOW!  It is really taking a long time for any changes to take affect!  The boxing glove picture should have changed long ago and some other areas are still coming in one at a time, very slowly!


When I have the time, I'll try to create a new banner.  Maybe a Christmas theme.  Or if someone has one they want to submit, shoot it to me in email and or post it here!


I will be away for most of the day tomorrow as I have to travel 2 and half hours for a doctor visit, then same travel back.  Add lunch and supper out and that will be the whole day.  But I will be online tomorrow night!

5 years ago

OCCUPY CHRISTMAS????   STUNNING!!!!  LOVE IT and as you know I am not even a Christian!!!!   OUTSTANDING BRO!!!

I absolutely LOVE the new look.  If you need any painting done I will be happy to help but I am in the habit of falling off ladders so have to keep my butt on the ground.  You will need a swear jar for me because I am bad ...... very bad ......

5 years ago aren't so bad guy!! At least you add some humor with them..

Sounds great Micheal! have one hell of a drive just to go to the Dr.!!! Hope it's a nice day for you though!! Love this new theme stuff!! We need to dress up our home here too!! So this will fit right in and bring maybe a little cheer here for us!

5 years ago

I love "Occupy Christmas"!!!

5 years ago

America, don’t lose heart. This election is not an “Obama mandate,” nor is it a rejection of conservatism. Unanswered ads like this one running in blue collar swing states defined Romney early on, and the Obama media also piled on with the narrative that Romney would harm the middle class. (As I personally have witnessed, once a bell is rung by a biased media, it’s impossible to un-ring it.) Ironically, it’s Obama’s socialist policies that will destroy America’s working class as he outsources opportunities.

Hang in there, America. Fight for what is right. Don’t look to government or any politician to solve your problems. Government can’t make you happy, healthy, wealthy or wise. Obama is a master at reading the right “soaring” words fed into his teleprompter, but actions speak louder than words. So, hold tight to 2 Corinthians 4:8 because we’re in for a wild ride.

We must survive. United. One nation under God.

“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed.” – 2 Corinthians 4:8-9.

- Sarah Palin

5 years ago

“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed.” – 2 Corinthians 4:8-9.

Now THAT is a dang good statement!

5 years ago

BTW if this happens to me now that this is a Christian group you folks better pay for my wheelchair:

Man Sues After 600-Pound Crucifix Crushes His Leg in Bizarre Church Accident

A bizarre church accident has led David Jimenez, 45, to sue St. Patrick’s Church in Newburgh, New York. The tragedy unfolded in May 2010, when a giant, 600-pound crucifix fell on Jimenez, crushing his leg and requiring a subsequent amputation. As a result, he is now taking the church to court, demanding money as a result of the incident.

5 years ago

This sounds great to me.We need a new direction,to fight in a different way,now that Obummer cheated his way in the WH.

5 years ago



I clicked on FSM this morning and was a pleasant greeting on our home are wonderful!!!!!!  This was my "feel good moment"..a much needed one after Tuesday night!!!   But I'm really feeling good right now about America.....and FSM Friends!!!!!!   This is a fresh new start for us.....they can try to take away religion from us but it will always remain in our hearts.....and here on FSM!!!!!


Occupy Christmas is perfect!!!!!


What better way for us all to heal than this group!!!!



5 years ago

Guys I heard Glenn Beck this morning reading a letter from someone, I can't remember now who it was but here are the bible referrences they were discussing.



Biblical References:

    2 Chronicles 36

    Jeremiah 25, 29

    Daniel 1, 9



I don't have time now to discuss but I will be back later. It may be Monday before I can get back here for more than a few minutes at a time. I have a wedding rehearsal to host and then the wedding Saturday. Love you all and God Bless.

5 years ago

This is an unfortunate decision. You are trying to create a little bubble in which only like minded individuals can participate. This is like Pelosi and Reid drafting the healthcare bill behind closed doors.

Did you criticise that action?

This is not moving in the right direction. You want transparency and honesty and should always welcome new ideas or alternate opinions. If you do not then things never change.

It's disturbing to see this.

And now you have put yourself in a position where criticising closed door decisions will be hypocritical. Because you are closing the doors on people who are not like you. It is a fearful move on your part.

