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Take action and forward .....
5 years ago

Petition for Recount on the 2012 Presidential Election 31,154 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

5 years ago


I added, We want a recount, verification of voter eligibility and for God's sake COUNT THE MILITARY VOTE!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Signed. And commented- I want all illegals caught voting deported, and those caught voting more than once, or using dead people's, pets, people's names who are registered but not voting, handcuffed and thrown behind bars with hefty fines. And I want all our military's votes counted. This is the USof A. Time we started showing it. I'm tired as hell of this thing in the WH.

Off to bed. pooped from painting, and talked to my sister-in-law in Georgia, where we're going for Thanksgiving to see my mother-in-law. She is not doing so well. She can't take anymore cancer treatments, and her husband or my brother-in-law or his wife can hardly get her to eat or drink much of anything, so she'll have strength enough to,  so that's affecting her body of course. She is a sweet heart of a woman. A real sweetheart. I know it'll be the last time we get to see her. And I hate that. And it's making me emotional, so..

Well, anyway,  going for the night folks. Do have a good evening and hugs to all.

5 years ago

Sherry..So sorry to hear this!!! It doesn't sound good!!! I hope you can have some quality time with her before anything happens!! Get some rest!!

Cam..Signed!!!!!!! I am so glad to see this and I also added it on facebook!!! We need to forward this to everyone we know including Democrats to let them know what they are up against and I sure as the heck hope this turns into one huge bonfire across America!!! Enough fraud is enough!!!!!!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Also sent to my contacts.

 I'm hoping so too Carol. I'm hoping we don't get a call before we're scheduled to leave for there.   I don't want one at all, but I know the inviteable is coming. I just hope we get to spend some more quality time with her. Her husband I will worry about then. He is a wonderful man too. Another super couple. But he had told my sister-in-law there before, when she was going thru a set of treatments that he didn't want to go on if something happens to her. He's the one retired from DisneyWorld, and because of that we got to go there, and Animal Kingdom and Sea World. They are another couple that you wish all the worlds couples could be like, or you wish everyone was that lucky to find the perfect spouse. The world would sure be a better place. Fortunately, my brother-in-law and his wife only live 3 miles away, and I know they are really good about being over there and calling, but you still worry.

5 years ago




Sherry...thoughts and prayers are with your mother-in-law and family.....I pray you have a great family Thanksgiving.

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