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Rigged Puerto Rico Vote Produces Artificial Statehood Majority
5 years ago

Rigged Puerto Rico Vote Produces Artificial Statehood Majority

Rigged Vote in Puerto Rico Produces Artificial Majority for Statehood November 15, 2012 

On Election Day this year, for the very first time in its history, Puerto Ricans produced a majority vote in favor of becoming the 51st U.S. State.  The non-binding referendum was made up of two questions: 1) Do you want to change Puerto Rico’s territorial status with the United States?  and  2) Which new status do you prefer?

On the first question, 54% of voters indicated that they favored a change of status, while 46% voted for no change.  The result of the second question produced 61% of voters choosing statehood, 33% choosing “sovereign free association,” and 6% for total independence from the United States.

Although at first glance it appears that a clear majority, 61%, of Puerto Ricans favor statehood, the devil is in the details.   When you tally the number of voters who chose statehood and compare it to the total number of voters who chose something other than statehood—including independence, free association, or left the question blank altogether out of protest—what you find is that there is no clear majority in favor of statehood at all.  802,000 people voted for statehood, but 978,000 people voted for something other than statehood or not at all.  This means that of the 1.7 million voters who participated in the referendum, more people (175,000 more) opposed statehood than supported it.  When you account for the total number of voters, only 44.6% chose statehood.

pie chart

Click the pie chart above to view the full vote breakdown

In addition to failing to achieve a simple majority of Puerto Ricans favoring statehood, Election Day in Puerto Rico also brought about these favorable changes:

1. Pro-Statehood Governor Defeated.  The pro-statehood Governor Luis Fortuno (New Progressive Party) was defeated and has been replaced by the pro-commonwealth candidate Alejandro Garcia Padilla (Popular Democratic Party).

2. Legislature Turns Control to Anti-Statehood Party.  The Puerto Rican Congress flipped to pro-commonwealth (Popular Democratic Party) control.

3. Congressional Action Will Be Unlikely. The rigged referendum was not only non-binding, but it produced an artificial majority favoring statehood and thus, this "people’s mandate" is illegitimate.    

For now, the future of the statehood effort is uncertain, but the certified results of the referendum will be sent to the White House and the congressional leadership, and it would be up to them to begin the process of possibly admitting Puerto Rico into the union. 

ProEnglish has long been anticipating this deceptive outcome which is why a week before the Election, ProEnglish sent a coalition letter to the U.S. Congress urging them to include specific English language requirements in any legislation to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st State. Twenty-one signatories join ProEnglish on the letter, including the principles of several influential national grassroots organizations, former Congressmen, and Tea Party leaders. You can read the letter here.

Stay tuned to ProEnglish as this story continues to develop!

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5 years ago

Looks like the fraud is all over!!Trying to make something look like it isn't!!

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