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5 years ago

This is one of the hardest threads I have ever had to post......



Cam passed away yesterday.  He found out before Christmas that his cancer had return and spread....but we had no idea that we would lose him so soon.  There are no words right now, except our thoughts and prayers are with his and Linda's family.



Just a few days ago, Cam shared a story with us about how him and Linda were dancing in the rain to "It's A Wonderful World"........I can see them both now in Heaven dancing in the clouds.



We have many, many archives of Cam's post (and Lindas) to keep our memories of them both.  I just posted on Cam's profile, I hope it remains open as Linda's has been open for us to send green stars and comment from time to time.



Cam made us laugh.....and now he made us cry......







5 years ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm leaving my table right now. I have tears.

5 years ago

There are no words for this...

5 years ago

OMG!  Yes, tears.  I am truly so sorry to hear this.  RIP Cam .

A Great Memory From A Week Ago
5 years ago

Group History

1 week ago

Dang dog is apparently crapping all over the place the last few days so maybe it was a good thing Sherry.
It is our song all right Maui.  First time I knew I loved her was at a coed boy scout/girl guide camp she took me too.  I was the tarp man and besides that it was November and cold and rainy which is why they called it rain bucket I guess.  Couple of hundred good kids having a weekend of fun and a dance.  We went to check on the girls she was responsible for and on the way back they started playing that song.  I asked her to dance and that ws all she wrote for me.  There we were in the rain dancing to Armstrong's song freezing our arses off.  Could not have loved her more.
I gave away a lot of the decorations when the kids dragged them down.  No sense in keeping them and couldn't afford to run them all anyway.  Costs too much.  We are getting together again on New Years day.





This is dedicated to Cam and Linda.....please watch and listen and remember Cam and Linda.








5 years ago

Oh Maui I am speechless. Praying or him and his family.

5 years ago

They are together again.

5 years ago

My God, I am so in shock and can't stop this crying.  I am going to miss you so much my friend.

5 years ago

I know.....all I feel is such an emptiness right now and such a pain in my heart.  This is so very hard.....I want him to make us laugh right now with one of his posts......

5 years ago

Ugh I posted on his page and thought I was editing but it posted 3 times .....well it was worth repeating.....I'm so heart sick.

5 years ago

  What tragic news!   He leaves a huge hole in all of our hearts.  He will be dearly missed.

5 years ago

I am so sad to hear this, he was always so funny and such a gentleman.  He will certainly will be missed. I can't stop crying either. he was very special!!!  Even though he said he did not believe in God, many times I believe He did!  We will miss you Cam...

thank you Sherry for letting me know...

5 years ago

When I heard this news last night I was in shock!!!!!!! I could not stop thinking "I never got to say any of those last words that one wants to say to somebody before they go!!" I kept thinking...this can't be true! I will never forget Cam!He was one who was always there to back me up on Care2 when I first joined back before the 08 elections...the liberals were always harping on me and he was always there to give me moral support!! I loved reading his misfortunes because he made them into humor!! He was such a REAL person..nothing fake about him..he said it like it was!! May you rest in peace Cam and I hope you and Linda have nothing but joys from here on out!! 

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5 years ago

Beautifully said Carol.  I still don't believe it........we have his stories to treasure.....everytime we microwave popcorn we will think of Cam almost burning down the house......what a guy!!!!!   I hope him and Linda have their laptops in heaven......I just wish we could chat with them......I like what Nancy said.....he is with his Angel in Heaven.....oh so true!!!!





I hope we can keep Cam's profile active here on C2.....I tried to post on Linda's but I can no longer find it???

5 years ago

He was a stalwart wheel of this here ship. I can't stop from crying off and on. He was real. He was honest. He was a loving captain, and I will miss him dearly. He made me laugh, just as he did the rest of us. He always thought of everyone. And he loved Linda so. I see her holding out her arms to him, as he goes to her, and then coming together to dance, smiles on their faces, and eyes only for each other.  Will miss you Cam, all of us will, but I feel you're looking down, saying "Keep up the good fight, my friends. I'm watching."

5 years ago

Cam was always so kind and considerate and I can remember a few times when he really defended me when attacked by some non-so-nice liberals.  But most of all I will always remember his expressed love for his wife, Linda.  As we are hurting and so sorry to have lost him, we can rejoice with he and his family that he is now reunited with he true love of his life, Linda.  I do like the picture of them dancing to their song and will think of them every time I hear that song, but more importantly, remember every time it rains that a great deal of happiness and love can come from the rain, too.  To his family this must be hard, as well, but they are also so fortunate to have experienced Cam and Linda's love as part of their lives.

For Cam, as much as we all grieve and will miss you, that you are once more with Linda is all that matters and we are so pleased that this has happened for you.  Just keep dancing!

To the members of FSM, I am so sorry to hear this and wish all of you healing as you work through this loss to your Group.

5 years ago

Thank you Linda....I like this:  I do like the picture of them dancing to their song and will think of them every time I hear that song, but more importantly, remember every time it rains that a great deal of happiness and love can come from the rain, too.

Everytime it rains.....I will think of Cam and Linda will bring a smile to my face to remember such great memories of you both.  Your stories will live on forever and not be forgotten.  I'm sure it is raining somewhere today......

I believe this was his last blog...
5 years ago
Cam Vallee's Blog (44)
When America Comes Knocking .....

