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5 years ago

 Sounds good!    Grandson spent the night with me, and yep, darnit, I slept right through the alarm going off. It was him finally woke me up and informed me the alarm was going off. He was a few minutes late to school, not much, but slept right through it we did!

I pick up hubby this evening. Santa is supposed to be at a clubhouse over here close to us tomorrow, so I'll probably be taking the kiddies.  Grandson helped me decorate the tree, so it has his touch and put out a few more things for Christmas. He's really looking forward to it, and probably won't hear the end of it or asking questions till after Christmas, but that's just part of the things that make it so memorable. 

Happy Friday Maui!

5 years ago must have had a restful night to sleep through the funny!!



We have a busy weekend planned too.....putting the tree up and we are trying to decide to string the lights outside this year since Olive will be more aware of Christmas than last year....I am so excited......children really make Christmas!!!!  And so much more easier to buy for than for our daughters!!!  


I am going to go out and pick up a few more stocking stuffers and some gift cards and then I think I am done.  So looking forward to this Christmas......a new one on the way makes it so very special.....

5 years ago

Yep. I need to go shopping here soon today and see if i can fing the Laguna?-Lagoona?  Monster High doll for my granddaughter, she's got a few others, and some stocking stuffers too. She's already given me hints, so that helps. They are so much easier to shop for when they are young!  But kids are more computer savvy at younger ages nowadays too, making it more difficult at a younger age now too sometimes!

5 years ago

When the kids were young that was what made Christmas the most fun! Then the Grandkids came along and I got to celebrate it all over again but it was even more enjoyable!! I will never forget the look on my oldest Grand daughters face when she was about 2 and I had wrapped all of the presents and had them in the spare room downstairs and I took her back and opened the was all dark and then flipped on the light switch and watched her eyes!! They got as big as saucers!!!!!! She just stared at them!! I will never forget that!!! They had just came over from Korea before that. I guess in a way they keep us young too!!!

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5 years ago

Yep. So much so, Grandma slept through the alarm this morning, and little one was a few minutes late to school. He spent the night with me last night, and earlier, he had me quick stepping to try and keep up with the boxes he was opening before everything was out of one-Christmas stuff to put out- and hanging ornamnets on the tree, he was woundup like a spin top and kept me hustling! Then homework, then dinner, then playing games. But he was non stop, and Grandma, look at this! Grandma look at that! Grandma, Grandma, Grandma! They sure can wear one out! 

5 years ago

Well darn. I tried to find a certain doll for granddaughter for Christmas, and don't know if I will. Walmart, no, Toys R Us,out, and won't hold for you. Monster High dolls they said were popular, and if someone else saw they were holding an item for someone else they wanted, before youn got there to pick it up, it makes them mad, so they don't do it. I need the durn Laguna, or Lagoona? one with blond hair with blue highlights.

5 years ago

To all you Grandmothers-----Enjoy those babies. I have three grown children, none married, no grandchildren. I've been waiting for years for a grandchild, to no avail and looks like it won't be happening anytime in my lifetime. I have come to grips with the situation (sadly for sure) but I always, still, want all grandmothers to enjoy their grandkids to the hilt!! Give each and every one of them a hug from me.

5 years ago

I'll do that Mary Ann. I might be seeing them tomorrow or the next day. They grow up so darn fast. I told my grandson I was going to have to put a stack of books on his head, so he didn't grow up so fast on me. He just grinned and said, "Grandma, that won't work though. I'll grow anyway and the books will just fall off!"- and he smiled at me. He's always wanting to come see Grandma, and Grandpa too.  I'll hate it when they get so big, they don't want to as much.

5 years ago

Have to go get hubby from the airport in just a few. Tomorrow i return to my mission of trying to find that doll for my granddaughter.  Hope I can find it.  I probably would have if i had been able to to Christmas shopping earlier this year, but things happen, so, if I don't find it now, it may show up after, and she'll just get it as a Valentine's present. Hmmph.-it shouldn't be so popular an item!  LOL  I would have thought Monster High dolls lost a little shine by now,-maybe it's just this particular one-however, on with my mission tomorrow.

5 years ago

Sherry..They sound adorable!!!!!!!! I remember when mine were that age!!! It was so much fun!!! Well...gonna go and watch an Alaska State Trooper movie again then I think I will hit the hay!!

5 years ago

Good luck Sherry in doll hunting.  Have you checked on line?   You might have better luck.

That was so sweet of you Mary Ann.....thank you.   I was wondering the same for us ever being Grand-parents but now we have number two on it's way.....never give up as they say!!!!

Carol....great story of your Grand-daughter and the room of presents.....great memories.

Well...busy day ahead......lots to's going to only be 38 today, so good weather to decorate for Christmas.   See you all later.....have a great day!!!

5 years ago

Good Morning.  I found it!  Yes, Maui, I did look on ebay, but they only had one of the ones I was looking for. I got up early this morning and went to Toys R Us when it got light outside, and they had put out a bunch more.-only two of the Laguna ones, so I grabbed one. I got her something else too, and one of them is going to have to go for her BD, because it's the 15th of this month. So, one more present to buy come pay day again for her, and our shopping is done. I finished getting stocking stuffers today, and the dog even has a bone stocking, so except for the money thing in cards to send, done!!

5 years ago

I have to go fill out Christmas cards to send, or I'll never get it done. Hailey will be moving in with us tomorrow, and we also have a bunch of stuff to move and pack up from the guest BR, so she can use it for her stuff. We're gonna be busy off and on. Hubby is out now trying to finish paint trim in the back.  Gotta get busy!  See ya later.

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