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Ryan, Rubio Plot Party Future as 2016 Talk Starts
5 years ago

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, two potential 2016 presidential candidates, laid out policy prescriptions for their Republican Party on Tuesday night, nudging a party still smarting from Mitt Romney’s loss to President Barack Obama to reach out to a broader audience.

Ryan, the GOP’s vice presidential nominee in November’s election and chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, told his audience that their party cannot write off large swaths of Americans _ a subtle reminder of Mitt Romney’s remarks criticizing 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes. And Ryan made clear that he would be making poverty in America a central part of his political message as he weighs a presidential campaign of his own.

“You know, both parties tend to divide Americans into our voters and their voters. Let’s be really clear: Republicans must steer very clear of that trap. We must speak to the aspirations and the anxieties of every American,” Ryan said at a dinner to honor his former boss, Jack Kemp, who also was a failed GOP vice presidential nominee.

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5 years ago

Ryan and Rubio would do well to get together with Palin, Gingrich and Bachman ..... It is dang time for conservative members of the GOP to start purging the party of the Rhinos ..... Much cheaper to take a party over than it is to start a new one.  Its been done before I read somewhere and I know at the grass roots level the Tea Party has taken over quite a few of the GOP organizations on the State level.  They control it.

While everyone thought the Tea Party was weak and MIA they were actually pretty damn busy .....

5 years ago

It seems way too soon to be even thinking about the 2016 least for me that   I like Rubio though and wish he had been chosen as Mitt's running mate....oh well.....water under the bridge as they say.


msnbc were already trashing Rubio this morning.....I guess they find him a threat already to be going after him's going to be a loooooonnnnnggggggg four years!!!!

5 years ago

Maui: It seems way too soon to be even thinking about the 2016 election...

Isn't that the truth!   But I guess "We've Only Just Begun" .  If they're already bashing these guys, they are really afraid!

5 years ago

Already???  Really???  OMG... NO!

5 years ago

It still bothers me when I read that Romney lost to Obama,  because he didn't lose anything.  And Obama didn't win  the presidency.  He was just kept in there by fraud, same as the first time.

5 years ago

The results of this election has so many unanswered questions for many of us.  I still find it confusing how Romney was getting the crowds and obama's were dwindling.  And so many were saying Romney was going to win.....what happened????  I truly was believing that we had it in the bag......too much was going Romney's way.....they said many of the Republicans didn't come out to that true....or were their votes not counted???  Look what happened to West in FLA......and did the military ever get to vote???  Something is wrong with this picture.....but the obama team was so confident that they were going to win, which to me, they knew something that they were not sharing......interesting how they registered so many new dems in States.....I will never believe the true outcome of this election.....and I will never trust how elections are run again.......voter ID is a must....but then....who is supervising the polls and the voter machines......????? 

5 years ago

Well, I dunno.  Who do you believe anymore?  I know my husband didn't get to vote as he was away for Sandy...there were a lot of people up North from Southern and Midwestern states that I am sure didn't get to vote either.  Does that explain the republicans not coming out to vote..I don't know but it sure didn't help.

On the other hand.  I waited in line 2 hours to vote.  And I watched.  I saw one mother with her 2 grown children that had never voted before and I am not sure if they had a real interest or if this was the mother's idea but the daughter could not figure out the machine for the life of her and a woman overseeing the booths said to the mother...look, I can't tell her who to vote for.  There were many new voters could see their confusion. 

I am not convinced it was all voter fraud.  I think minorities and people who had lost a job and then there are the retired folks that lost so much of their retirement were worried about all the cuts the republicans wanted.  They came out in droves.  Cuts we need, something has to give here but I think most are worried about the now, not the future.  I feel so sorry for my children and grandchildren.  I don't think our grandchildren will ever see the country that we once had. 

I know many will not agree but that is my take on it and I didn't listen or read much of what happened after the election.  These are just my thoughts on it. 

Have an appointment soon so will see you all later.  Have a great day!

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