So think about that...

5 years ago

And just to be clear, Michael; you are asking this fellow Marine to leave because I am not a practicing Christian..?

5 years ago

Buck, it would be unfortunate if you left.  You lend a balance that is much needed.

5 years ago

I am a pretty solid moderate. I see issues with both sides and how they manipulate things. I never thought that was a bad thing. I also never thought we would be discriminating against religion or lack of religion around here.

I am very surprised to see this announcement.

Freedom of religion is a cornerstone this nation. And to see that so easily trampled on here is kind of shocking. This group always seemed to have the most pride in their country. Well, around Care2 it isn't hard to stand out in that respect but you know what I mean.

Just surprised to see a constitutional right so easily folded up and tucked under the rug here...

5 years ago

I am appalled by this decision for only Conservative Christians to post on FSM at this time.  I, agree with you, BuckMcCool.  Totally & utterly.  Never thought I'd see something like this from this group.   Thought I had friends here.  Rachel C. , if he leaves it is because apparently he doesn't meet the requirements.  I don't meet both the requirements either.



5 years ago

Cam doesn't consider himself to be Christian either but he will be joining us. We simply want a break from arguing and debate. I'm sure that all who want to discuss religion and Christianity in a civil manner without trying to sway us from our belief in those things would be welcome.  That is just my 2 cents. I can only speak for myself.


There are only about 8-12 of us who post here regularly anyway.

5 years ago

Now this is what we need! IMPUT!!!! I am not a Christian for cripes sakes and NO ONE is being asked to leave. If you are anti Christian you are probably not going to like hanging around here is all because they are going to have more Christian threads. If you hate Christmas for instance you will not like it here for sure and some people do.

I am a mixed bag. I think once your dead your dead. I am not afriad of that because I love animals, nature and the like and are happy to know I will join them. I don't want to be converted and don't care to get into religious arguments. I am staying in the political arena here. I am part liberal (pro choice, pro gay marriage, etc.) but huge on fiscal conservatism.

In a chart we ran at one time I actually came out as a Libertarian on your American scale of political measurement. I will continue to argue that some things in our lives are choices allowed to us as free men (and women) and if they want to argue that in a religious context they can have their own thread to do that.

I will not be taking part in the Christian threads because they will not apply to me. I am not here to argue religion. They will not be discussion threads. As for the rest NOTHING CHANGES HERE.

Geez Louise if this was going to be a group that excludes non Christians I would be going with you. It was just a heads up that there will be an alteration to some of the content so expect it.

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Nov, 9:08
5 years ago

We simply want a break from arguing and debate.

That is nearly impossible when the discussion is politics. It is the nature of the game.

Geez Louise if this was going to be a group that excludes non Christians I would be going with you.

Well, when I read this:

If you are not Christian and Conservative, we ask that you unjoin our group at this time.  

I assumed it meant this group wanted all non-christians out.

so, you can see where the confusion lies...

5 years ago

I was going to mention you, Cam.  Last I knew you were not a Christian, but I didn't know if you had changed.  So how is one to take Michael's post?


"Anyone who is not Christian and Conservative, we ask you to check back with us in the future.  Those who are Christian and Conservative are more than welcome to stay, maintain and make new friends and feel free to discuss your personal beliefs without ridicule or mockery from others.

If you are not Christian and Conservative, we ask that you unjoin our group at this time."


So Cam how is one to take this?  Seems crystal clear to me.    

5 years ago

Trust me....we don't want anyone to leave.....that is not what this change is about.....we want input from all topics, and for me....I am still a political blogger and probably will be for the next four years for sure.....I did think after Tuesday night, I never wanted to type the word "obama" again....but I picked myself off the floor and I'm back at it again....our fight is not you can see....there are still political threads on here and they will keep for you who think you are being asked to leave, you are not!!!!



For those who want to post on Christian threads, you will find those here also.....that's a good thing.  We have had Michael O posting scriptures ever since I can remember, which has been nice to read for an uplift.    I am a Christian....but I rarely dive into some of the discussions because to me, it's personal and I respect all faiths and I feel like it is not my place to question or slam anyone who believes or not!!!  I also felt the same about abortion, but lately I have been speaking out about that because of the so called "war on women"!!!


