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I'm sorry friends.
5 years ago

You all here are such good and dear friends and I want to say I am sorry for not being around for awhile now.  I truly am sorry but things here have been overwhelming for a bit.  Starting with Hurricane Sandy, my husband's employer is contracted with FEMA, hubby had to leave and delivered diesel North for 2 weeks, I was concerned for him and upset.  He received a call from a brother he had not spoken to for 30 years a week before  he left.  The brother is losing the family's 70 yr old oil business and needed support from his brother.  He was suppose to fly down and booked a ticket just before all hell broke loose with Sandy.  He couldn't make it and was just as well because hubby would have had to leave for FEMA.  Hubby was heartbroken about the business and was overwhelmed to hear from his brother.  Like I said he was gone 2 weeks and just started to get back on track, about a week, when we received a call that hubby's brother's wife was killed in a car accident coming home from work.  A favorite sister in law and a brother that is a mush and was very dependent on his wife.  It kicked us both for a lope.  We headed North.  My brother in law called my hubby while the state police where still at the house and screaming he need him NOW!.  I can't begin to tell you have devastated we all were.  She was the back bone of her family.  Funny and always with a laugh and smile ..she was in fact a Shrine Clown in paraded and charitable events.  A hard worker and was a dog groomer for 37 years.  She was also my son's mother in law as he married her daughter from her first we were more the entwined.  We could only stay a week and we have been calling his brother daily and trying to be as supportive as we can from a is hurting us so much to not be able to be there first hand to help.  My brother in law is having to deal with all the legalities and is having a hard time of it and not eating and so weak at this point that we are afraid we will lose him, too.  He just a couple of months ago finished chemo for prostate cancer and isn't fully recovered from it all.  My son and his wife, as well as many friends are trying to help him but he is just so lost and doesn't care about anything and everyday there is something else he is forced to deal with that he wants nothing to do with, he just wants his wife back.  We try so hard to be strong for him and after getting off the phone with him, we cry. 

So, it feels like forever that I have been to our group...maybe it has.  I miss you all. 

5 years ago

Oh My Goodness Donna!! You and your hubby have been through the mill I must say! I am SO SORRY to hear all of this bad news!!! What is the old saying!? When it rains it pours!? Well you guys have had more than a down pour! A Hurricane on top of a down pour!!! I will be keeping all of you in my prayers!! I hope your hubbys brother can find the strength to keep fighting this up hill battle! We sure have missed you but I can see why you have been gone for awhile! We are here for you any time Donna!! If you feel like you have to let off some steam by all means let it out! We understand completely!! No one can keep all of this bundled up inside of yourself!! Heavens to Betsy!! This is over whelming for you all!!! Sending you hugs and prayers!!!

5 years ago

Ahhh Donna this has been such a hard end of year for a few of you here at FSM!  Sherry has beens struggling with family problems as well and Bling's husband is still very, very ill.

In my heart always.

5 years ago

Thanks so much Carol and Cam.  I re-read what I wrote and can see that I failed to say this was 2 different brothers.  The oldest brothers is losing the business and it is a younger brother that lost his wife.  We are very close to the younger brother.  The olderst hasn't like I said hadn't spoken to to my husband or the rest of the siblings in's been over 30 years.  I give him credit because he came to the funeral and faced all these people he had chose to cut off all those years.  There are 7 siblings.  It's really been kind of sureal around here. 

Again thank you for your kind words.  Now I have to get dressed and wait for the cable man because my phone land line isn't working and they of course can't give you a time when he will be here but did say it would be in the morning and they start at 8. 

Take care and I'll be in touch. 

5 years ago

My Dear, so sorry to hear all what you have been going through...such heartaches for you and your family.  We feel fortunate that you came to FSM to pour out your feelings.....I wish I could reach in and give you a big hug right now.....I'm sure you can use plenty for what all you have been going through.  You are in my thoughts and prayers and please post when you need a shoulder to cry on...we are all here for you...God Bless You.