Since the shootings took place in Tucson, I have heard the left ranting and raving against Governor Sarah Palin, talk radio and other conservative pundits in America. Liberals have been like bulldogs fighting over a bone with their scratching and screaming assault on…


                                                        Added by Cam Vallee on November 19, 2012 at 5:06pm                            —                                                            27 Comments

America did not lose ....

America did not lose the election.  Free speech did.

This was brought to mind when I was censored on an uger liberal site for calling Rachel Maddow a 'moron'.  To be fair I am not a fan of your American talking heads.  I really like Greta Van Sustren because she tries to represent both sides fairly.  But the rest of them?  I think they are all moronic.  I would never rely on them as a true information source but at one time I…


                                                        Added by Cam Vallee on November 13, 2012 at 5:44pm                            —                                                            21 Comments

Gone....but not forgotten.....
5 years ago

Cam Vallee

5 years ago

In Memory of Cam Vallee a Care2 Friend to Many

Society & Culture  (tags: Canadian, friend, father, widower and activist ) Kit - 39 minutes ago -

Cam Vallee has died. This is a site for those who wish to leave a comment to remember him or just say good bye to man who was long a part of our community
5 years ago

Do appreciate the post of Cam's picture....for a lot of people it is putting the face to the name and this was appreciated.

5 years ago

I am going through my many emails from Linda and Cam's to post a picture of them together....I hope to find it soon.....

ExT....I did find the picture of "the blue couch"......

5 years ago

You know Maui...that was my second thought.  We will never get to go spend time with Cam and Linda and share that lovely blue couch. 

I love that picture of Cam.

5 years ago

I know ExT.....when I seen the blue couch I thought of our trip.....made me smile.....even though today there is not much to smile about.  I'm still looking for the picture that Linda had sent me.....I will go through every email until I find it....but while I'm doing it, I am enjoying reading them all....they were both so much fun to know......I am keeping in touch with their daughter....she was a blessing to me when she lost her mother and shared so much about her.....she is going through this all again much too soon....God Bless her.   My last email from Cam was a heartbreaker.....but he accepted the diagnosis and decided not to fight it.....I truly think he was ready to be with Linda.

5 years ago

I think you are right about that Maui...he missed his Linda so much.  God bless them both.   

I will miss my friend Cam more than words can say.  I had just gotten to know Linda before her stroke but felt like I got to know her through Cam.  I have tried so hard today to stop these tears and try and think about them together.  The thought of them both together again gives a kind of comfort. 

So glad you are keeping in touch with their daughter.  My heart hurts for their family so much.  Please relay my sympathy to them all.

5 years ago

Linda had taken his heart to heaven.....and I truly think the fight against obama kept him going strong here.....his fight was over....he was tired and ready to be with Linda.....I know yesterday he was at peace, and didn't have to suffer anymore.

I'm with you ExT.....I had to leave work today, because this was way too upsetting for has really taken its toll on me....but the emails I am reading are doing me good.  He and Linda make me laugh me "arse" off.    Care2 will never be the same.......

5 years ago

I want to thank all of you for the kindness you have shown to both my parents over the years. Though he was my step-father Cam was my parent and the day I got married I had both him and my father walk me down the aisle. He played a very important part in my life growing up and was the best thing to ever happen to me and my children.

Though he was not a Christian he was a very kind man. Cam would give you his last dime and often did. We are grieving as a family but know he is now free from pain which gives us great comfort as he was really suffering with headaches these past few weeks. You are right when you say he is with my mom now. God will take that man home because he had a heart of gold and lived his life always benefitting others.

Thank you for this. I will keep in touch with you all here from time to time and hope you carry on. Both him and Mom entertained us over the years with the antics of your group and after Mom was gone you all here and around Care 2 and his Tea Party groups became an integral part of his daily life.

His Tea Party group here in Canada is notifying groups they all belonged to but I am not sure we will get them all. Please pass the word if you know some of his haunts. I am not sure how to get Care 2 to cancell dad's account out so if any of you know how to do that for me I would appreciate it.

Again on behalf of his family and friends here in Canada thank you all so much.


5 years ago

Leanna..Please stay in touch with us here and by all means join in if and when you can. We would love to keep a part of Cam here in the group with us! ..Carol

5 years ago

Leanna....this has helped us more than you ever know.  Do we have to close his account right away?  Many are posting comments on his profile as we had done with your Mom.  You take care now and give our thoughts and prayers to all of your family and especially those Grandchildren they both loved and spoke so much about.....You had parents to be very, very proud of.  Take care now and do come visit us here.....again...thank you for your post.

5 years ago

Dear Leanna, my sympathy to you and all the family. 

5 years ago

Leanna, your dad was a wonderful man with a heart of pure gold. He will be sorely missed here, more than I can put into mere words. Though from Canada, he was one of us, cared about us and our country, and I will dearly miss him and his stories that would bring a tear to the eye, whether laughing from reading about one of his mishaps, or getting all teary eyed because you could feel the love when he talked about Linda. You were all so blessed to have had each other in your lives. My sympathy to you and your family as well.

Maui, I was just thinking of that today-how Cam always said "my arse, or my royal Canadian arse."  

5 years ago

I too am still in shock.  While I knew of the cancer return and how it was affecting him, I had no idea he would be taken so soon.  Leanna, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Cam and I used to joke about me being the long lost brother, left at gas station on the US border while he had to stop and use the facilities. haha  We turned to each other often to share good things and bad.  I'll never forget him.