But FSM is still the same....we just added more Christian threads for those who wish to read, respond and discuss.   So please....don't leave.....just pass over those threads, and we want you to continue posting and/or start new threads to see what you are interested in.  This all came about when many of us were exhausted and felt like we were kicked in the gut Tuesday night......but now we got our second wind and we have a new election to fight for in 2014.....and trust me....we will be here!!!  We may have lost this election.....but we are not fact.....I see these next four years with obama is going to get quite interesting.....and we sure don't want to remain silent!!!!!   With this gang of posters......I could never see that happening!!!!



So stay with us.......we need you for round four!!!!!

5 years ago

Right, no one was asked to leave. Only to check back later if you don't want to participate in Christian or Conservative threads. We are simply taking a breather from debate is the way I see it.



5 years ago

Maybe a re-wording above is in order.  I'm very disappointed in how the election turned out, too. 


Nan L., of course, people were asked to leave.  It was perfectly clear from the way it was written.  If that was not the intention, it definitely needs a revision so no one mistakes your meaning.. 

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Nov, 9:37
5 years ago

I am very stoked to see how it all plays out myself. Michael will be here later today and can speak for what he said. I think he is was just trying to say that if you don't like Christian who are rightly conservative .... you might not want to stay is all? Let him speak for himself.

I am fully on board with this whole thing because I LIKE change and new challenges. Aside from all that I LOVE Christmas so will give this a whirl.

5 years ago

Low turn out is a real problem here in Canada as well. But we do not have the focus on the actual numbers that get out to vote. Then again our campaign financing is different from yours there. I think it was criminal what was SPENT on this election .....

5 years ago

" I think it was criminal what was SPENT on this election ....."

I certainly ditto that.  On both sides. 

5 years ago

I am sady the group is taking a new direction. I will be leaving the group. I wish you all well. 

5 years ago

Eli, Please don't leave!!!


I have been thinking of you lately. Wondering how you and your family are.

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Nov, 9:56
5 years ago

Yes Sandra, now I see. I really don't think it was meant that way. I agree with Cam and Maui.

5 years ago

Right, no one was asked to leave.

Well, like Sandra noted, people were asked to leave. It was very specific wording. If that sentiment has changed Michael will let everyone know.

I am assuming he is the group owner?

All we need is confirmation this is not the case from Michael...

5 years ago

No Eli....come back.....don't leave!!!!! 


I was wondering how you feel about the election.

5 years ago

I am surprised to see that people that hardly post or comment are coming out to critize Michael's decision.  I am sure that he meant to say for anyone that does not agree with us posting Christian articles and/or Conservatism should take a vacation if they cannot be involved without being aggresive and argumentative causing disruption to the group.

5 years ago

I think what Michael was saying that those who do not want to associate anything with Christian values or anything to do with being a Christian would probably find this change offensive and they may not want to take part in it.

Nobody has to leave...if you want to take part in it fine if your don't we're not here to argue the point is all. Some of us believe and try and base our lives on Christian principles and values and speak as such or at least try to....others don't ever want it mentioned.

I think those are the ones he was pointing towards. One thing I think we can all say is something needs to change and for us if it means getting closer to our beliefs and strengths of being a Christian and dealing with the setbacks in life which lately we have seen a LOT of them. And when one has seen as much pushing back and trampling of our Christian values as has been done by our very own President then something has to change.

One thing for sure about the way Michael spoke we have seen already one person who is a member who hardly ever stops in to discuss anything pop his head in that repsect the change has worked already! Don't make yourself so rare Buck!!

The point is....we WILL be having Christian talk, articles, discussions and etc; so if one is not inclined to agree and just wants to "discuss" that's one thing..but to just want to "argue" the point is not what is wanted. Christians have as much right to discuss what they want without fear of being condemed for thier thoughts or ideas from those who don't believe in it as those who don't believe to voice their opinions. So if one wants only to argue it's probably best to skip the topic. There will be plenty of other topics to choose from that I think we can all find something to discuss!

As Cam said...Michael will be back later tonight so he can give his 2 cents worth on what he was saying or the intentions he meant in what he said. We all well know that sometimes when we say something the thoughts race through our mind and sometimes the fingers can't keep up with what exactly we are trying to say.

