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Hi Everyone
3 years ago

I just wanted to pop in for a moment to tell you all that I have missed you all soooo much. I have so much to catch up on and to share with y'all. But right now I have to get to work.

This morning I would just ask you all for special prayers for my nephew. Today is his 19th birthday and he was in a serious car accident Friday evening. He has severe head I jury and we are praying extra hard for him to open his eyes today to see my beautiful sister who is just devastated.

Konner is a very sweet and extremely intelligent young man. He has such a bright future ahead if him and needs our prayers. He is a freshman at LSU. He has always been an honor student and scored a 32 on his SAT's. We are praying for his speedy recovery to be able to continue his so very bright future. 

Thank you guys I know I can count on you for your prayers. I'll get back to you today I promise.

3 years ago

Prayers are on their way Nancy....such horrible news.....I am so sorry for you and your family.  I can't imagine what your sister is going through......praying for a speedy recovery is on the top of my list today.  Take care and keep in touch.




3 years ago

Nancy,I'm so very sorry.I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

3 years ago

Nan, I just read this. I am so sorry. I just got through saying a prayer for Konner, you, your sister, and whole family.  Please keep us informed. I pray for his speedy recovery. My heart goes out to all of you. 

3 years ago

Am so sorry to hear this Nan...just got on here and prayers are on the way for everyone! I hope Konner gets strong and better really fast!! It's time that the bad luck and situations stop and the good situations start to roll! Wishing the best to all of you!!

3 years ago

HE WOKE UP!!!  Thanks everybody. Our prayers are working. He opened his eyes briefly but was unable to tell us what he wanted and got very frustrated. Didn't stay awake long. But, they did remove ventilator.

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3 years ago

That is AWESOME Nan!!!!!!! I am SO happy for him!!! I just hope he takes it easy and don't try and oiver do whatever it is he is trying to get across! Easy does it!!! Good for him!!! Thank God for all of his miracles and lately I know he is working tons of them!!! Thank You God!!!

3 years ago

I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew Nan but so wonderful he woke up!  Will be in my prayers as well.  They do work wonders!  God bless.

3 years ago

Great news Nancy....our prayers are working......I pray Konner gets stronger each and everyday......more prayers are being sent now.  Love ya Nancy!!!

3 years ago

Update from my sister:


Konner’s 10:00 Visit Update:


He was wide awake when I walked in A Speech therapist came in to see him and we are able to understand some of his words now. He is very frustrated and trying to get out of bed. They still have him strapped down and he keeps raising his hands and saying “untie”.


He answered a few questions correctly. He is able to say Mom, Dad, Beth, Dewey, Kale, Kody and Reagan. He repeated the word “sorry” several times. It is difficult to see him so frustrated. He will remain in CCU for now even though they stepped him down from critical list. He will need round the clock care when he moves to a room.


He will have another CT scan in a day or 2. If that looks better they can begin to reduce the meds to control brain swelling. He is still on seizure meds and will probably remain on those for a while. Keep praying it’s working.


Thanks for all your support gang


Sorry I can't post more, but I'll be back!

3 years ago

Nan-SOOO glad to read that Konner was awake and responding!

It has to be frustrating as hell for him. I hope they are able to take off the restraints soon and they can reduce the meds soon.  Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

3 years ago

Thanks Sherry!!!

Konner's 5:00 visit Report-

He was still resting and looked comfy. The nurse told us that he was pretty active since our last visit at 1:00. He told us that he took a few bites of jello and only one sip of the chicken broth then motioned for him to get rid of it. For those of you who don't know Konner well that's a good sign. He has been taking sips of water out of a cup.

The nurse said he wore himself out trying to get out of bed and trying to unstrap his hands. He has been saying "Man" when he wants the male nurse to come to him. This evening the nurse said he was calling for him by name, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Kevin was excited that he made this progress. Tomorrow will be Kevin's last day for this week. We hate to see him go. He has been really good with Konner and Konner responds to him well. In a nutshell, he is continuing taking baby steps forward. Thanks for the prayers and I will update again after 9:00 visit.

3 years ago

Great news, Konner is in his own room now. No more pain meds and no more IV's or catheter. He is making great progress.

3 years ago

Praise God Nan!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the best news I have heard so far tonight!!! He sounds like he is really coming out of it!!! I am sure from the accuident it did a number on rattling his brain but it sure does sound like he is getting everything back in order and organized!! Good for him!!! The only way to do it is in baby steps...take one step at a time and that is all he can do! Wish I could bring him some of my Smoked Slamon Alfredo and home made Onion/Garlic/Parmessan bread...that's of course if he likes thinkgs like that! he sounds just awesome! Tell him to keep on truckin and he will get there soon! This is AMAZING!!!!

3 years ago

He would never eat that He lives on French fries and pizza. Sounds good though. I would love it.

3 years ago

LOL...His loss!! It is SO good!!!!!!!!! And I made a Pumpkin pie and a Cherry pie because it was so cold downstairs here and I just got a craving for BAKING so I went hog wild and made the 2 pies and the Smoked Salmon Alfredo! Plus 2 loaves of Applesauce bread...actually it was suppose to be ONE but I screwed it up and was making the recipe on the right when I got confused and started adding ingedients to the recipe on the left.....when it got mixed preportionatly wellI divided it so I could make TWO loaves instead of just one....they turned out perfect!! I just hope they are as moist as the first batch I made of the Applesauce Bread!! I just hate that when that happens!!! God I hope he gets over the French fries and Pizza before he ends up in the Emergency Room like my son did! Once is enough for him to be in a room like that...not for something stupid like not eating right!! But many of us eat right!?

3 years ago

See I lose myself and all kinds of sorrow begets my friends here!  Glad he is on the mend Nan!  Something to celebrate for sure.

3 years ago

Am glad to see you back too Cam! Have been thinking about you lately and wondering where you've been but figured you would show up soon!!

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