Cam claimed he wasn't a Christian, but I never bought it.  He told me many times he simply questioned his faith but he vowed to live a good Christian life.  I believe Cam is in heaven.


Cam's passing is a hard thing to take right now.  Everyone should understand how our days are numbered and we should make the most of them.


I'll miss you my brother from another mother.

5 years ago

I've met many people on C2 over the years, but only a handful that I've considered true friends, Cam was among those few, he will be greatly missed and always remembered.

5 years ago

OMG!!!!! Not my Cam............I'm devastated!!! I knew he had a recurrence. But have been away off and on for a month or so and had heard nothing of this. His wonderful wife Linda and I were VERY close, long before I came to care2 from another site and he had me Co-Host with him on many of his groups as well as taking over for him, when Linda fell ill. I just got a card from him a week or so ago.............I'm at a complete loss. Sherry, I was just going to post a response to you on the article I put up a couple of days ago, and then I see the title for this thread. Instantly, I had a VERY bad feeling I was not going to like what I found.......I was right. Sherry, you stated it perfectly...Cam was the "Captain of the ship"! Cam always claimed himself an atheist...I never bought it! Cam, your heart was too big, so full of love and genuine concern for the feelings of others. He was more a Christian, than the most self proclaimed ...I LOVE YOU CAM, MY FRIEND, MY MENTOR HERE. As well, to all! I'll miss you terribly and I'll never forget you nor fail to remember the faith and trust you had in me, to work with you!  May you dance with Linda once again! As now you are whole, healthy, young. You fought the good fight... as Paul once stated...And won!

Much Love & Hugs,


A Message from Suzanne O
5 years ago


I wanted to let you know that I am completely at a loss at this news of Cam.  He was a special soul.  He meant alot to so many.  I only hope he realized what great meaning his life possessed and afforded others.  

I am going to miss him greatly.

Please pass along my sympathies and well wishes to your group.  I know you all must be in a state of shock with an emptiness that doesn't feel like it will ever fill up again.  I get it and I truly do wish the best for you all.

I know Cam is happy and Linda was there waiting for him.  I know it and knowing that makes it all seem a bit easier to take and understand.

We have lost another great man and we should all feel blessed to have known him and honored he considered us friends.

Be well,


A card that Dandelion had sent says so much!!
5 years ago

5 years ago

So true.  Beautifully said.

5 years ago

That was truly lovely what Suzanne wrote about Cam.  And Elaine, I think many of us here understand the shock and sadness you felt when seeing this.  Like you said, seeing the title to this thread instantly gave you a very bad feeling...same with me and others, I am sure.  I am still in disbelief and go over and over all the funny, sad and interesting things that Cam has said in this group and others, politics aside.  And he really knew his stuff when it came to politics whether you agreed with him or not.  He tried to be a friend to all regardless of what side of the fence you were on. I think we all saw that all over care2, he was so kind to people, no matter what they said to him or acted toward him, how can you not love and respect someone like that.  They don't make them like that anymore, sure wish they still did, this world would be a much better place.  I'll cherish his friendship forever, I'm better person for having known him.

5 years ago

A whole physically felt shock rippled over my whole body.  I couldn't stop crying all day. Still teary eyed.   You're right Ex. He exemplified a cool head in the face of adversity, no matter what was thrown at him. He showed matureness in the face of those who tried to bait him or others with their slander and derogatory remarks, still hoped to get along with them. He tried to point out that that is exactly what is being caused by this administration, and he didn't fall for it, when they were/are already hook, line and sinker into it. He was a good man, not many like him, and you are so right Ex. - the world would be a much better place if there were. I'll miss him and his posts, his music posts, all of it. 

5 years ago

Leanna, I notifiefd the Tea Party Nation and has already gotten many responses...he was admired and loved!  here is also a link to light a candle if you wish:

This is the link to click on to light memory candles,when you click from this link it automaticly registers it with this group

5 years ago
A Memorial Site for Cam Vallee
19 hrs ago
| all others

If you leave your thoughts about Cam on the memorial site, they will be sent on to his family and the local news papers.

Thank you.

5 years ago

Thanks Ivonne...I also lit a candle. 

I know what you felt Sherry, honestly.  I felt phyically ill and cried the whole day and on and off this morning as well.  My husband felt so bad about it, too.  I'd would tell him some of Cam's antics from time to time and when I told him yesterday why I was so upset he didn't know what to say.  He just held me.  Poor guy didn't get much of a dinner last night because I just didn't feel like doing anything yesterday.  He was real good about it and understood.  I may not be posting much but I do read and always looked forward to what Cam had to say.  I'll miss that so much. 

5 years ago

Yes, I had also lit one. I also would tell my husband some of Cam's antics. He sure knew how to make you be able to picture all the steps, LOL, I'd catch myself chuckling out loud, and then still chuckling when I'd get up and walk away for something. Then still everytime I'd remember them.  He was our down to earth guy, and kept us straight, and kept us smiling. That's why I am right now.    Thank you Cam.

5 years ago

yeah...he sure could make us smile Sherry....

5 years ago

Last part should have gone:

In your new world,

Bye and bye.

A poet I'm not, but I do like some poetry.

