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5 years ago
Pelosi May Quit House Leadership Role

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012 04:40 PM

By Todd Beamon

Nancy Pelosi suggested on Tuesday that she’ll announce her decision on whether she’ll remain House Minority Leader on Wednesday.

“While I love you all very dearly, I thought maybe I would talk to my own caucus before I shared that information with you,” Pelosi said during a news conference at the Capitol, the Daily Caller reports.

She then added, laughing, “I’ll see you tomorrow at 10, for those of who you are interested.”

Pelosi, 72, who has served as Democratic leader for 10 years, tried to be optimistic about the Democrats not winning control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Election Day.

“They are extraordinary leaders who will make our House Democratic caucus the first caucus, in the history of civilized government, to have a majority of women and minorities,” Pelosi said.

Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland is believed to be the most likely replacement for Pelosi if she steps down, The Caller reports.

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5 years ago

She didn't.....ugh!@###!!!!

5 years ago

Good riddence Pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

The monkey face "You gotta pass it to know what's in it!"  baboon.  And the answering Obama administration lovers " Uh, duh, ( pant, pant, pant,)  welllll, ooookaaaayyyy Nanceeey!" Slurp slurp slurp.

5 years ago
Nancy Pelosi
Braying Donkey
You could have used the Donkey's a$$ and there would be no difference in the picture of pelosi!!!
5 years ago

But then......debbie wanted the job also:

Twisted Sister
5 years ago

Perfect match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ROTF  

Green star to ya

Pelosi's too.

5 years ago

Is it just coincidence, or do they most all look this way?

ass donkey.jpg

5 years ago

Pin the Money on the Donkey!              

5 years ago

Good matches Maui!!!

5 years ago

I could think of a few good things other then my money to pin on there. But wait......who wants to have a party and invite a bunch who voted for Obama?  They'll jump at anything if they think it's helping Obama! Just tell them it's to help pay for that $34 million dollar home of his and Moos. They got donations for it anyway, so they'll think they're just helping the cause along. They don't mind staying poor so long as they get their freebies, if it's helping Obama stay rich.  Have statewide parties, invite all the dems. Get back some of that Obama money!

5 years ago
Nancy Pelosi will stay on as House minority leader

A lot of people expected her to step aside, but deep down was there ever any real doubt?

Please click here to read the rest

5 years ago

Heck no....she is not going to give up her way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not a shock at all....did you hear her at her announcement????  The woman is truly a nutcase!!  Her laugh made me fact.....everything about her makes me sick.....dumb a$$ that she is!!!!

5 years ago

Power corrupts ..... more power corrupts more ..... sooner or later they will lift her face up too high and when she runs outta arse stretch she will have to leave.

5 years ago

Oh. It shouldn't take too long then. Well, good news then!

Hey, were Syphyllis test and Twisted Sister separated at birth???

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