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Hillary To Testify In Open Hearing On Benghazi Attack
5 years ago

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will appear at an open hearing to discuss the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, according to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“I have just received confirmation from Secretary Clinton’s office that the Secretary of State will appear before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to discuss, in an open hearing, the findings and recommendations in the report from the accountability review board (AR concerning the terrorist attack against our diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya,” Ros-Lehtinen said in a statement late Friday.

“As we anticipate the release of the ARB report, I look forward to discussing with the Secretary what corrective measures has the Department undertaken to address problems identified in the months following the Benghazi attack, including security of our posts, threat assessments, host government responsibilities, and coordination with other U.S. security agencies.”

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5 years ago

It will be easy going for Clinton.....she will be handled with kid gloves, you can bet that.....Benghazi seems to be off the radar now.....buried with F& answers for the families.....that's so very sad.

I heard that Hillary will probably run and if she does....they said she will win...she has a 57% approval rating right now....and even Repubs are for, her hubby is one of the most popular presidents out there, next to obama of course!!!!

I tuned in a little bit this weekend on what was happening politically, and it has just unbearable anymore to learn what is happening.  The liberals are taking over and of course, obama won!!!!  I can't figure out why he is still campaigning????   I guess to get out there and tell more lies to destroy the Repubs all together....that's the only reason I can come up with.  The liberals have to be happy that the Repubs are butting heads right now over the fiscal cliff debacle....and it doesn't sound good.   No matter what happens...obama will come out as a hero like he always does....and he and family can head to Hawaii next week for 20 days.  

How did we ever get to this place???  Kind of scary isn't it????   It just seems that all we can dig up on the liberals and obama just goes by the wayside.....nothing is done.  We are all just a bunch of racists no matter what we say about the liberals and do we win when the media will not do their job and keep covering for them all???  They have helped brainwash all the obama supporters!!!!  They can do no wrong.

Thank you....just had to vent.  Getting so tired of the same old crap we experienced these last four years....and now we get another four!!!  When does it all end????

5 years ago

I agree with you Maui! I feel it's helpless and hopeless because whatever comes up as something criminal by the liberals it all gets swept under the rug and anyone voting for Hillary after Benghazi plus all of the other criminal activities with her and her husband over the years.....well..I guess the liberals can only thrive on criminal activities and turning the good into bad and the bad into good! God has the last word though!! Everything has a price for everyone! I have to leave it all up to God and ask him to help give me the strength to keep on fighting! That's all I can do anymore. it is just too depressing!!

5 years ago

Read the Communist Manifesto.  They align themselves with social democrats, and they are deceiving, producing a spiderweb of how they go about deceiving the people, going against the principles of existing society, enlightening  those they can deceive with their lies and creating visions of a utopian existence. The useful idiots (to them)  well,  need I say how many we see in evidence now???

5 years ago

Should have added and morality that goes along with religion, to the above.

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5 years ago

What happened to my other post?  I had that they call for abolition of religion, and do advocate free love.    And their dummies who fall for all their crap, are right in their hands,  without realizing, many of them anyway, that their bleeding hearts, and supposed do-gooder thoughts,  that it is all just a part of their game plan for those they can deceive-yes, sheep.

5 years ago

This is just one line from the study guide of the Communist Manifesto

As Marx predicted, Germany developed one of the largest and most powerful socialist movements in the world; but the international socialist movement almost collapsed when Germany launched World War I and the socialist party supported the government. However, socialism remained popular enough so that Adolph Hitler thought he had to call his movement "National Socialism" to gain widespread acceptance, even though once in power he vigorously exterminated socialists.

5 years ago

These idiot liberals just can't seem to get it through their heads that Socialism means there are going to be other idiots coming for thieir money and what they worked for...but that's right....people who enjoy Socialism don't work....they just TAKE from those who do..sorry...I forgot that one!!! Man I hope the day comes soon where everyone of them suffer BIG time!! I mean BIG time!!! I have NO compassion for anyone who expects somebody else to take care of them just because they made good on their life and their ambitions while the Socialists laid back and took everything they could get!!

5 years ago

Hear hear!!! In other words, Ditto that!  They think everybody should live the same, noone better off than the next.  That's a  big fat lie happening, right off the bat. But the coms wanted these sugar plum pipe dreams of a (nonexistent) Utopia planted in peoples heads, and they have the storybook minded children, even in adults bodies now, or should I say still, today, who still envision that bedtime story.  Someone has to run the show to make sure everyone is making and producing according to their skills and talents, and you just tell me how that will survive and be a happy little world! The hard workers aren't going to put up with the lazy azzes and providing for them, they're tired of it now! So, does that mean they start exterminating the no talent, useless people?  Probably.  Then the ill and old and disabled to can do nothing but be taken care of?  You bet. No way in hell or on God's green earth will a Utopia exist on this earth, as long as people are here to run the show. These useful idiots, which looks like they may have been called Useful Innocents back then, deserve, in this day and age the term Useful Idiots. Their enlightened brains are mush. Maybe that's it-too many mushrooms back in the day. Or too much some other drug back in the day, a combo, some still use today, and have never got their head out of the bleeding heart, Americans are so mean, everybody should just be so kind hearted to everyone else and the world will be a better place, the meanies will decide to play nice if you just show looove. Sorry, but warped minds.  I have no sympathy for them either, that they never mentally grew up, and then many turned around and taught their kids that BS too. Ding a ling a ling!

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