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5 years ago

What happened to my other post????? Grrrr as you would say, Carol!

5 years ago

Oh Sherry I am following this thread so I did read what you wrote and it was lovely.  Please try and post it again. 

Can't send another's a bunch of them!

Hey, maybe you are a poet and don't know it!  I think your poem was beautiful!

5 years ago

We won't say Goodbye.
We will meet again in the bye and bye,
In the world in which you are now,
Where His Glory is unfurled.
So for now, our dearest Cam,
We will carry on our mission
Without fear of condescension,
Your driving spirit in all of us,
Reaches down from your new world.
Your legacy will live on,
To that we will see,
So for now we part only temporarily.
With a kiss upon your brow,
We set out to carry on.
We will fight the good fight,
This ship we will hold tight.
We will carry the Flag of Freedom
Until the day we meet face to face,
In God's great Kingdom.
With our last breaths,
Your courage and honor held fast within our breasts,
We will walk through the trials, chaos and fray,
Until we meet again dear friend,
In your new world, 

bye and bye.

5 years ago

I have to go take the grandson and his friend back home. Then me and granddaughter are going to Hobby Lobby. 

Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day!   I hope this dictator occupier is thrown down from his golden horned chair.

See ya later.

5 years ago

We will truly miss you cam, I hope that you are in a much better place now. My condolence's to all of his friends and family.
Thank you for all of the great things you have done here.

Typing with Wet Eyes
5 years ago

Cam ~ Was a treasured friend of mine, though I new him though a friend of mine that was extremely close to Cam and Linda I feel so much loss and have no words to type here but Cam you will be truly missed and sadly I have another  "Best Friend/Angel" in the above to watch over me and mine.  I t  know Cam was not spiritual, but know he is with Linda his treasure and sorry guys did not read through all of your comments right now, my heart is hurting.  Can't read and will take a look when I can.   Cam, you brought knowledge to my life an awareness I needed, comfort when I needed help even when you were in your own PAIN.  You brought JOY to to me taking a peek into this site with your comments when your precious Linda was alive and Fun when I peeked in with you joking on your FSM site.  You have taken my life to a place I will treasure and dearest friend I will always treasure you and there will never be any words to say my feelings.  The Earth has lost another Wonder, I doubt that Care2 will ever know the loss they are going to have with you NOT HERE.  Sadly, I can never take your place, I was honored to know you and was blessed to have you involved in my life.  RIP Cam, I know you and Linda are together and that gives me some peace!

5 years ago

I am in Pain

5 years ago
Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"

You cannot currently send a star to Ex because you have done so within the last week.

5 years ago

Thank you Carol.

From Rebecca Fulco from facebook..
5 years ago

My deepest and sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Cam was a wonderful man with a heart of gold.

The crazy thing is that I've actually been thinking about him these past two days wondering how he's been since I hadn't heard from him in a bit.

From Katii Blood from facebook...
5 years ago

Oh no ... This is such heartbreaking news. Cam was a wonderful, wonderful person, he will be missed by so many. 

Carol, I know you and Cam were dear friends... I'm so sorry, darling  Please pass along my most heartfelt sympathy to his family. 

God bless and keep you, Mr. Vallee. Rest in peace (hey, I bet there's no cooking in heaven!    

5 years ago
For Cam
The time soon comes for parting,
And our time is at an end,
The rest of your life is starting,
And we have no time at all to spend.
You knew one day you'd have to go,
But thought you'd have more time.
We can't reverse time's one-way flow,
But at least you'll have this rhyme.
You had your shining moments,
Upon this life's darkened stage,
And in my book of wonderments,
You'll never be just another page.
Like the exploding of a star,
You've changed me in and out,
Your light will travel with me far,
Past when all other lights go out.

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5 years ago

Your Welcome Donna!

Sherry that prayer poem is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I can relate to what both you and Donna have been going through! It says something when a person can affect another as much as Cam has affected MANY of us!! he was a person who could not hjelp but get to the inner core of a person and feel nothing but warmth and repsect from him! He will be with us every day in this group!!! His legacy will carry on because everything he did and said and done affected each one of us so how can he not continue to be with us in every move/action we take here in FSM!?!? It's an impossibility! He has left his mark on this group which is the fight and survival of this great country that he so loved! We WILL continue on carrying his message to America and beyond that we ARE the greatest antion in the world and we REFUSE to let a traitor take us down! We have only begun to fight and we have Cam's determination, will, strength and the desire to take our country back!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Cam and Linda and God Bless the USA!!

5 years ago

Nan..That is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! It is SO fitting!!!

I want to think we are ALL finding strength here in going through the tragedy of losing Cam and I think that would make his day!!!! All he ever wanted was for Americans to wake up and begin to REALLY fight to save this nation. After all I think that was his main reason for joining Care2..he gave a lot to other projects here on Care2 also but I think his main goal was to wake Americans up and not give in to the projected programs that Obama wanted to give us because they do not and will not work!! His theory was DO NOT DO WHAT WE'VE DONE!! I will always remember that!!!

5 years ago

Sorry for all the type O's!!!

Another message from a Care2 member...
5 years ago

Thank you for the green star. Cam will be sorely missed by all of us here on Care2. ~ John B.

5 years ago

Cam,buddy,I'm going to miss you so much,you were there when I needed advice,and when some on C2 would bully me,you were there to stand up for me.Dear God,can't believe it,I'm in shock.I didn't know he was ill.

