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5 years ago

Editor’s note, Nov. 20, 2012: Since this column was posted it has been discovered that the premise presented about theElectoral College and the Constitution is in error. According to the 12th Amendment, a two-thirds quorum is required in the House of Representatives, not the Electoral College.

We have one last, final chance to save America. We have one last, final chance to stop Barack Obama. One final chance.

What is this final chance? Will the Republicans step up to the plate and do what is necessary?

Barack Obama has not yet been re-elected president.

Yes, the election is over – but remember, a presidential election in America is not by popular vote. We vote for the candidate, but what we are really doing is voting for the electors who will meet on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

That is when the actual re-election of the president occurs.

Is there a way to stop this?

Yes, there is.

And the best part – this is totally constitutional.

The 12th Amendment of the Constitution as well as Article II of the Constitution govern the Electoral College.

According to the 12th Amendment, for the Electoral College to be able to select the president, it must have a quorum of two-thirds of the states voting. If enough states refuse to participate, the Electoral College will not have a quorum. If the Electoral College does not have a quorum or otherwise cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president devolves to the Congress.

The House of Representatives selects the president and the Senate selects the vice president.

Since the Republicans hold a majority in the House, presumably they would vote for Mitt Romney, and the Democrats in the Senate would vote for Joe Biden for vice president.

Can this work?

Sure it can.

Democrats have actually set this precedent of refusing to participate to deny Republicans a quorum. They did this in Wisconsin and in Texas. Why can’t we do this with the Electoral College?

Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate, and he will not be a great president. But he will be infinitely better than Barack Obama.

So how do we do this?

Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17.

If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

That is how we can still pull this election out and make Mitt Romney president in January.

We need this concept shared with every tea party, liberty and patriotic group throughout the country. We have time to act, but we must pressure Republicans to do the right thing.

It does not matter who gets credit for this. The credit is not important. Using our last chance to defeat Barack Obama is important.

Far too often the Republican Party seems more interested in losing gracefully than winning and governing.

This is our last chance. We the people must contact the electors, party officials and secretaries of state from every red state and insist that they refuse to participate in the Electoral College.

We can still save America and use the Constitution to do it. But this truly is our last chance.

Can we ever survive this destruction!?!?

5 years ago

It sounds like a plan ... but if it were possible it would have been pulled many times already.  They would have tried this every election when their party lost.  The dems would have done it when Reagan won and the Reps would have done it when Clinton won. 

If our elected officials were to go against what the people voted for, there would be mass rioting in the streets and pretty much a civil war started. Take a look at the state laws when it comes to how the electorates vote and if they vote or not,


What we need are for citizens to contact their elected officials and tell them you demand impeachment proceedings against both Obama and Biden for the illegal foreign campaign contributions, for Benghazi, for Fast and Furious, for gun running in Benghazi, for the off mic comment to Russia's diplomat, for the treaty being discussed with the UN about arms control and the treaty being discussed about people and their property, and the EO bypassing congress on illegal aliens.  Complain of dereliction of duty for not having a budget 3 of the 4 previous years and the EO's written that bypass congress, and for lying to the American people on multiple occasions.

5 years ago

Ooops! Michael I should have looked at your comment first,I just posted this article to the teaparty command center! Oh well,they'll tell me if it's a possible plan or not. But you might be right,impeachment is the thing we need to persue.

5 years ago

By all means!  If you find some way this can be done, let me know!  I don't buy WND's theory because I believe some of these idiot lawyers in DC would have tried it long ago. 

5 years ago

I don't know Michael..I trust WND to have facts that are accurate and seeing as how the Republican party gave up the right to claim fraud against the Democrats back when Jimmy Carter was in I can see why the party has never made waves before. If that is the case which it sounds like then that agreement needs to go byeybye!! Somebody better step up and take control and get it ousted out pronto!! That is pure nonsensical BS IMO!! Who in their right mind would agree to the fact of not claiming or accusing another party of fraud if the case ever came up!? I can't believe the Republicans were stupid enough to agree to something like that! Apparently it happened though!!

Ancil..The more information we get out there the more information should arise on least we can hope so!!!

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