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Where is Everyone!?
5 years ago

Looks like the Thanksgiving Holiday's did quite a few people in..but then maybe it's also just the end results of a dissapointing election!!! Whatever it is we WILL get back into the spirit of freedom in this country!! WE MUST!! In order for us to be able to celebrate our Holidays the way we like we HAVE TO get back in the swing of things!! We are fighters not losers!! Have a GREAT day everyone!!!!!

5 years ago

Hi Carol....We had one of the best Thanksgivings daughter cooked a feast, and our son-in-law fixed one of the best turkeys ever.  So yummy....ate way, way too much. Olive entertained us for days, she is such a live wire and she doesn't ever wear down at all......we had so much fun with her.  I got the easy part and took her to the park both days so my daughter could do some cooking. She is at the jabbering stage non-stop....I wish I knew half of what she was telling me...LOL.

I tried to post Sunday night, but C2 was a mess.....slow and cyberspace was eating my still is slow.....don't know why they can't fix it.

I think many of us are experiencing "election-burn-out"....but we will be getting our second wind soon.....our work is not done!!!   We have to keep our eyes on obama and the libs......we can't let them destroy our Country.....our voices will not be silenced!!!!

My thoughts are with Sherry and her family right now.  Holidays are a sad time to lose loved ones.  I hope they are doing ok.


5 years ago

Maui...So glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving and I bet your daughter was glad to have some peace and quiet while she cooked and prepared the meal!! The kids are so cute when they are that age!! I use to have so much fun with my Grand kids when they were small! They are all grown right now except the youngest one who is about 11 and I never see one of my Grand Daughters!! I saw her when she was 2 weeks old and have not seen her since!!! She has a Mother who is a real nut case and always will be so I am afriad she has taken after her and has nothing to do with us!

Care2 has really been up and down lately again! I am sure once time goes on especially after Christmas people will start getting back into the swing of things! For sure we have to keep marching FORWARD! Obama is still continuing on his backwards downward spiral into the depths of hell with his insane agenda!! I hope and pray that something can be done to get him out! He has too many crooks working for him!!

5 years ago

I've been lurking.


I'm about politically put out, disgusted with the lies and bull crap.  I've decided I'm going to enjoy the spirit of Christmas from now till New Years.  I wonder if it will last till then. haha


We had a great Thanksgiving, although it was the first without one of my daughters.  Her husband had to work so they couldn't make the traditional trip down. But, the leftovers are gone and it's time to start putting all effort into Christmas!


I'll be around, mostly reading the funnies and general conversation.  Happy holidays everyone!

5 years ago

Sounds good Michael! I completely understand! I feel the same way! I am trying to get my gumption up to put up Christmas decorations! Bob does not enjoy doing it so it's up to me to be in the Christmas spirit I guess if i want to see Christmas decorartions!!! So one of these days..I may just takes me about a week to get them all up!

5 years ago

I had a list in my hand on Sunday to try Christmas shopping which I lost the first hour I wandered the damn mall.  I knew I had to get something from Wal Mart but it took me so long to find the dang store I was mad when I got there.  They had taken the thing and rebuilt it underground at Guilford Mall.  Who ever heard of an underground store?  I was so mad I walked in and walked out again.

Left the mall with nothing.  Did I mention how much I LOVE Christmas but HATE shopping?  I think I will tell the girls to do it for me.

5 years ago

I feel the same.Me and my cousin are going though some hard times,indeed.We,er waiting on our ship to come in,and hopefully will do something this Christmas.We are on the vurge of having our home foreclosed,and we might not celebrate the holidays.they might be more like "horrordays" if things don't look up soon.Just pray for us.

5 years ago

Ancil, check private messages.  Cam, I guess you never heard of Underground Atlanta,

hahaha  They've got an entire mall, night clubs and restaurants down there!  I keep my shopping list in 3 places.  My phone, my iPad and in the cloud.  That way I always have it no matter where I am.

5 years ago

Ancil, learned from my upbringing that home is where you make it.  A house is just four walls.  It is the people that you surround yourself with that make a home.  I am so sorry to hear of your troubles and hope it all works out for you.

5 years ago

Thinking of you Ancil....hang on...the ship might be closer than you think.....go buy one of those lottery tickets if that big jackpot is in your neck of the just never know!!!   You take care.