5 years ago

Ex. I am so sorry.  You are having it rain and pour at the same time.  It is good to hear that your son and friends are trying to help your brother-in-law though. He at least has someone there and that is important. I hope he will be okay, and ends up with the strength to continue treatment. That is what my dad had too.  We all knew that my mother-in-law was living on borrowed time, but it is still something that happened so very suddenly, and a lot sooner than we expected, not even from what we expected, so it was still a total shock to the system, for everyone. It's still sore of course, and it will take time, but we are all here for you. So,  continue to call and let him know you are there in heart.  I know he knows you are though. I'm glad you are close to him.  My husband's older brother that passed all that not long ago, was a hard person to be close too, but my husband still called him to see how he was doing, and we did get to go and visit while he was still somewhat in good health, before it happened, but what I'm trying to say is, I hope the brother that has been distant, will be closer to family. This brother-in-law that passed away has two sons.  One was able to come to Georgia when we were there just recently, but the other one he had not spoken too in years, his choice, not the sons, except perhaps off and on when the son would call. The reason being, his father disowned him because he found out his son, my husbands nephew, chose the gay life. One doesn't have to like it, but you don't just disown your child because of it.   I only have one brother, and I can't imagine anything happening  to him, and whether one has one sibling or a dozen, I see how important it is for family to try and be close. I hope whatever it is with the one, it is something that can be healed, or that he allows to be.  It helps if you can, to be around friends, and you know you have that here, or try and think of things to do that can keep you a little busy. Being around our friends this last weekend that came down for my hubby's and the guys job Christmas get together, and spending the weekend with them, was really helpful. My heart goes out to you, and just know that we are all here for you, so whatever you feel like talking about, and saying, we are here to listen.   Much HUGS Ex and hubby, for you both.

5 years ago

VEry sorry to ehar all of this Donna.  I will keep you and yours in my thoughts.

5 years ago

Thank you so much Maui, Sherry and Nancy.  Means so much.  Sherry, I am so sorry for your loss, it's just not easy no matter how it happens and it takes time to come to terms with a loved ones passing, we all know this but sometimes it is so much easier said then done.  And Bling, I don't know what to say but please know you and your husband continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

5 years ago

Oh Ex- Donna, I too was saddened to hear about all the situations you have had to deal with recently. The hardest thing about bereavement is that it is very personal to that individual. Each person will grieve differently depending on the relationship, how they felt about that person and how they cope with situations. I do hope your Brother –In- Law pulls through this. He is lucky to have the support and understanding of the “Family.” Please remember that you can only help so much and some of his recovery will be down to him. When someone needs such support it can be easy to be consumed with it, focusing on that person. So many people will have been affected by your Sister- In- Law’s loss including yourself. So do take time for you, like so many in this group have said you can count on us. If you ever want to message me personally then I am here for you. I will be thinking and praying of/ for you all!   


Sherry it sounds as if you have had a difficult time too. I will be thinking of you too and what I said to Donna goes to you and anyone else in this group if you want/ need to message someone my inbox is here for you!   


I must say folks having read all the posts here, I am so proud to be part of this group. I wanted to give you all a green star but unfortunately I couldn’t as I have already given some of you one. Here is a Big Hug you all deserve one 

5 years ago

That is so sweet of you Mo!!! And we are SO happy to have you here with us!! For you just losing your Mother not long ago you fit right into this topic well!!! You are an awesome gal!!!

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5 years ago

You're welcome Donna! I hope everything works out for all of the family and something like this brings everyone closer together! Sometimes events like this seem to happen at the most inopportune time but the result of it bringing family closer is a plus!!

Sherry..I hope your family comes a little closer together too! We can all use more closeness in families today! This world is so full of unhappiness we need all the happiness we can get!!

5 years ago

Aw Mo.. thank you so much!   Carol is right, you are an awesome person and we are so glad to have you here with us.  I did not know of the loss of your mother and I am very sorry. 

Carol, wow you hit the nail on the head.  Yes, it can bring families together to heal from past hurts. And hubby and I really got a wake up call when this all happened ourselves.  So sad that it takes something like this to make you step back and realize how much each other means.  Hubby has been working hard 6 days a week and we were really in a kind of rut, no time for us.  We are much more attentive to each other.  I can't imagine my world without him and with the way he is being with me, I know he feels the same. 

We had not long ago said how fortunate we were as a family with so many siblings and at our ages that we still had them all.   Death is a part of life, but knowing that sure doesn't make it any easier when it happens. 

My love to all.

5 years ago

You're so right Carol-this world needs all the happiness it can get.  The closeness part on my brother-in-laws side, the one who passed away, and his one sons, is now lost forever. His son has to go on knowing his dad was the way he was, and didn't show love towards him, even though he hated the way he chose to live.  What's sad about that too, is that my brother-in-law had his own issues with heavy alcohol use, very bad, awful marriages because of it, talented wood working man that he was, but didn't look at that.  I think Cam said it so well when he said that life is short, and once the chance is gone to say what you feel, you don't get it back- it was not his exact words, but you get the meaning.