5 years ago

Ancil..He had almost a healing touch you might say when people would bully you...he was always there to have a persons back when this happened and he seems to be able to put one in his place! I know exactly what you mean!! He will be missed but we must keep thinking of the strength he gave us to carry on and then do so!

5 years ago


— ELAINE AL MEQDAD from IL, United States

5 years ago

I have to say that comment that Carol posting quoitng Katii- " I bet There's no cooking in heaven "

That just cracked me up in a good way.  No burned microwave popcorn.

Thanks for psting that here Carol.

5 years ago

Carol K, I would agree with you, I recall when my mum passed over in 2006, she knew she was going to die and she requested that I should pick one song out for her, and at the time one song came to mind that won the Eurovision 1997 for the UK, Love shine a light. The lyrics said it all.

Love Shine A Light lyrics

Love shine a light in every corner of my heart
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Light up the magic in every little part
Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light in every corner of my dream
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Like the mighty river flowing from the stream
Let our love shine a light in every corner of our dreams

And we´re all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light the way
Brothers and sisters in every little part
Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light in every corner of the world
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Light up the magic for every boy and girl
Let our love shine a light in every corner of the world

And we´re all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light the way
Brothers and sisters in every little part
Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts


The Video


5 years ago

That is beautiful Ray!!! May your Mom also RIP!!!

You're welcome Nancy!!

5 years ago

Thank you Ray, sadly watching the video I did not understand a word but only understand english and a bit of spanish/french,   Beautiful poem and Elaine love the candle...Please post the link here for all to post a lite for Cam.  I will see if someone can get a live link I have no clue how to to that and not here much and not well myself, but CAM I would travel to he end of the earth for you my friend.  5 years of touching laughs, sorrow and then again laughs.  


Again Maui, you out did yourself posting this for the LEADER...I do think you should post the funny post with Cam and his Chestnut, in archives.  I had saved, but also the one with Cam and his golf clubs.  Memorial!!!  TO CAM as well as the one where Cam tells about how he got his name!  HA!!! Yes, tears, Yes, Memories Yes, Sorrow Ya BET YA, AWWWW but, Cam would love the laughs and GO GET OBAMA...Another one, Cam at the Cabin ~ he was FUN, yes do have to agee with a post I read Cam and Linda are now walking in the sunset.  The Earth has yet lost so much, but as they say ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.  As Cam always told me I am so old, but NOT, he acted so young and what fun and FUNNY GUY!!!  He also would never admit to being Good!!!  RIP my dearest friend I grieve deeply for you and there are no words to express what I feel, but at least now you can rest and not be unhappy with all you have gone through.  Thank you for your letters, and thank you so much for always being there for me.  I was truly blessed and have been TOUCHED in my life by just knowing you for a short 5 years. 

From Nicole Williams on facbook...
5 years ago

Awww that is too bad. He will be missed, he is a kind, gentle soul.  Glad he isn't in pain anymore though!

From Karen Goetz on facebook...
5 years ago

He was more "American" than many actual American citizens. He loved America and hated to see it being ruined. What a wonderful man, and what a great loss! He will be greatly missed!

5 years ago

Sad to hear about Cam. This makes two friends I have lost cloest a month apart. 

I hope Cam repented and made his peace with the Lord God.

I wittnessed to Cam many times and he was so cloest to aceping Christ. I hope he did.

I dont mean to sound rude. I have to stand on the word of God and truth.

5 years ago

I want to thank all of you for leaving a tribute to Cam on the site.  His friends and family will appreciate knowing how many lives he touched.  Cam and I were friends from the first days he joined Care2 and though we rarely agreed on politics, we found many other areas of agreement.  We wrote many letters to each other, and shared many private sorrows and joys of life. Both his wife's long illness, the death of my husband and then the loss of his wife.  What we shared in our often daily letters can never be replaced.

He was active in the American Tea Party and shared his own concerns for this country. Cam was also an unapologetic atheist and strong believer in total human rights and full equality for all living beings on this earth. Cam was truly one of a kind, a gentleman in the "old fashioned" way. He didn't waiver from his own beliefs because they might not be popular, he knew his own mind.  Some thing we could all learn from. I respected and admired Cam and like most who knew him, I will miss him - greatly.

5 years ago

I agree Michael. I didn't buy it either. From our conversations I strongly feel that Cam was very much a Christain and just like most, he had doubts. I know in my heart he is dancing with Linda in heaven.

Rest In Peace My Dear Friend
You now watch over us
From the golden kingdom above
Your body may be still
But your soul still lingers here
Missing you hurts
Forgetting you hurts more
For I may still hurt
You no longer have pain
Rest In Peace My Dear Friend

5 years ago

I also agree with you Michael...there were many times when Cam had the actions and conversations of someone who believed. He has left an imprint on many here at Care2 that will never be forgotten and had the understanding that we are all different and yet so much alike and treated everyone as such!! How could he not have some kind of belief when he had Linda a devoted Christian that taught him what the love for God meant!? RIP shall never be forgotten!

5 years ago

Thanks Kit! And thanks for doing the Memorial for him!