5 years ago

I am sure that he meant to say for anyone that does not agree with us posting Christian articles and/or Conservatism should take a vacation if they cannot be involved without being aggresive and argumentative causing disruption to the group.

Except that he specifically asked people who are not Christian and conservative to "unjoin."

It is not a case of semantics...

5 years ago

I hope it was just slip of the keys...

5 years ago

Michael A. - You wrote the following in your post that begins this "discussion" - ".......If you are not Christian and Conservative, we ask that you unjoin our group at this time........."


I am a Conservative Christian, but I am deeply offended by what you posted in this discussion.  Sounds, to me, that anyone who is not Christian is no longer welcome in FSM.  You can "parse" your words all you want, but what you wrote tells anyone who reads it that non-Christians are being asked to leave the group.


Why do you not want people who are non-Christian and/or non-Conservative to leave FSM.  Perhaps you meant to say that the abovementioned groups of people may no longer feel comfortable with FSM's directions, but to ask them to leave the group smacks of blatant censorship.


If what you meant to say came out the wrong way, you should carefully go over what you are writing before you click the "send" icon. 


Being told what to do, like you've done in the initial post of this discussion, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY makes me want to do exactly the opposite. 


Since I AM a Christian and your posting is not targeting me, I will urge all of the people it IS targeting to defy your directive, to stay in the group and remain ACTIVE participants in the group's discussions. 


Will you then kick out the people who do this??  Hmmm??!!! 



This post was modified from its original form on 08 Nov, 10:25
5 years ago

Eli...Please don't will be the same as what it was only we will be discussing more about Christianity. Knowing you are Jewish has nothing to do with it...we stick up for the Jews just like we do the Christians and you are welcome to discuss anything Jewish also. It's good to see people coming in and letting us know how they feel because it makes the explanation part of this easier to explain the change and we won't know that unless people stop in and give us THEIR views or concerns about what this change means to THEM and how or if it will affect them! What someone might think will affect them more likely it won't!

5 years ago

SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know there is a conflict going on here now about what Michael had said. PLEASE before adding anymore angst to these replies......LET MICHAEL COME BACK AND DEFINE what it was he means...OK!? I have to say I am glad there are some members we have not seen in FSM for quite some time stop in to voice their opinions on something they do not agree with that might not have been defined properly........can we see you more now on OTHER topics!?!? Sometimes it seems like NOBODY is home!!! Except of course for us who are here all the time!! We are an active group but I would like to see it MORE active on subjects and topics OTHER than to criticize what someone has said when that person has not yet been able to clear what his intentions were when he said this. So LIGHTEN UP!!

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Nov, 10:39
5 years ago

Yep and I take the blame as well because I read what he said but missed the mistake. I should have caught it so you can kick me. Again, it was just a heads up that there WILL BE more Christian content here at FSM. Some people do not like seeing that.

The choice is to stay or go with that heads up ..... I am staying and will keep on keeping on but for the most part will stay OUT of the Christian threads. I do not want to be converted nor do I want to disrespect those who want to share their faith. I am fine with that.

I will not argue religion and expect that threads we run without religious content will be given the same courtesy. What I will do however is try and watch my potty mouth. We had a good gal join and then leave because of me and my mouth and I need to remember that some people are offended by foul language.

Which is why I need a swear jar .....

5 years ago

Cam....should we start calling you Bob Beckle.....I had to laugh when he said the "f" word and FOX did not catch it in time....everyone around the table just pretended he didn't say  it and took a break.....I bet they were laughing their butts off at's easy to should have heard me on Tuesday night.....I think hubby wanted to grab a bar of soap himself....LOL

5 years ago

That is one word I detest.  I detest the word stupid too.  Hate hearing people calling other people stupid.  In my house that is swear word!  Imagine that eh?

So is there a way I can make the advanced editor stick when I come to post or do I have to hit it every time I show up here?  Its a pain ..... I am confused ..... someone help and old man out????

5 years ago

Hey I just noticed a track this topic thing underneath.  Does anyone know if it works?

Well why don't I just test it out.