5 years ago

So very sorry to hear of all the loss and pain to all of my dear friends here. I have been absent I know, but I do think of you guys everyday. I will be praying for all of you. Stay strong ladies, "if he brings you to it, he will bring you through it".


My heart and prayers are with you all. 



My life is really upside down right now as well  I promise to get back to our group soon.

5 years ago

Carol and Donna, Thank you so much for your kind words   I would like to think I am a good person otherwise I will dread going to the Pearly Gates, I hate being turned away from places! Lol


Donna, to be honest only one person on Care2 knew about my Mum. If it was going to be mentioned then I can't think of a better group/place than here. In some ways I am private and only tell of my life if it comes up in conversation or need. I live in a Town which is small and is so much like a village each person knowing almost everyone. Although I am outgoing and speak to everyone no one knows my business unless they are close friends. Since my Mum died, I have been overwhelmed by people coming up to me talking to me about it that to be really honest it was great no one knowing on Care2 I could just be me not worrying who was going to mention it next. One thing I learnt when I lost my Nana (when I was eight years) is that others have an expectation of how you should react. When I lost my Dad (aged 16) I learnt that people say things with good intentions but in reality are quite rude and offensive. Since my Mum died I have learnt that trait still exists. I was coming back from the shop a couple of weeks after it happened and someone I know vaguely. said they were sorry for my loss and went on to say she was old and really it’s the young we should worry about. He didn't meant to be hurtful if anything I think he was trying to help. In truth it doesn’t matter how old the person was but how you felt about that person. So it was great coming to Care2 and being able to be me. I think most people will understand what I mean especially if you have lost someone. I just want to get on with my day without being reminded, if I want to discuss it then it should be up to me to approach it. I know some people out there will be the complete opposite to me, I guess that’s why it is difficult for people to know how to react when someone is grieving.


Nan, Thank you for your lovely post, it is a pleasure to be surrounded by lovely people!

5 years ago

This is a great group full of very caring people indeed Mo.  We have been in the trenches here for what seems like forever and have always been here to support each other.  FSM has become kinda like a pen pal club methinks.  People we really have grown to respect and look up to and I have to say the support I have received over these years has helped me keep my sanity.

I was sorry to hear there was a falling out there Donna.  People walk away from things at strange times indeed.  I still hear nothing from Linda's son but think perhaps he must struggle with the way he treated her before she died.  Long story short life is too damn short to turn our backs on family members.  You get to choose your friends but family is another thing for sure. 

5 years ago

It's great to be able to be among friends, and to know that they are willing to listen when/if you are ready to talk about something. My thoughts are with all of you as well. This seems to have been a year that so many are going through hardships of one kind or another, and it just helps knowing we all here, are here for each other.

5 years ago

Ditto to what Cam and Sherry said and thank you Mo.  And Mo, you are right people sometimes just don't know what to say and say the wrong thing, but with good intentions.  How many times I have put my foot in my mouth trying to find the right words?!  I don't want to even try to count them!!  I was really overwhelmed and couldn't talk about it for a bit but feel I am among dear friends and I can, when ready let it out with people I care about and know will listen and be concerned.  That is really all one needs sometime, just to have someone listen.  Then there are the times we just can't bring ourselves to talk about it and that is alright, too.  No judging or prying.  Sometimes with family it's hard to say what you are really feeling for fear of hurting someone.  Here I can tell my side of it and friends here give me that opportunity.  I haven't hurt anyone.  I can brag when things are going well and know friends here are happy for me, like when my granddaughter is doing well in school or hubby finally got the job he was hoping for.  When I am sad and need a shoulder..they are here, like now, they are here for me, listening and giving me that pat on the shoulder I need. These people here at FSM have always been here for me, always.  Even when I haven't been to the group in awhile, I show they are glad to see me and concerned.   Sharing and caring is what we are about here at FSM, for me anyways and I know that is what those that post feel as well.  

Right now most are burnt out from politics.  I know I am, by the time the election came I was cooked. Do I agree with everyone, every time, no I don't.  Do they agree with me always, no, they don't.  But we respect those that have an opinion...I really do try to understand what is being said even when I don't agree. Sometimes I keep my thoughts to myself and I know for fact they do the same with me.  Sometimes being right or thinking you are right, isn't important, caring for people is the most important thing, friendship, that's important. That is how we win, caring about people and friendships. 