A Note from Jim Steve
5 years ago

I know that you and Cam were close Carol. I am sorry for your loss. As I am no longer a member of Cam's group, but if you would express my condolences with them, I would appreciate it. Thanks,

5 years ago

 Cam was also an unapologetic atheist


The last thing I want to do is argue in Cam's thread, but I feel it is important to his memory to remember him as he was and not what people wanted him to be.  The statement that I quoted above was just too much to ignore.  Cam was a strong advocate for people of faith.  In fact, it was Cam's idea to turn FSM into a Christian conservative group.  He and I spent hours talking about God, what he believed and what he had questions about.  I know that he spoke with others about faith as well.  I would hardly call that an unapologetic atheist.


The bottom line is Cam was a good man who influenced and touched many lives.  Only God knows Cam's true heart.  The rest of us can only speculate whether he was a man of faith or not.  Atheists who want to believe he was atheist are certainly welcome to do so.  The rest of us also have the right to remember his spiritual side.  Unpologetic atheist?  I don't think so.  I heard him apologize many times just for having doubts and questions.  I'm really going to miss those middle of the night chats.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Amen Michael!!!! 



I would say you probably know Cam more than any of us here with your many, many were his "bro from a different mother"!!!!



Thank you so much for  the FSM's a wonderful reminder of what this site is, all because Cam stuck to his guns and kept it what it was meant to be instead of giving it up.  He made this site grow into one of the best political sites on C2....even though it wasn't all about politics.  If you look at the members, you will see, mostly all joined because of Cam.  He was true to his cause and he could respectfully disagree with you and still make his point heard.  I truly believe Cam was one of a kind and we all have been blessed to know and love the man.  I remember Linda emailing me telling me that she disagreed totally with Cam for what him and I were arguing about, but I was right, but she couldn't help but love the man!!!!  I can so see her point!!



Before Linda had her stroke, they would share the laptop, since hers didn't work very well (in fact, Cam was surprising her with buying a new one just for her).....but I so remember a couple of nights when they were both posting at the same time and the two of them were such a joy and having so much fun arguing with one another....she emailed me saying she was afraid Cam might ban her from FSM, and she said "so be it"!!!!!   Linda had a different way of posting, and she was like me....she shot from the hip....and never backed down......I think that's why her and Cam were such a hit together.....such great memories....and they are all here in our archives.  When you get a chance, go back and read some of the posts....especially the ones of our many FSM parties!!!!  There is no way you can read and not roll on the floor laughing!!!!



I know right now in Heaven, there has got to be the best rock and roll party with the music blaring as loud as it can.  Cam loved his music and posted so many videos for our pleasure right here.   Yes, we all miss him, but we have so many memories of him  here to keep his spirit alive...........




5 years ago

Sometimes my memory isn't so good before Feb 2012 .... well, some would say it isn't great now but it was worse then! haha  I remember when he was thinking of another laptop and came to me for advice on what to get.  He was a hoot!  Acting like he was stoneage with a modern age woman.  He said if knowledge of computers were dynamite, he could blow his glasses off his nose.


One thing was always evident with Cam, he loved Linda as I love Kristie.  Sometimes I think understanding that was what started the strong bond we had.  When James passed away we really cemented the bond, and yes, the few dollars in his pocket was to buy James a beer in the next station of life. 


I've been the eldest sibling all my life until I met Cam.  He always felt like the older brother to me, being there for me when I needed him and returning the favor every opportunity I had.  I loved him like a brother and will remember him forever.

5 years ago

I was doing just that last night Maui. I went back and "starred" many of his threads and some that I remembered him commenting on that were not started by him.

Some of the best were our "parties" and the threads where we "blogged" during debates and on election nights.


Cam was indeed a unique individual. And, yes I did join this group at his invitation. He was always coming to my rescue and suggested that I would be a good fit here. I have enjoyed being in this group so much. I feel like we are all good friends. Actually bettter than some of my "real life" friends. I would so love to be able to actually meet some of you sometime.



Michael, I also would not want to argue about anything on this thread but I had to express my feelings. I too felt like Cam was like an older brother and in some cases like a father to me. He made me look at things from a different perspective at times and I think I did the same for him. I'm going to miss him so much.




5 years ago

Want to keep this thread at or near the top for now


5 years ago

Oh come the tears again....after Michael made me smile:



He said if knowledge of computers were dynamite, he could blow his glasses off his nose.



I agree Nancy....let's keep bumping up this thread.....we will not let Cam become buried on FSM.......I have been gold starring too.......I hope this weekend, I can find some of the ones I want to read again and star.



One story Linda was going to share wtih us was the water and the keyboard episode....I know it had to be good because she was going to write it like the story about Charlie the hampster....this was just  before she became ill.  I wish Cam had shared it with us.....I do remember him referring to it a couple of times.




Cam's handyman stories will keep us rolling on the floor.....I remember last summer's injuries when he was trying to fix the cabinet in the trailer......the poor man really had his mishaps....and only he could tell them in away that you kept wanting more of the story and hoping it never ended.  He had to have his family in stitches constantly!!!




5 years ago

Remember the one about his arse, or was it chestnuts showing, door came open during turbulence on the plane? LOL  

5 years ago

That was so funny Sherry....thank you for sharing another one of Cam's Cartoon Moments!!!

5 years ago

I can't remember how he told it, but it was funny, as always!

5 years ago

He had to have his family in stitches constantly!!!

You know Maui, I often wondered how he kept from being in stitches himself! LOL  I guess bumps and bruises were enough for him.  But I was about ready to fly up there and take his step stool away from him.

