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NBC Must Pay for the High Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman
5 years ago

If it had been up to NBC and the prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin shooting, George Zimmerman would have already been seated in Florida’s notorious “Old Sparky.”

Edited and doctored tapes of a 911 call between George Zimmerman and police dispatchers by NBC news, were used to make it look as if George Zimmerman was a racist and his shooting of Trayvon Martin racially motivated.

On top of that, just released colored photos of George Zimmerman, right after his confrontation with Trayvon Martin, graphically show a bloodied and battered George Zimmermanm. A stark contrast from the previously released black and white photos by the Florida prosecutor that did not show the extent of Zimmerman’s facial injuries.

This type of evidence should have been willingly given to Zimmermans legal team by the Florida prosecutor. But it took months of legal maneuvering to get these pictures, which hugely bolsters Zimmermans account that he acted in self defense.Even famed legal expert Alan Dershowitz thinks the prosecution against Zimmerman has been acting unethically.

If the public and Zimmermans defense team had access to these photos originally, many legal experts doubt charges could have been rightfully filed against Zimmerman in the first place. There is absolutely no doubt that if these color photos of Zimmermans beaten and bloodied face taken shortly after his confrontation with Martin would have been revealed, it would have defused the racial tensions that were boiling over.

But fortunately for Mr. Zimmerman, a brilliant attorney has come to his defense and is unraveling the web of innuendo, slander and withheld evidence being used against him. Mark O’Mara has taken command of this case and will make sure George Zimmerman isn’t the state of Floridas, or main stream medias, sacrificial goat.

In a lawsuit filed a few days ago against NBC, the Zimmerman legal team stated:

“NBC saw the death of Trayvon Martin not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to increase ratings, and so set about to create the myth that George Zimmerman was a racist and predatory villain.” “Because of NBC’s deceptive and exploitative manipulations, the public wrongly believes that Zimmerman used a racial epithet while describing Martin during the call to the dispatcher on that fateful night,” the suit says.

The lawsuit accuses NBC of sensationalizing/manipulating a “racial powder keg that would result in months, if not years, of topics for their failing news program, particularly the plummeting ratings for their ailing Today Show.”

The edited recordings included “multiple deletions, removed intervening dialogue between Zimmerman and the dispatcher, and juxtaposed unrelated content “to make it appear that Zimmerman was a racist, and that he was racially profiling Trayvon Martin,” the lawsuit says.

If Mark O’Mara can prove his charges against NBC, we hope he can get a huge payday for his client as well as himself. NBC got caught trying to pervert the news we receive and manipulate public opinion.

If it is found that the Florida prosecutor willingly withheld crucial evidence in order to weaken George Zimmermans defense and cast him in a false light, then Mr. Zimmerman should demand justice for himself.

We saw another prosecutors office try to railroad innocent people into prison with withheld and manipulated evidence, in order to make a name for himself and gain political favor. North Carolina District Attorney Ken Nifong was disbarred and put in jail for withholding evidence that would have proved Duke Lacrosse team members to be innocent of charges.

Attorney Mark O’Mara is no slouch and is probably already sounding the alarm bells in this case against his client. What other evidence has this prosecutor failed to provide him in his defense of George Zimmerman?


5 years ago


Ed Farnan is the conservative columnist at IrishCentral, where he has been writing on the need for energy independence, strong self defense, secure borders, 2nd amendment, smaller government and many other issues. His articles appear in many publications throughout the USA and world. He has been a guest on Fox News and a regular guest on radio stations in the US and Europe.

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NBC Must Pay for the High Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman
5 years ago
5 years ago

Go get 'em Mark O'Mara! It is because of this crap from NBC, and others, that I will not watch them. I will not be one of the ones to help boost their ratings, no matter what they do!  It is because of what they do, I won't be one of the ones to help keep them on the air!!!

5 years ago

I hope Mark O'Mara can win this case for Zimmerman, who was picked as one of the most hated people!!!!  No longer is our system "innocent until proven guilty" working for Americans.....unless they are liberals!!!!   Sharpton and Jackson have gone after other innocent people and destroyed them in the process claiming find out the person they were defending were liars....and never an apology from either one of them or to the familes was disgraceful to say the least.



To have the president get so involved in this from the start, which only worsened the race tensions then to have the media lie and edit tapes only proved they were out to hang even go as far as putting a bounty on his head by the black panthers.  Then off to the WH where Trayvon's family appeared in a hearing held by the black caucus adding more fuel to the fire and the press conference they held accusing Zimmerman hunted Trayvon down like a rabid dog.  Zimmerman's family's address was put on twitter and they were all threatened or to have their houses burned down....on and we all sit and wonder how this can still happen in America????  I truly hope the case gets dismissed because you will not find a jury that will be fair to Zimmerman......not with all the lies that they have heard and believe.  Even the prosecutor that reviewed the case going forward, appointed by Holder, lied in her press conference and withheld evidence.  



I have no faith in our justice system or how they brought politics into all this.  I cannot imagine being in Zimmerman's shoes.....and to this day, the media still refers to   Trayvon Martin as a child!!!!!   And we ask ourselves.....why are race relations so poor in America.....obama has divided Americans of all races in the last four years.....I don't even want to think what will happen in the next four.


Thanks Carol......even though only FOX and conservatives discuss this case.....the liberals still find Zimmerman guilty as charged......Sharpton will not let it go!!!

5 years ago

They want to find him guilty because that is what their commie idols want.  Stirring up racial tension for them is a big fun game, because their followers keep falling for it.  As long as they have all the help from bleeding hearts buying into their falsities, they get to stay in the spotlight and keep it up. It's all an agenda, and the fools keep that bull nose ring in their own noses, instead of seeing the truth, or acknowledging the truth-the azzholes have got them right where they want them-where many won't acknowledge the truth even when it's done been found out for FACT, truths which dispell their lies and deceit!

And another thing, I think there are those who call themselves libs, know what they are supporting,  and know what and why they are, why their leader and disciples are doing what they are doing, and are keeping the bleeding hearts in line,  with their BS postings. Sorry, but I do.

Zimmerman deserves a huge settlement. Obama, Sharpton and the rest of the race baitors need to be behind bars for aiding and abetting, key thrown away. Actually, they deserve the chair, or other similar options of demise, and I can hope anyway, to live to see such a day. 

Obama didn't have any reason to get up their on TV and say such a thing about the NOT young Trayvon that he did, other than to start racial hatred and warfare.  He was no more special than the ones getting killed everyday by their own.  And neither was he anybody more special than the beautiful little girl murdered in gang crossfire,  the little white boy set on fire by blacks, the white young man killed in his dorm by blacks. Obama made it a point, because Zimmerman was called a "white-Hispanic."  He and his cabal are RACIST, and no, they do not care about who else they get murdered as long as the purpose is promoting their agenda.

5 years ago

Obama is nothing but a race baiter...pure and simple!!! He is a worthless SOB that will do whatever he can in order to make our country miserable!!!! Apparently Soros has made his nest egg REALLY BIG in order to destroy our country! And KNOWING Obama and how worthless and hateful the SOB is he will bite on anything from George Soros!!! He is a wimp gay CLOSET Muslim!!

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