Like so many in the South are always saying...We will rise again!  And we will here too at FSM...just taking a much needed breather.    And like Cam has said...we are kinda like pen pals...I like that!

Nan, miss you and hope things get straighten out for you shortly.  Hang in there and come back to us real soon!

Night all!

5 years ago

What an awesome group of people!!!! We all have times when we need to let something out or have family problems or work problems or group problems and just plain problems!! Then we have days where we can hardly contain the excitement within us for something good that happened or will happen. We all know it is more meaningful when we have somebody to tell it too that is genuinely concerned and really cares!! When something affects one of us here in the group it affects us all!! So whenever any of you have something to say don't be afriad to let it out and share it if it's something that would really make it better for you! We can handle it and's better sometimes just to let somebody else know what's going on with us!! Holding stuff inside of us is not good for our health!!

A letter from BlingBling....
5 years ago
Wow, what a great thread! First of all I want to thank all of you that have sent personal emails with words of comfort and support. I truly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.
When I lost my Dad a year ago to cancer, I felt my world had come to an end. Within a couple of months, my world came tumbling down again to find out my husband  would probably and eventually succumb to this beast. That’s when  I realized that this cancer  was not only his but mine also. Being a care giver most of my adult life, I was over whelmed with many emotions. Anger , hate, denial, and a host of others that would consume me. I was jealous of those who bragged about how great their life was. While their lives continued  to go on, mine came to an abrupt halt. My only option was to stay strong and save my tears for  bed time so no one could see me cry. So many times I asked God why he would burden us with this awful disease. I felt my faith being tested daily but I refused to let my emotions question his love. I’ve never been a strong person when it came to hurt and have always been the ‘weakest link’ in the family but through the grace of God, I have become stronger and can handle more than I ever thought possible. 
Life is not good for us right now and with the holidays coming, we feel a sense of sadness that this may be our last Christmas together. We give thanks that we still have each other and look forward to a better tomorrow. We never know what’s around the corner for us and we all would like to think we are immortal but the reality is, our lives have been planned from the beginning and there’s nothing we can say or do to prevent the plans that lie ahead for each and every one of us. We all need to live each day to the fullest and be thankful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us. For me, it’s my friends that I am thankful for. Without them, I could  have never found the strength to continue down the road we’re on. My friends are our family now as that’s all we have.
To all of you, I wish you a Merry Christmas and the best to you in the New Year. God Bless you all. Stay well and be thankful for all the blessings that have been given to you.
5 years ago

I am so sorry that I missed this ...I came to post something else that happened today but after reading Bling's post I am going to remain silent.  God love you BlingBling.  We love you and my heart truly breaks for you and all that you are going through.  Life is not fair, it really isn't.

5 years ago

Alright..and God said "HA"  I am about at my wits end here.  I told you about my son and his wife..well, they are married yes, but have been separated for 3 years...why then don't divorce is anyones guess, but seeing them at the funeral, they are good friends at this point...but he has found a truly lovely woman.  I guess this is the very first out of every woman he has been with that I can say, I think the world of.  And this is the best woman ever for him.  Met her just before the funeral.  I was so taken by her kindness, strength and intelligence.  Attractive as well...the whole package.  We really hit it off.  We spent time with them in the hotel while up north, she was fun and funny.  I knew her mother wasn't well but since I got home I received a call from my son that her mother is terminal.   Lung cancer and something about her heart ...lost me at lung cancer.  Janet, my son's gf is crushed.  We've talked, and I've tried to comfort, I am sure I failed but I did try.

Then over the weekend I was visiting my girlfriend, Julie, well, she went for a mammogram 2 weeks ago and she was called back and her appointment was today.  Things are not looking so good at the moment for her.  But we still have to wait. 

These last 2 couple of month have been over the top with sadness and worry.  So many people I love and care about are going though such horrible times.  I don't know what to say other than I am thankful for this group to be able to express my feelings here. I honestly can't believe what wth is going on!

I need glass of wine!! 