Great advice Cam......oh so true. hubby helps with the tree then that's as far as it goes.....I do the ornaments and deco.   Probably a good



Michael....I'm with you on the burn out!!!   I hardly click on political topics anymore unless it is something of importance.  I can't believe they are already talking about Jeb Bush running in 2016.....much too soon to be thinking about the next election.  I do find it strange that obama is touring again to convince the people that he is right and the "right" is wrong!!!!  Why should he care....unless......he plans to run for a third term.  I just wish he would park himself on some golf course for the next four years and leave us all alone before he screws up our Country more!!!!  Oh such happy thoughts!!!



Cam....keep your list by your laptop.....that's how I did my Christmas shopping this worked great last year for me.  There are a few things I need to run out for today, then I hope to be done.....yeah right.....until I browse on the  laptop again!!!!  They even wrap it for you.....that's what I'm talking about!!!!


Ok....I'm taking Michael's advice and going to focus on being happy for the Holidays....this is such a special time of the year and to have God in our hearts.




5 years ago

I am kinda nervous about shopping on line Maui.  Never done it.  Hear all kinds of things about people stealing your charge numbers and all so not convinced it is very safe.

With the luck I have????  Christmas will be here Dec 22 for us and then will spend the actual day with my side of the fence.  The grandkids are invading this weekend to do the decorating so gotta go crawl through the attic and bring all the stuff down.  Both Linda and I were huge on Christmas.  She had never lived in a house before we got together.  She owned a small condo and I remember the first year we moved here it was lit up like an airplane landing!  Real pretty.  Then the electric bill came and I thought she was going to faint dead away LOL!

But we always were the house everyone wanted to see so this year the kids are going to do right by her.  Then maybe I think I will split some of the stuff up as we have collected so dang much of it.  Easier to give it away than have to worry about climbing in and out of the attic.

Looking forward to Christmas as well. 

5 years ago

Hey Bro!  I have shopped online for YEARS and never had a problem.  There's one thing you need to look for to help you be secure in purchasing online.  Whenever you have to enter your credit card number ... or even personal information like your name and address, you want to make sure you are on a secure web site.  It's real easy to do.


When you go to a web site you will see http:// blah blah.  If you go to a secure web site it's https:// blah blah.  Notice the 's' in the http. 


I use it ALL the time!  Checking my email, coming to Care2, etc.  I always enter for example, or  A few websites don't like it and will make you take out the s.  That's fine.  But if you have to give any personal information on a public site, make sure they added the 's' in the http on the page where you enter your information.


If you would like to read more about httpsecure go to  Good stuff!


Another thing to consider is where you purchase from.  More and more places are using PayPal, basically an online bank and very secure!  I have an account with PayPal (its free) and will use them to pay some sites.  That way I don't have to give each site my credit card number.  The other thing to do is go to places like, who usually has the best prices anyway.  By using something like, you have the extra protection that they offer against fraudulent use of your data and card.  Besides, you can have your gifts delivered where ever you want instead of having to lug them to the post office and doing it yourself.


I use wifi everywhere, even at home.  So I am always concerned about being secure and making sure people can't latch on to my signal and intercept what I'm reading or sending.  The https prevents them from being able to read my emails or see anything that I enter.  As an extra precaution, for my PayPal and eBay accounts, I use an identity security key fob.  I helped start this program years ago at IBM but it never really took off.  There is now a push to try and bring it back through another company. I got mine free since it was a beta thing.  Last time I looked, they were asking for a one time charge of $5 to purchase the fob.


The way it works is every time I log into PayPal or eBay, I go to the https web page, enter my ID, enter my password, press a button on my fob and enter the number shown to me.  This 6 digit number changes every 30 seconds.  Yep every 30 SECONDS!  No one can guess your personal code within 30 seconds!  I will be SO happy when the rest of the internet catches up to this wonderful tool! 


So rest easy bro.  Just make sure you have the https web page and order from reputable places.  You will have a very enjoyable shopping experience when you do!  Holler if you have any questions!

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5 years ago

Cam..I have done a bunch of Christmas shopping on line and love it! Like Michael said they will send it right to their door and I believe most places will do a gift wrap! I just go done ordering some things for my DIL from Pampered Chef...still have to get my sons sent off to him too. It makes it so handy!!

Ancil..Wishing you the best of luck with your home there!! I know how that son lst his home a couple years ago and is renting it now which is so sad to think those payments could be going towards a house payment!

I think Christmas time of year is one of the happiest times I have ever experienced in my life I still remeber the days as a kid what Mom would get us for Christmas and back then there was not money for wrapping paper!! All of our piles of things we got were on the counches!! Each one of us had our pile!! I remember one Christmas Santa brought us a of those old fashioned heavy hard to peddle ones!! But boy that was like a million dollars...then I had to learn how to ride it!!