5 years ago

I often have to hit delete, delete, delet, delete....


before I post 

5 years ago

Just wanted to say that I appreciate this group.  I have been a lurker, I confess, but I visit this group almost daily. I appreciate the diversity.  A good group attracts lots of people and of varied faiths and  political leanings.  I feel that is strength - to be able to discuss such difficult topics in relative peace and good will. And therein lies the see all angles. And to carefully, in peace, reason these ideas.


Anyway I was prepared to leave this group.  Maybe it's just politics.  It was a vicious campaign and I don't feel comfortable with anger and hostile name calling. I prefer calm reasoning.  But politics is politics.


At any rate, I would like to stay and see what develops in this new direction.  I would like to suggest that perhaps a thread be started to define "Christian" for I would be interested in knowing how this group defines it, individually and collectively.


And Cam, you made me laugh!  Why?  You are just so honest and it is so appreciated.

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5 years ago

Cam when you "track " the thread you should get email when a comment is made.

5 years ago

Do any of you folks use your Care 2 email?  I am kinda paranoid about that.  I think they read our messages too .... Mine anyway.  I AM on the enemies list in America.

Just got a letter from my government telling me that they have sent a letter to your government to ask them what I did or am accused of to warrant not being allowed into America right now.  I have never been in any trouble .... well there was one instant but I can't speak about that publically ..... wayyyyyy before computers and had something to do ...... nope ..... ain't saying but will tell those of you who send your emails to us.

Not any libs though.  Nope.  Ain't telling you guys.  You might use it against me.

5 years ago

Cam, maybe the email you got was a scam.  Way too many of them these days.  Hope you didn't click any links or respond to it.

5 years ago

I honestly don't know what to say about the changes.  I know that change can be good but think this group has staying power the way it is.  I don't want to leave because I don't fit the description.  I haven't been posting much here or much of anywhere lately but do read, so don't feel I have much of a say in it, didn't even want to comment, just kinda disappointed is all. 

I think the world of the posters in this group.  But I ain't leaving!  I'd have to go kicking and screaming and get the there.  Double dare ya! 

5 years ago

We will just have to wait and see...

5 years ago

Donna...there is no way you would ever get the and I share a blue couch at Cam' it won't happen on my watch!!!!

Yes Cam....the track topic box works....but if you don't want to be bombarded with emails....I would advise you not to do it....just checking on the threads here is enough.

It's very interesting how many people are lurkers here.....I kind of thought we were kind of left in the dust by many of's nice to know you still come through our door from time to time, and don't dislike us!!!

I guess we do get pretty heated when we discuss politics.....isn't it politics and religion that are the two things you should never discuss at a dinner table???  LOL  The reason politics is talked about so much here, is because this is how and why this site got started.....Cam's wife found the site for some of us gals because we were being silenced on another liberal site for being Conservative/ fact....the postings got so heated that they stopped all political threads....imagine that!!!!!  The site ended up going almost dead after that.....which I find quite funny......maybe they should have allowed us to stay.....their loss!!!!!   But, you can't talk all day long about politics...that's why we have created other threads of interest for people to join in and we do welcome anyone to start their own thread.  Carol's husband always has great pictures to view that are amazing!!!!  Then we always have the Komedy Korner which can put you in a good mood when you are feeling blue!!!!  Oh....and our Party Threads....they are a must here!!!  I guess I'm going to have to come up with a reason now to have a party because 2014 is just way too off.....we did have a Super Bowl party one night!!!!   Maybe a pre-Thanksgiving party is in the works.   Cam keeps us "in the mood" with his great music videos from time to time.  That's always is fun, except Carol can't play because of her download limits.....and that is unfair.

So we have a mixure of all kinds of things here on FSM.....and we love new comers and return comers (is there such a thing??)   So don't be hard on us when we just try to throw a curve here and try something different....Michael is a sweetheart and he would never do anything to hurt anyone's feelings here on he will explain when he gets back home.   (I've got to catch up with Kristie on Fifty Shades Darker btw!!!!)   Hey....that's a great idea for a thread....we could have a monthly book club and choose a book we could all read and then discuss it.....or a movie in fact!!!!! many things we can do to keep us going here......we wish some of you would post more often's good to hear from you from time to we don't think you are mad at us!!!!


