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OK I just click on Cam's Noted News and there are More out there! ????
5 years ago

This is a topic I came to take care of for fairness! Especially with Care2 so one sided. I know both Carols have posted news and no one on this site is getting it noted. Ancil has posted news, and going to see if Maui or Cam have posted new news, but went to Cam's site and looks like Cam is not posting. BTW Cam YAHOOO where are YOU???
This is important for people that are involved with this group to note news for exposure IMHO, but THERE DOES NEED TO HAVE A TOPIC. Maui/Carol Please Start one. May all of you have a 2013 year that brings you tons of Miracles in life, the Lords blessing for your life, and friends that make your life enjoyable.

5 years ago

Thanks so much Arthur!!! You said it loud and clear and you are so right! The only way we can combat the liberal noises that are around Care2 is to be right there to shut them down! Until then all we will hear is noise!!! There is so much liberal trash that is untrue and just plain nasty and mean and disrespectful that it needs to be pointed out over and over and over to Care2! Either they are asleep or they just don't CARE about the disrespectful mannerisms of the liberals!

We do have a link where all of the stories are!! I just updated it...the newest links are towards the top...everyone's stories are all together.

5 years ago

Arthur, I absolutely LOVE your New Years toast!!!  I have got to remember that one!  LOL


As for Cam, I believe he is visiting his kids and grandkids and isn't expected to be online much.  He was online briefly a few days ago.  I'm sure we will see him soon as he returns ... he just can't stay away you know. hahaha

5 years ago

Good morning. If I have missed notong anyone's news , please just let me know you didn't see me on there as having done so.  I try to keep up w/everyone's. I may have missed some when gone to Georgia, and if I have since, let me know, I will note for sure!

5 years ago

P.S.  Where has our Alice got off too???

5 years ago

I tried to play catchy-up on noting the news on December posts. If it comes to your attention I have missed old/older ones, just let me know!

Have grandson, -gotta go get him up, as I have a Dr. appt. this morning.

I have to play hunt and seek for News YOU GUYS
5 years ago

Please do a thread for News to Note like you used to, if you did I am missing it and trying hard to get your news noted. Carol You are posting a ton of news,by the way Carol need help in notes last time I checked was yesterday and did send to a few friends.   Sadly, non of my conservative friends are here on Care2 anymore.  BULLY and Liberal Care 2  Wacky!

Going to check Maui's news  and if Cam is Off in Neverland OK~  Hugs to all of you!  Yes, where is Alice...Down the Hole????  Alice- Alice where are you dear Alice????   Oh Sherry just couldn't help it.  Hugs, Arthur

5 years ago

Arhur...We have needed your spirit in FSM for awhile now so we're glad you are here!!! I updated the news post for is the link...

In order for you to keep track of this at the top of the page when you bring it in on the right hand side there is a gray looking on it and it will turn gold....then when you want to find the topic in the list of topics on the main page just look for the gold star!!You can also do this for topics you may want to remember or keep track of!! It's below New Topic and to the right of track thread!

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