5 years ago

I'm with you Ex!  These last few months, one thing or another has gone wrong, and now our hot water quit working yesterday. Our washer drain is plugged, and till we can get it fixed, one of us has to stand by it to pause it so it will drain when you hear it coming up, so it doesn't go all over the floor.-hail storm,- new roof, swim pool valve went bad, my mother-in-law passing away, everything has been a financial drain, all happening so close together, now my granddaughter has just moved inwith us, beccause her mom let some people move in to help them so they can save to eventually move out, and the woman has 3 kids that are a terror, and Hailey doesn't like that woman at all and her kids, for good reason.  They're all already starting to drive my daughter nuts, and they just moved in-oh well, I tried to tell her, but sometimes they just don't take advice. And...............whew!  I'm waiting for our air conditioner to give out next, as I know we'll have to replace it before way too long, and that will be expensive. We're still making payments on the dog's surgery.  I can't wait for all this to be behind us, I hope, before something else goes wrong.  

I just had an eggnog and whiskey, and fixing to go get another!!!

I hope your girlfriend comes through this alright Ex. I really do. 

Bling, we love you, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband also.

5 years ago

Oh I hear you Sherry about car is in the shop more than out lately, last bill $800.00.  I know I need a new car but, not yet.  I don't want payments.  Haven't had car payments for so damn long and then there are bigger taxes and insurance.  I think we will look for a newer used one.  Then my husband's truck..big truck, needed 2 batteries, why I dunno...then he needed tires..OMG..almost killed me!  Then trouble with his back brakes!  Shoot me! All within these last couple of months also.  I didn't trust my car and didn't want to take the truck that far north, we hadn't done the things needed yet rental for $600..well, that just makes Christmas so much nicer...NOT!

Thanks Sherry.  Hubby just got off phone with my friend...we'll know more Friday or beginning of following week...she lost a sister to cancer not long ago...damn I am scared for her.

And yes our Bling..always thinking of our Bling! 

5 years ago

Oh and Sherry..good luck with granddaughter living with you, it's something to behold.  My daughter took a job in Charleston, almost 3 hours away so my granddaughter is living here without her now..she is 14 now and coming into her own..she is a great kid and does really well in school..I or her mother have never had a problem with her, well other then keeping her room but I am worried..she's a teenager and I've not dealt with the likes of these creatures on my own for some time.  Should be interesting...wish me luck!  And good luck to you as well...but I am thinking you have the little girl yet...that's a blessing.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Aw thank you Ivonne..I think we are all just that...over comers and we are sure resilient!  And that is because we do have faith in the Lord.  I can be wiped out everyday by life but once going to bed and thinking and praying..I am alive again.  Tomorrow is a new day and with a deep breath and faith..go on.  If it works out than good, if it doesn't, well, it wasn't meant to yet.  Maybe I still needed a lesson to learn...or someone else did.  No matter, wasn't the right time or someones time had come. 

God bless you, Ivonne.

5 years ago

Thank you Ivonne. You are truly a sweetheart.

I know what you mean about the expenses, and having to hold tight to just getting what you have to from week to week till pay day, and then, because of the bills!  We had to rent a car in Georgia too, and we used a lot of gas going back and forth to and from the hospital everyday, and into town when we needed to get something, then a ways back to return it, & having to extend our airline tickets so we could be there for services. Everything has added and added up, expense on top of expense, and I know for us too, this Christmas we just cannot give as much to the family. That's the way it is this Christmas.

Well, my granddaughter is 10, fixing to be 11 the 15th here. But I swear she's going on 14!  She is an angel, but smart, and I know I have to keep my thinking cap on with her sometimes. Her mother asked if I remembered how smart she was at that age, and reminded me that my granddaughter is twice that smart, so to remember that.  LOL  She does very well in school too, and I aim while she's here, to make sure she keeps it up. She's mostly been an A student, once a B, and even her past teacher said there is no reason Hailey has to not ever have top grades. Umm. yep- the room thing!  LOL I can see where we will sometimes have to keep on her about that.  She knows that is one thing expected of her here, and keeping clothes picked up, and garbage in the garbage can in her room, not laying around, and keeping her bathroom picked up.  My oldest daughter is one that I never had to say anything to about keeping her room clean. She just always did, and loved reaaranging too, and even helped me keep the house clean.  I guess they are not all the same! 

Well all, I am going to call it a night. I hope you all have a good, relaxing one, because we all deserve it!  ~HUGS~ to you all

I hope you are alright Nan! Hope to hear from you soon.