5 years ago

here is the pic

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5 years ago

Omg...what happened to my post?  

Grrrr....just posted a long one. Anyway, tomorrow my daughter has her baby. That is what the picture is...a birthday card Bailey drew for Kobe, his new brother.

that post will probably show up at some point. 

I'll check back in tomorrow

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5 years ago

That is SO sweet Nan!!!! What goes through kids minds at that age is amazing!!!! How sweet!!! I hope all goes well tomorrow and you can bring us some REAL pictures!! Care2 has been really bad lately!! Great to see you stop in and am sorry your post is missing..

5 years ago

Ahhh congrats Nan!  Okay so I need an opinon here.  Went for it and got all the kids these here things .....

They all drive all over the place and a couple of the kids work desk jobs so I figured buy one get one free can't go wrong eh?  Got the extra gel .... Hope they all like them!  I got a buy one get one free huge typing pad too that glows in the dark so I can see it better!  Big print on them.  That was buy one get one free too!

So I figure I will give all six girls the seats and buy a bottle for the guys.  I got four of those remote control balloon sharks for the four youngest grandson.  Figured I could get them filled at Safeway or something with helium but guess what?  There is an actual balloon helium shortage here in Canada so I have a couple of the girls going to look for it in the States when they go down.  Imagine that eh?  A helium shortage of all things!

So that is sixteen down ..... ten more or so to go. 

5 years ago

Way to go bro!  Shopping online and all. 


Just want to add that not all secure sites will display the s in the http.  If they don't have the s and want info from you and you really want what they have, look for something like this:

Please click to see profile.

Secure Site

Don't just verify it's there, click on them and make sure the graphic is actually valid rather than a ploy.  If you still feel uneasy at this point, pass it by!  Look for what you want on a site that makes you feel better about security. 


I checked the security of the site for the cusions, they do in fact meet the security guidelines.  I would have purchased from there without a second thought.  Good shopping bro!

5 years ago

Congratulations Nan! Best wishes to the parents!  Buck is the name of my Brother-in-laws and his wife's great dane, where we just came from in Georgia. That dog is so big his back comes even with the back of their couch, and their furniture does not sit low! He's just a year old, and I swear he's big enough to ride. LOL

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at their house. My sister-in-laws twin sister and her husband came up from S. Florida, and my brother-in-laws son came up from Florida too. Enough food to feed the army, navy, airforce, and special forces too! Southernors do like to cook. Had leftovers for days. I have to pick up the Thanksgiving things I had out and go to the attic myself and start bringing down all the Christmas stuff. Hubby will help with that, and bringing down the tree, putting the lights up outside, but then I do the rest too. The grandkids will help of course.

I'm not quite sure yet what to get the grandkids. Hailey will be 11 on the 15th, and Terrence will be 6 on Jan. 12th. Any suggestions?  It's kind of hard to think about getting into it right now, what with Rick's mom just passing, but I figure the faster I get things down and started putting up, the more we can start having our minds on that. My hubby has to fly out to Houston next week, so I will probably have the grandkids then. They are thinking about having him where he will be flying out to different places more often for the job, and I don't like that idea, he'll be gone a lot, but have to wait and see what happens. 

Oh, Ancil. I so hope things get better for you.

Never heard of a helium shortage Cam!

5 years ago

Forgot to mention, we can buy cylinders of helium at places like Lowes, Home Depot, Toys R Us, etc.  You can google helium for your postal code and see what's near you.

I used to have a great dane, Kira.  What a beautiful dog!  If you don't crop their tail, they will become lethal weapons!!  Not only against people, but for lamps or anything else sitting on a table.  I'm pretty sure she's the last great dane I'll get.  Their life span is so low because of their size.  Too many heart breaks.  ;-(

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5 years ago

I agree with your thoughts on pets's tough when you lose one.  When we got back from AZ, we had to take Sam in to the vet and found out he has diabetes.....he was really looking bad with weight loss and no energy....but he is only 10, and our other Bichon lived till he was 14, so Sam has (hopefully) a few years in his favor.  So my Dr. Hubby gives him shots twice a day and lots of healthy treats!!!  He has perked up so much and is back to playing with his bro again.....that is such a good sign!  I know hubby more pets after Sam and Fred....he said the heartbreak is too much to go through.