5 years ago

I remember the time he kept sneaking on Linda's computer I think it was..he was afraid he'd screw something up and she would get ticked off at him!!

The one poem that somebody left on here..can't remember which one now..anyway I am having a friend of mine make a page with his picture on it along with this might have been the one Sherry added on..I can't remember now..anyway she is making it to add on a web page for us!

5 years ago

They say you can't be in two places at once,
But now I feel that decries explanation.
There are two worlds you know,
Made by the hands of God - his creation.
Our dear friend dwells in the one above the skies,
The one we can't see with our naked eyes.-
The one where the golden rivers flow.
His fighting spirit though, love, and compassion
To us left here in this one, forever will be, a prominent bastion.

So, when they say you can't be in two places at once,
At least a big part of you,
That might call for a little prudent thought,
As there may be a lesson not to be forgot.-
For when you can still feel near you, another's presence,
Though you know they are somewhere else too,
I think that's when you have to give that person's essence,

Its otherwise, unexplainable due.

5 years ago

Not a poet and know it, but I see Cam has inspired us all, and we write from the heart, that's what counts.  So maybe we're all aspiring poets after all.

5 years ago

I think there should have been the apostrophe after 'unexplainable'  instead of 'otherwise' in that last line. 

5 years ago

Did you write that Sherry!?!?!? If you did you did and AWESOME job!!! That is beautiful and even if you didn't it is really a neat poem!!!!!!!!!It says SO much!!!!

5 years ago

I wrote it.  Once in a while I get in the mood. Thank you.  I like reading others too, like Nan's.  I wish I was much much better because reading some real poets works, and some people's much better than my little ones, people who have a command of the English language and words down really well, are neat to read sometimes.

5 years ago's lovely and you are very good at it...honestly. 

5 years ago

Thank you Ex and Carol.  

5 years ago

I know I've asked before, did I miss something, or, what has happened to Alice?  Wish we'd see more of Eli too.

5 years ago

I would love to hear something from both of them as well. 

5 years ago

Sherry..I think I just figured out your last sentence what make more sense!!! Take a look!

I think that's when you have to give that person's essence

it's otherwise... unexplainable due.

5 years ago

What do ya think?

5 years ago

I have also been wondering about you didn't miss anything..we haven't seen her in a long while! And I wish eli would stop in more too....but I know she does read the news..she's probably busy just like the rest of us though!

5 years ago

Did anyone have email of Alice? I hope she's okay. Eli too! I wonder if there is a way of finding out if those 2 are okay.

That'd work by me Carol-the above correction to the last line. Kinda like a pause for thought before the last two words. That's good. Works for me!

5 years ago

That's what I thought too Sherry! The last sentence as a whole one works to keep on a train of thought...then the last two words separate finish the whole thought of the sentence IMO

The only way we can contact Alice is by e-mail but I have not heard anything from her but I have not sent her a message in quite awhile either..maybe I should send her a message and see if i get a reply.I don't have Eli's though.

5 years ago

I just sent Alice a message so we will see!! Or not!!

Sorry, I have gone Off Care2 since Cam passed.
5 years ago

While I am typing this and am also going to bump this up for my Best Friend My EAR and fun times when I used to post (before I was sick in Sir Robert's News) Cam always came in and calmed things down while Sir Robert Said You're going to get into trouble.  It was always the way that I came in that Cam said Linda is Laughing and Loves your comments.  I frankly have no idea what they were after 2 horrible years, but Yes I SPIT back, Cam was my buffer, and since Cam wrote me privately he said Linda says YOU GO girl, long time ago and so much has passed.

Was looking for Cam's GOLF Club message in on article we went off on and he said "Marilyn you know how to get to me and told the story about him and the golf clubs"...OMG  that was so funny, but I sadly did not keep that or the article about the hockey he played and Maui you went into Donkey Basketball...Gads I wish I would of printed all that out and Carol you have my E-Mail, Maui too...please send those oldies to me to print out.  Or Post.   PLEASE

Cam Gave me Hope and a LIGHT LOAD when I was in pain....when Linda was in the hospital he wrote me, but I would love those old posts to be sent to me or posted if you can.  
What a Guy and did send off a card to his family at Cam's address.  I am missing and typing this with wet eyes ~ even though I can smile at Cam (or the way he got his name) I can't swallow since I was close to Cam since 2009, I can't be aroung much and this is typing with falling tears.  Sorry, this is a Tribute to our Fearless Leader, Funny Ya Bet Ya, a Dear Friend...Absolutely!  Lately, in pain,, but still after his precious Linda was gone he  posted comments *You got the PLANE, but missed the golf clubs...That was soooooooooooo funny...Cam wanted me to host this group awhile ago I said no and Thank goodness since I would not be able to contain some things Maui, Carol, Michael and Of Course Cam Did.  I miss my Canada Guy and he was supposed to meet me here last October when he was taking his family to Disneyland...Sadly, I said no can do toooo Sick.  What a MISTAKE.  Life is to short, and I thank the Lord that He BROUGHT CAM into my life.  Cam never told me he did not believe, you can always believe in something, but Cam gave me hope after I was so sick in Feb when he chimed in and take a peek at the old news.  I MISS MY CAM IT GAVE ME A HORRIFIC VOID, I can't talk to him and now can only talk to Cam in Prayers cause I know that Northern Man is there for me like always.  Linda Too...egging Cam on. 