5 years ago

I am an active lurker. And I have mixed it up in here from time to time. But to be honest, a lot of the time the topics and posts were to over the top for even me to debate. Sometimes you just have to let it go...

5 years ago

Aww crappola, I am getting weepy here.  We do share the big blue couch Maui and honestly I think the world of all of you here.  There isn't a person in this group I dislike. 

I do agree with Buck on what he just said though, he said it well so I have nothing to offer.  And I say this with love for the group.

5 years ago

The very best of times I have had here on care2 have been in this group...when we are talking about family, holidays and life in general.  What a great group of people we are!  Americans that care so much for this country, (Canadians and Israels too, in fact a Canadian is a huge part, as well as our Elli)  I know when Micheal suggested these changes..he didn't think like that, he loves these people for who and what they are, Christian or not, American or not. 

5 years ago

Hey, I agreed to it whole heartedly because we have some Christian Conservatives who are wandering around Care 2 and some who belong to this group that really need a place to share.  I am all for it and I really do know he was not telling anyone to leave.  I should have caught that last night but I was so dang happy to see 'Occupy Christmas' I never paid full attention.  I am to blame as much as Micheal.

They will find a home here and with open arms. I think it will be fine. This is not just Michael. It is me to and the object of this thread was to catch your eye and hear what you all had to say. We have often disagreed but I hope always listened to each other. FSM is one of the most read groups here at Care 2! Every once in awhile we need to give a shout out to all our readers!

Lurker? Great word there Buck. I was called something that I had to look up in the news threads. Learned a new word but it was something to do with being a spy. The way I trip and fall? Yeah, Cam the super secret klutzy spy with the potty mouth.

Nancy, my passport has been flagged. I tried to go get gas in Bellingham and they would not let me through. When I went through the Canadian side I went into the building to ask them if there was anything noted on their computers. Nothing so someone in America is stopping me from coming across the border. Not a scam. They were really nice about it at your end but would not tell me why. My government is on it like a goat caught on a barbed wire fence so I know they will clear things up.

5 years ago


5 years ago

5 years ago

Big blue couch? The kids show? Really? You and Maui were sleeping on one? When?

Interloper! I think that is what I was being called. A Subversive Interloper! At first I thought he was calling me an antelope and I liked the sounds of that actually.

5 years ago

Your lovely big blue couch, Cam, yours and Linda's.  Maui and I and the rest of this motley crew were going to raid you house while you and Linda where out doing something or other and we were going to surprise you with all us being there.  We were going to break into your house!  I was going to pick up Alice on our way up there!  We had a plan and we had a hell of a time planning it! 

5 years ago

Cam....on our convoy night to come visit you when you and Linda were at the lake, we were discussing what all we were bringing and I called the Big Blue Couch at your house and instead of fighting with Donna over it, we decided to share it.....gosh I wish I could find that entire would love reading it!!!!

5 years ago

Right explained it much better...

5 years ago

OK FOLKS, hang on a minute. I phrased that very poorly and I apologize for the poor wording done in haste!  Let me explain ... give me a minute to put it together.

5 years ago

OK Michael...I know only you can put a statement together that comes out so clearly!

5 years ago

First I want to thank the folks trying to explain this isn't how it appeared.  And Donna, thank you so much dear friend for the way you explained your thoughts on the situation!  You were dead on accurate in your statement!


As for what I posted, I should have phrased that better and I'm ashamed of myself for making people people like Eli feel unwelcome!  Please forgive my hasty choice of words and all hurt feelings for anything taken personally.


Anyone who is NOT interested in being with, associating with, accepting of, having tolerance for, Conservatives and people of faith are invited to unjoin.  And yes, I mean those words.  The majority of the ACTIVE people in FSM are Christian Conservative.  Hence, there will be a LOT more Christian and Conservative threads in the next couple of months and there will not be any contention allowed for the sole purpose of creating a safe haven for those who wish to have a quiet and peaceful place to visit with like minded friends!


As I stated, I worded the original post poorly.  It was wording that all the hosts used when deciding this, with no thought given that someone would take offense or that someone Jewish would feel unwelcome.  That was not at all the intent and I'm ashamed that it came across that way!  It was more a warning that for awhile, this will be more the norm in the group as opposed to inviting debate and contention.