5 years ago

Sherry...Do you mean the drain from your washing machine only or is it a combo of the washing machine, shower, kitchen and etc;? What you may want to try is get a big box of Baking Soda and a gallon of vinegar. Pour a cup or two of baking soda down the drain and then pour slowly about a half cup or full cup of vinegar down the drain and let it bubble up good! Once it stops bubbling good then add another cup or two of the baking soda and then more vinegar. It should keep eating away whatever it is that is blocking the drain. Are you on a septic system or are you on the town drain system? Once you think it is loosened up and draining then run some hot hot water down it for a good bit of time to drain it out. My sink drain in the bathroom was almost completely plugged up and I added about 1/2 cup soda and then about 1/4 cup vinegar and it just kept bubbling and I did it again until the bubbles stopped raising to the top of the sink drain but you could yet hear them bubbling way down there and then I ran a bunch of hot water down the drain and it cleaned everything down!!! Another thing that is suppose to be good for cleaning the bathroom stools is Alka Seltzer!!!

Sounds like you and Donna have had your share of bad luck lately!! Donna I can relate to the gal your son is with now! That is what the gal is like that my youngest son is married to now! They had gone together back when he was going through his first divorce and something happened where her friends betrayed her and she believed them and it was not the cause of my son which they had told her it was. Anyway they got back together since the last time they were together which was in or around 1991 and are going on their second year of marriage now! She is a real sweetheart and has a great work ethic and is a very honest and wonderful lady!! I guess it just goes to show there are wonderful women out there and men that can relate to each other!

I also just got out 3 more batches of wine tonight out of the closet to warm up so I can start them up as soon as I bottle the other two batches in two days and then I will have some wine to drink!!!!! yay* It's been since Sept. that I have had any wine to drink!

Hang in there Donna and Sherry! Things WILL get better! Funny how once things start looking up you look back at what you went through and then it does not seem quite as bad as it was when you were going through it!!

Ivy..It's great seeing you here again too! You are another gal with a lot of inner strength and the belief in God that helps you get through your trials and tribulations too! It seems all we can do is trust in God that he knows what will happen and he has everything in control!! I guess when we give up the desire of wanting to control the situation and let it happen as it will then is when things start to pan out and don't seem quite as bad knowing that God is the one who has it under wraps!!

Wishing you all nothing but great big hugs and lots of good wishes colming your way here SOON!!!

5 years ago

And Donna..I sure do hope your friend can get some good news on her scenario too! That does not sound good but hopefully it is something they have gotten early!! That is the key especially if she has gone in for regular mamograms!!

5 years ago

Thank you girls! Indeed I  have gone through a lot, at one point being homeless for 6 months, not to mention my marriage trials, the Lord is so faithful, He always comes through!  He is my refuge, my high tower,my hiding place, my healer, my redeemer and my provider.  He is the lover of my soul, there is no one like Him, He is my Yeshua, my lover, He never hurts me or lets me down!

5 years ago

We're on the town drain system Carol, and it's just the washing machine. You can hear the water gurgling up the hose, and when it reaches the top, some may come out if you don't pause the washer in time, but will go back down if you pause it real quick, then you have to start it again, and stand their and watch the durn thing every time it starts to drain, till it's done doing that, or it will go all over the floor if you don't pause it in time.  I have to go out in a little bit, and will pick up a gallon of vinegar (regular or apple cider?) and baking soda, and give it a try. It sure can't hurt, and if it works, saves someone having to come out and pay for it!  Thank you for the addvice.

Wow Ivonne!  You have gone through a lot too! That had to be so hard being homeless for six months!  When my younger daughter's dad left us, it was 3 days before a Christmas, and he left us up high and dry, penniless. Even took the car and called a neighbor a few days later & told them if I wanted it, it was at the airport. It was his stepdad and 1/2 brother who came to our rescue, from Alabama-we were in Louisiana, gave us $100.00, and helped me move things to my brothers. Thank goodness my brother lived in Louisiana, though a different city. So, we weren't homeless, but I felt like it in a sense, not because of anything to do with my brother, he is a great guy, great brother, but there was no place to put our bed except in one of the main rooms in the house, as he and his wife had her Mother, and their kids, so there was no privacy. Had to use a bathroom or bedroom when noone was in it, to get dressed, undressed. My brother paid to get the car out, but it still had money owing on it.  I figured it was in his name, so, I figured I'd use it, till they found where it was. It wasn't near new, from a credit corral type place. I got a job. Then they called, which I expected, and the gal was real gruff voiced, "I want to know where my car is at and why noone has bothered to make a payment!"  I brightly said, "Correction-you mean why (and I told her my husband's name which they knew of course) has not bothered to make a payment on it!"  She then wanted to know if she was going to have trouble coming to get it and should she bring the police. I told her no problem, but if she felt more comfortable bringing the police, bring 'em. So then a regular customer where I worked at the convenience store, made me a really good deal on one of his trucks.  An old friend, a little over a year later, up in WA state, saw Rick in a store, found he was getting a divorce, knew I was going through one, paid for by me, and gave him my phone #.  We had known each other when I was up in WA before moving, and well, we kept in contact, I had always liked him, him me, though just friends, and eventually, things led to where we're at today.  Small world sometimes, even when it can seem so huge and overwhelming at times.

