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FSM December Kartoon Capers .....
5 years ago

Reminds me of when I was 6,and I waited up for Santa,and ended up falling asleep and mom and dad found me asleep under the tree!

5 years ago

That was good Cam.....we let our daughters believe in Santa as long as we could......I feel we did pretty fact....I think they both still believe there is a Santa....we wouldn't change it any way!!!   I will look for some Christmas humor to add here.....I like this thread!!!!


Ancil....such a cute story.....I can picture you falling asleep under the tree....great memories you have.




5 years ago
Santa Corporation
Santa Corporation
5 years ago

                               Tis the reason for the season


5 years ago

These are GREAT!!!

The Republican..
5 years ago

A  union boss walks into a bar next door to the factory and is about to order a  drink to celebrate Obama's victory when he sees a guy close by wearing a Romney  for President button and two beers in front of him. He doesn't have to be an  Einstein to know that this guy is a Republican.


So, he shouts over to  the bartender so loudly that everyone can hear, "Drinks for everyone in here,  bartender, but not for the Republican."


Soon after the drinks have been  handed out, the Republican gives him a big smile, waves at him, then says,  "Thank you!" in an equally loud voice. This infuriates the union  boss.


The union boss once again loudly orders drinks for everyone except  the Republican. As before, this does not seem to bother the Republican. He continues to smile, and again yells, "Thank you!"


The union boss once  again loudly orders drinks for everyone except the Republican. As before, this  does not seem to bother the Republican. He continues to smile, and again yells,  "Thank you!"


The union boss asks the bartender, "What is the matter with  that Republican? I've ordered three rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar but  him, and all he does is smile and thanks me. Is he nuts?"


"Nope," replies  the bartender. "He owns the place."

5 years ago

These are all hilarious! Thanks.

5 years ago

I have said and will continue to say that unions HAVE NO DAMN BUSINESS spending our dues on a one sided political agenda.  It is not helpful to members to get 'stuff' for them states and companies cannot afford to give away.  In the end the workers are hurt and the union becomes a moot issue.

5 years ago

I agree with you on that Cam!!! If only more Americans could wake up to the smoke and mirros of the Unions!!!! As in CROOKED!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Why Markers Are Not A Good Christmas Gift

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