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Indefinite Military Detention Of US Citizens To Be Signed Into Law By Obama
5 years ago

Previously, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) voted for the Feinstein amendment to the NDAA. But then there came the hashing out of language in the bill and Paul blasted Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for stripping away the amendment.

“We had protection in this bill. We passed an amendment that specifically said if you were an American citizen or here legally in the country, you would get a trial by jury,” Paul said. “It’s been removed because they want the ability to hold American citizens without trial in our country. This is so fundamentally wrong and goes against everything we stand for as a country that it can’t go unnoticed.”

The problem with Paul’s assertion is that there was no protection for anyone, whether they are a citizen of the US, a permanent resident or a visitor. Rights that are supposed to be protected under the Constitution be damned! Neither the NDAA, nor the amendment proposed protected one person who is on American Soil.

Paul called the NDAA an “abomination.” It is that, but so was the Feinstein amendment and even more so because it was deceptive at its core.

The Senate easily passed NDAA 2013 by a vote of 81-14. The next stop is Obama’s desk.

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5 years ago

Of course the Senate passed it!   American Libs, and I do not mean you who are not pro-America to begin with, not upholding our rights and freedoms against this tyrannical occupier, because your soul is bought and sold already, but the rest of you, I hope to God,  you WAKE UP!!!  -as to what Obama and these people are!!!-for your own sakes, your kids and loved ones sakes, and the sakes of every real American and their loved ones,  in our country. 

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