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5 years ago

Dry Bones State of 'Palestine' Quiz

5 years ago

Hat tip 1389AD: As per the request of the original source, this quiz has been shared with permission, and passed along as part of the same request. This is an attempt to educate and to shine some light on a subject that has seen far too much dissemination of inaccuracies.

Here's the thing, none of the questions have any answers. Any answers provided for the above questions have been fictitiously manufactured. I'm certain that someone can find a source on the internet which will provide those manufactured responses and claim victory, but let's add a twist to your research, for the sake of honesty. Do not search on the internet, only used printed material, and only accept printed material written prior to 1948, or for that matter prior to 1964.

I have been in literally hundreds of arguments and debates over the years concerning the state of Israel and the rights of, "Palestinians," where seeming points are brought up by the other side that are simply 180 degrees away from reality. There has never been a nation called Palestine. Muslims have never held dominion over this territory. The U.N. agreement that created Israel also created Jordan. The original creation of Israel was supposed to see a 50/50 split in that land with Jordan, and the Arabic Population demanded that Jordan receive the lions share of the land. Even after that date, Israel has never experienced the simple right to exist, and the, "Palestinians," have been kept there as political prisoners by the surrounding Arabic Nations as an ever enduring thorn in the side of Israel.

No one is questioning Jordan's legitimacy. When the Jordanians slaughtered 30,000, "Palestinians," during Black September, not a single assertion of Jordanian brutality or aggression was vocalized. In order to be on the side of the, "Palestinians," in this conflict, one must either be incredibly ignorant of the actual facts, or simply hate Jews. I can work with people who are incredibly ignorant of facts, as most of the time, I find that people in general are interested in actual understanding. The other group, I have no time for.

George Clooney, Shakira, Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Vanessa Redgrave, Liam Neeson, Jamie Foxx, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, have all fought hard to find themselves in one of those two groups, but this week, we got to add another. It would appear that Sesame Street wishes to place itself firmly on the side of those who hate Jews. Our public broadcasting tax dollars at work.

The perception held by most people of the Jewish faith in this country is that Antisemitism resides on the political right. The fact is that Antisemitism resides unabashedly withing the mainstream of the Democrat Party. I am not certain why my fellow Jews have not awakened to this yet, or why they are so incredibly resistant to the awful reality. Every day some iconic member in good standing on the left side of the political spectrum spews some real Jew hatred, and it is treated as if it never happened. So, to my fellow Jews, and particularly those who cling to their place on the left, pass this quiz around, and check out the reactions you get. I've seen it, and sent it on the right, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Pass it along to your crowd, and see what the reaction is. Come back to me, and we'll compare notes.

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5 years ago

I was going to post the above in the news thread but then thought "Why?'  So many on the far, far left are Anti Israel.  Appear to actually HATE Israel actually and I have to admit I do not know why.  

The Mad Conservative is a member of the Tea Party Movement and the Tea Party fully supports the state of Israel.  As for this Palestian thing ..... I am very, very proud that my country of Canada stood strongly and firmly beside Israel.  I wish I would have said the same thing for this current administration in America but I cannot.

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