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Also Sherry...don't add anymore just plain water down any drains usless you can hear it sounding like it is going down fast.....if it does that then turn on the hot water and let it run for quite awhile. I would even try and do the soda and vinegar in another day or so if it acts like it is cleared out! I guess you would be able to tell if it was cleared out any by the washing machine draining! As I said...good luck with it! You want to have the drain as empty as possible when you add the soda and vinegar down the drain so it can work on what's in the drain.

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What the hell happened to my big long letter!?!? Urrrgghhhhhhhhhhh...

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I replied a big long letter before and hit send and then did another one and the first one never showed up!! Man that is maddening!!! It's just the plain white vinegar Sherry. The reason I think something may be plugged up in the main drain system is when you drain the washer that is the only thing that will drain a large amount of water down the drain thus if something is plugged in your drain someplace it will back up!! I would add the soda and vinegar down almost every drain and let it set for about 10 minutes and then try it again and wait another 10 minutes. Then try and drain the washer after that amount of time...hope it works for you!!!! Now I hope this message goes again but I am going to copy it too!

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So much on my mind. The hot water guy came out today. We got an estimate. Called another place for estimate. Got a call from the school making sure it was okay for Hailey to walk from school with her friends because she lost her note. Thought I had to hurry and get to the bank to draw out money to be back in time for the repairman, and knew I had to get hangers for Hailey, and lo and behold I forgot the vinegar and baking soda. Rush back just to find out our tank isn't getting replaced till tomorrow. They had said they put the order in for today, but since the time was 12:04 the order was put in, instead of before or by 12:00, now it's tomorrow.  4 whole minutes-whoopdy doo! Yep, the tank is past it's life, and just getting parts with only a 90 day guarantee, we'd have to replace it soon anyway, so here goes more out. This year better get over fast, and leave all the bad things that have happened behind as well, or me and it are going to go to fisty-cuffs!  LOL

Now, it really needs to wait till Friday, so that's when we will give it a go with the vinegar and baking soda. I'll let you know how it went.

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WOW Sherry!!!!!!!! I would say you need a break gal!!! So your hot water heater is going out too!? What did I miss!? Don't fool with a water heater! Might as well bend over like Bob always says and assume the position!!! The only good thing about it is once things are replaced or fixed you know they should be good for awhile!! Like you say though to replace a part that might go out you are better off buying new!! Don't that just frost you when they tell you they have something coming on a certain day and then screw it up anyway only because of a couple minutes!!!!! That is what happened the day I came back here from Anchorage only when they told me they would deliver it wasn't because of  minutes or days off because they KNEW when they were suppose to deliver..I had it set up where the new furniture they were going to deliver to my sons place on that Friday..I had to go so could not be there so my son took a day OFF of work to be there losing $$$$!! He stayed home all day long and they never showed up! I had paid for them to make a delievery!! My son called them and they gave him the run around about not being able to deliver it that day so the only option was to make it for the next week which would mean he's have to take ANOTHER day off or he had to call another place and have them pick it up, pay them, and have them deliver the furniture the next day!!! he supposedly has gotten the refund back from the place I paid. When I get to town they are going to get a visit from me and I am going to let them know because of THEIR incompetence my son lost a whole days pay and they put me through the wringer because of it too and I will NEVER buy furniture from them again nor will I advise anyone to do so! Plus I am going to ask them what they are going to do in order to compensate for a lost days wages plus making the inconvience on the both of us that they did!!! These places just don't get the bitching part...they DO get the financial part though when they know thier $$$$$ are going to dry up!!!

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