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5 years ago
No Tears for David Petraeus: Good Riddance to Islamopandering, Anti-Israel CIA Director; Put Himself in Blackmail Position

Is this report true?

This is a different take.........This is really hard for me because I fully supported Gen. Petraeus. My question to myself is, did I blindly support him because of my love for our Military and those who do and have served? Have I blindly supported/defended him because of my distain for the marxists groups like who grabbed a opportunity to bash/berate/demonize Petraeus and our U.S. Military?


I do know we only know what the media is feeding us about Gen. David Petraeus. I also have this one fact that I recall every time I hear opinions about him. Fox News Bret Baier, reported when the info about Petraeus resigning was first released....he was reading from notes from a conference call he had just had with Gen. Petraeus. Bret Baier said that Gen. Petraeus told him to "tell the truth about him - he had the affair and (this part is what I keep recalling) he looks forward to testifying at the hearing on benghazi." (I paraphrased that a bit, I tried to find the video and I was unable to find it)


I did not want to post this because I do not want to witness anyone on PFA dogging our Military or anyone who has served. There are folks in our movement that take every opportunity to trash our troops/Military every chance they get. And obviously they will not last long on PFA. 


But, I do post this for true consideration of what Gen. Petraeus has done knowing we must and can vet information coming out so we will know the facts we need to ponder. Let us be people who do not trash Gen. Petraeus, but people who seek the truth instead of rumors and opinions pulled out of this air. I do value critical thinking from Troops and Veterans on this. They have put in the time and have the training plus know the ends and outs of our Military. But opinion from those of us who haven't served are not helpful because of our lack of know in this matter. 


I do note below the quotes that are listed as him saying are not linked. So, until I hear if from his lips, I consider that unvetted info on my part. Alot of hits on him in this written piece does not link reference nor source which is another reason I am not so sure about posting this. But I post it for us as a group to work productively together while seeking the truth about this issue and all issues that come before us.  





Debbie Schlussel


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