Politics and religion are VERY tough subjects to discuss among non like minded individuals, mainly because the word tolerance has left the English language.  For 4 YEARS we have argued, debated, raised blood pressure levels till that vein in the forehead was about to burst, while still trying to remain tolerant and respectful.  We each fought for our own beliefs in our own way.


Well, the election is over and those of us who posted and kept this group interesting and going, need a break. Right now, we are looking for tolerant and or like minded folks who are more interested in friendship and conservative viewpoints.


ANYONE willing to be tolerant of Christians, Jews, Atheists, ANY FAITH and Conservatives, are WELCOME at FSM!  We will share our faith. We will bitch about the liberal govt. We will NOT, at this time, debate whether it's good or not because those remaining already agree it is NOT good!


Simply put, we at FSM are taking a break.  We ARE looking for like minded people and we ARE creating our own little bubble as it was put.  We spent 4 YEARS putting up with all kinds of shi ... crap! See Cam, I need a swear jar too.   For the time being, there will not be any arguments with liberals and there certainly won't be any more posts about whining conservatives. I counted 12 posts of all the same thing before I stopped counting. There were MANY more!


Cam is not Christian and will be staying because he is comfortable being with Christian Conservatives and will not knock our religion or political views.  We greet him DAILY with open arms and so look forward to his friendship and thoughts!  Eli has always been welcome in FSM and has posted Jewish information.  She is STILL welcome to join us!   She can post what ever she likes about her faith!  Anyone in that same position is more than welcome to stay!


Buck, (Semper Fi brother) I'm not a 'practicing' Christian either.  I belong to no religious organization, but I am a Christian because of my beliefs and my faith.  Something not widely known, I'm an ordained minister and have a degree in theology (religion).  Because of my studies, my Christian beliefs differ from most Christians.  Some even say I don't qualify to be a Christian.  But I defend my faith as well as all other faiths (Christian or not) and will not tolerate anyone knocking someone else's faith.  I take that as serious as race issues!


For the Liberals, you won. Glad you're happy.  Now go hang out with people that will be happy with you. We won't. People bragging about pot becoming legal makes the poster happy, but no one else who posts. Go hang out with other people happy about it and enjoy it rather than coming here and shoving it in our face.


For the time being, that's what we want.  It was a unanimous decision.  At this time, temporarily, we are not interested in debating issues or explaining ourselves for why we have our faith.  When we reopen to the old ways of FSM, we will put out a message letting folks know and we will return to the all voices type of group.  In the meantime, celebrate with those who are like minded.


This is like Pelosi and Reid drafting the healthcare bill ...Did you criticise that action?


Absolutely Buck, many of us critized it!  STILL DO!  That affected the entire COUNTRY.  365 MILLION people were affected!  FSM is a small, private group.  We do not run the country or even the Care2 site!  It is OUR LITTLE group, OUR getaway area for the things that make us happy.  NOTE: OUR is defined as the members who wish to stay during our down time from mixed politics and who respect the faith of others!

5 years ago

We welcome all members who want to stay, KNOWING that we will not be debating issues for awhile.  We WILL be sharing faith based threads.  We WILL be bitching about our govt.  We WILL delete posts that are intended to create hate or discontent. FSM will be, for awhile, a safe haven.


FSM, Former Silent Majority.  What does that mean to people?  I'm sure that everyone has a different answer for that.  For me, the former silent majority are Christian Conservatives.  Someone else may think it's Atheist Conservatives.  Anyone who thinks it's a liberal, well they just aren't thinking!  FSM will be like minded folks until we are ready to once again tolerate and respect the two hardest subjects to deal with.  Until then, it's simply break time.


Once again, I do apologize for the poor choice of words that led to the creation of this thread.  I apologize for anyone's feelings who may have been hurt, or if I made someone feel as though they weren't welcome if they were not a Christian.  I never meant for those words to have that affect.  My heart would absolutely ache if I were ever the cause for anyone to feel unwanted based on their skin color, shape of their eyes, their faith, their country, etc. 



5 years ago

Michael.... GREAT explanation!!!

5 years ago

Thank you Sugar!  I really hope this starts the healing for the damage I did!