Congrats Cam for your on-line shopping......see how easy that is????   Last year, I did so much of my shopping on line at Kohls and just had the gifts shipped to my daughter's home in AZ.....which meant nothing under the a good Santa, I went to Kohls and purchased the same gifts....wrapped them and put them under the tree so she could open them to see what she got....then hauled them back to the store for a refund...LOL....yep.....anything for my daughters!!!!  



I am loving this Christmas so much.....I think with a new Grand-baby on the way has really made us feel so blessed.  Hey  Grandma Nancy......can't wait for the your Grand-son to make his arrival.   We are hoping for a Grand-son too....but a sister would be nice for Olive too!!!  Just a healthy baby is all that matters.



Carol....C2 is definitely not in the Christmas spirit at all......have no idea where our posts are going at times????   Hope they are going someplace where they will be appreciated.   I have learned to copy the my comment before sending because that way I can re-post if I need to....




5 years ago

That's right! You have a little one on the way too Maui. I bet both you Grandmas will have the time of your life shopping till you drop for the new little ones.    They're a lot easie, I think, to shop for the younger they are.  It can get complicated with all the stuff they are into as they grow older LOL  But it is still always fun.

That's what I think I will go and do here in just a little while today-go start to get some stuff, as I at least already know one thing I'm getting for my younger daughter.

Got some current toy ideas suggestions for a 6 yr. old boy (he'll be 6 in January, so close enough)  and an 11 yr. old girl?   Any new gadgets or things I may not have heard about?

I'll be honest, this Christms is not going to be as good for anyone gift wise as it could be. We try to stay somehwere close to a budget as it is, but we have spent so much money on this trip to and in Georgia, and our roof and painting before that, boarding out dog, having to rent a car, well, you know how it is.  Being together is the most important thing, I know, but we have no choice in cutting back this season. 

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5 years ago

Hey Sherry!  The best way I've found to get the right gift is to search the internet with "gift ideas for X year old boy/girl"  There are lots of great ideas to choose from!

5 years ago

Yep!  No helium here in Canada .... or BC I should say. I have phoned around and have found nothing so my daughter Janice will take a look in the states on Monday.

Say, you might want to take a look at the remote controlled fish I got my boys Sherry!  They are called Air Swimmers and there is a Clown Fish that is pretty cool.

5 years ago

Cam..I am sure they will like those!!!!!!! They really look comfy!!! Bottle for the guys sounds good too! That's a heck of a note to not have any helium in Canada!!! Good gravy..what next!? LOL Kids are pretty easy to satisfy!! I am sure they will like that too!!

Sherry..I think the more you can get into the swing of things for Christmas the better it will be for the both of you too! Does your Grand daughter use hair dryers? How about computer games? Books? Book Reader? Clothes? It's been so ling since I shopped for kids that age my mind is a blank!!! 6 year old could use clothes, games, bike..little expessive I know but anything that would passify his time or get him interested in something..books? Jacket? Just guessing!

Sounds like a good idea Michael!!! Kids are usually pretty easy to satisfy! As long as it's NEW they love it!!

5 years ago

I remember seeing those flying fish now Cam. But I'd forgot about them. Your boys will have a great time with those! I did get one present yesterday. A remote Rock Crawler truck for Terrence. But how do you keep those flying fish in helium?? 

Hey Michael! A grand idea. I don't want to be getting out in all the crowds any more than I have to-like maybe just for little stocking stuffers. LOL And we have a close couple stores for most of that.

5 years ago

Helium is cheap.  Wal Mart usually has tanks of them but not here in Canada right now and they are about twenty bucks.  I talked to one store here and they will fill them for me for two bucks so I think I will do that.  They last two weeks so for two bucks the parents can take it from there eh>

5 years ago

ROTFLMAO..That's a good one Cam! Perfect price!!! Parents will love it!!! Dang!!! This Apple Cider/Vodka is good! Can spell worth a damn though!!

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5 years ago

Michael, my brother-in-laws great dane doesn't have his tail cropped, but luckily so far I don't think he's broken any lamps or anything. He's a big old baby, but, he will bark his head off,  even when he knows you, if you are coming up to the gate, until my brother-or sister-inlaw says it's okay for you to come inside to him.  After that, everything is fine and he just wants attention. He drools worse than any Saint Bernard I've seen though.   I didn't know they were such slobbery droolers. Yucky.  It goes everywhere if they sling their head.Our great dane/greyhound we had never drooled. Maybe the greyhound part took care of that, thank goodness anyway! 

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