I just changed the front page to better reflect what we wanted.  At least I think it does.  Let me know if it doesn't!  It let's folks know we are a conservative group of faith based members.  I've always viewed atheists as faith based, they have faith that God doesn't exist.  So this covers them as well.   It says:

+ Former Silent Majority + For Faith Based Conservatives +

We seek Conservatives who wish to share their faith, their political thoughts, and friendship with other like minded individuals.

5 years ago

BTW, Buck I didn't mean that to seem as if I were yelling at you.  I hope you stick around!  I was at the very limit Care2 allowed me and was just trying to cram as much as I could into that small area. 

Semper Fi Devil Dog

5 years ago

Hey I was just as responsible.  If I had paid attention to what you posted I would have caught it bro but I got too excited over occupying Christmas.  You know some folks were putting their trees up election night just to kill time.  Wonder if they took them down?

We go together and both deserve to be whipped with a wet noodle.  I am already black and blue to get your better half to start working on that eh??!!

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Nov, 20:19

5 years ago

Appreciate it brother.  We all talked about it, but I screwed up with the choice of words.  I should be the one taking the heat for this.  As for your black and blue, Kristie sends kisses to make it all better. hahaha  I told her it was ok since you're black and blue from the neck up. LOL


I tell ya bro, I got so excited about the safe haven and being able to just chill with friends that I just didn't think how the words might affect someone.  I've really got no excuse.  Kristie was asking me why I was so upset and madly typing away.  I read her what I wrote and she said, "why would you say that?"  All I could do was give a sheepish I just wasn't thinking.  I told her about the wet noodle.  She's game ... but she said something about the book 50 Shades and it not being punishment.

5 years ago

Goodness this is a long thread like so many of the precious discussions are!  Again, in a rush since my back is in pain...  In My Humble opinion (this decison is not the correct one) and I was brought up by a Pastor and his wife, Lutheran School for 6 years is perfect for me.  I was married to a athesist (SP) but, that was not an issue for me, I had what I believed in. He allowed his sons to go with me at the times I was in church, not a church goer, but at times it was important for me...Good Friday, and Christmas Eve...Wow, sound like a Pegan!

Personally, this might be a great decision, but I do think this will shove out people that have higher beliefs on a different side  than I would and I would never want to shove my belief on anyone.  I think we need to weed out people that are toxic, not Non believers in the Lord...It will always come down to the greater good...BUT....In my humble mind I think keep people involved at the same time weed out the bad seeds that are toxic...this is not necessary to shove down a belief to this group, but to shove out the A=holes that got in here when you guys wanted a larger group...that made me so sad I have been missing when I saw some people I was shocked to see join this group I loved since 2009 here...YEP...SHOCKED!!!  Conservative people can always be non-believers, but I will always believe in the Lord to help me out and take care of the World the way He wants to....Again, Never going to SHOVE that down another person...maybe I might down the road, but would be so gentle about it ~ it would work like with my Ex and my step sons...Honey guys....Take it easy with a ton of Honey...Again Just my HUMBLE...Umm Opinion!  Tons of Hugs to all of you!  

5 years ago

Well Michael and Cam I saw the wording too but in my mind I guess I was just thinking of a certain few who would seem to have a problem with the issue of Religion and in my mind figuring everyone else would know it wasn't for them. Funny how sometimes the mind can make a decision in giving others the mental telepathy of reading our minds!! Which actually is a compliment to them without them knowing our expectations.. That should work right!? So it's my fault too..I think we were all so excited about something new and different because we were so bumbed out about the election we wanted some instant gratification to make us feel better and what you wrote at the moment seemed OK.

5 years ago

The front page is perfect Michael!!

5 years ago

I think that if anyone is interested in a topic they will perhaps post and if they get nasty & ugly towards others (that's not to say they can't disagree) no matter the subject, they can be warned & then removed as a member if they persist with ignoring Care2 rules.  I like to read not only like-minded thoughts, but opposing ones as well, as long as they are kept civil.   I'm glad that Michael clarified & corrected his post, but I prefer the old FSM.  I really like Michael & value his contributions to discussions, so this had come as a shock to me to read his initial post.


Remember: the fight is not over, just because Obama won.   There's plenty of work ahead to counteract the damage he & his minions want to inflict upon America.


“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back to the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

---Abraham Lincoln


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