5 years ago

Ok...Tried to edit, Care2 went Nuts so I was trying to correct typos as well as. a comment about I made about Hosts?!?!   Nothing in my comment would be WRONG with the HOSTS OF THIS GROUP and I am going in STATEMENT HERE!!!!!!


Like I told Cam privately, I adore Maui, Carol is great and at that time I did not know YOU Michael since I don't get here often. Actually, If you guys take a peek at the membership here I am before most of you guys, but UMMM not active.   Took a peek and am in the beginning. 


There is absolutely No On in my Humble Mind that could ever replace Cam nor Linda, Maui you had that relationship with Linda, I DID NOT, I only had a realationship with Linda through Cam, but got some mail from Cam in Pain and since he is gone I can post here now, he wanted to Hold ON TO Linda but said Marilyn not right for me to do that and I just wrote back Cam I am there for you....


The fact, after Linda passed on and I had surgery and went rapid a bit here for fun, Cam had a diversion.  My heart hurt, since he wanted to see me and I was sick...Just taught me yet another lesson. Also, when I was being kicked out by Mom's Attorney's  Cam said Linda and I want you here and you have a  Home.  What a guy...Actually, IMHO He was the perfect brother I could ever hope for from the Lord~


.DO NOT SAY NO EVER TO A FRIEND AND PUT THINGS OFF, DO NOT SAY NO TO A GIFT THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN YOU BY THE LORD AND IGNORE...I am the losser and have lost out a tons of times since I DON'T PAY attention TO WHAT IS IN MY HEART FROM MY SOUL AND YEARS OF GOING TO LUTHERAN PRIVATE SCHOOL.....Long Message for me and signing off.  All of my best to Maui, Carol, Sherry, Michael, Alice (byw...???) The Prayers Michael does (just shaking my head when I peek in they touch my heart)...

Gads Post the Cam Funnies, please since I need a GOOD ONE and Dang my computer went nuts and lost all.  xoxo  Maui, Carol....You will find those.

5 years ago

Marilyn..Cam had a nac for being able to affect each of us in our own ways. He always gave us the respect that each of us appreciated from anyone! And he also had a talent for jokes and funny come backs!! Watching and listening to him and Linda together was a hoot!! Maybe Maui has kept all of those threads separate but I didn't so I would have to look back over the archives in order to find them. I think you are able to do that too Marilyn if you want to just take some time to go over the old threads. It can bring back a lot of good memories!! It's something that I think each of us would enjoy doing! keep the funny times in our minds..that's what Cam and Linda would want for all of us!!!!

5 years ago

Marilyn..You and I must have been posting at almost the same time... I can try and find them when I get the time..OK?

5 years ago

Alice has been busy trying to squeeze 30 hours in a 24 hour clock.  We will see her smile provoking posts again once everything settles down.

5 years ago

You know, there's a lot to be said about internet friendships.  You hear all kinds of things about weirdos, stalkers and other insane types.  But we don't hear a lot about the good ones.  I wonder why that is. 


People who don't spend time on the internet claim you can't really make good friends like you can in person.  My father is a good example.  He's a good man and has a number of friends and tells me he can call a few different people if he needed help with something and they would be right there.   I told him I have friends all over the world that I could call if I were in the neighborhood and even some between the coast and the mountains that would be right here if I needed them.  If I could get someone who worked for the cruise lines to claim me as an uncle I would be in great shape! LOL


If I had known Cam as a neighbor, I would have memories of things we had done together.  The problem with that is memories can fade.  On the other hand, being a friend of Cam's online and my desire to save everything, I was able to spend the past hour reading emails and instant messages of our actual conversations.  What a nut!  He still makes me laugh!  This is one of the reasons I love GMail.  I can search on anything and just have his chats or emails or both appear in a list.


The most recent funny was his discription of an attempt to paint a room which resulted in him falling off his ladder and slamming his face on his desk.  Now that part wasn't funny, but his description of showing up at his granddaughters Brownie meeting the next day and scaring all the kids with his black and blue face was hilarious!  One side pink, the other side black and blue and his glasses cockeyed .... poor guy.  I felt his pain, but the more he described it, the harder I laughed.  He was laughing as he typed.  I think his plan was to see how hard he could make me laugh!


I will treasure those emails and chats for a long time to come.  Not just for the personal and confidential chats, or the laughter we shared, there were also plenty of discussions about FSM.  Since I want to continue Cam's legacy as he dreamed it could be, I can refer back to his thoughts when I feel confused about the direction or become lost in my own personal beliefs.  You see, Cam was instrumental in me changing my way of thinking on a few subjects.  It's so nice to reread some of those words of wisdom to help keep me in the center of the path instead of all the way to the right.  Well, as center as I can get without nightmares. haha 


So Cam, if it's possible you can read these, thanks again Bro for all the laughs, the tears as we dealt with heartache and the guidance you gave this little brother from another mother. 

5 years ago

Thank you Micheal, that was beautiful and right on the mark in everything you said about friendships and our Cam.  God bless.

5 years ago

What an awesome write up Michael!!! I do remember the time he told us about falling backwards off the ladder too! I also laughed and laughed..the more he said the harder I laughed!! he was good for the heart and soul of laughter!! Poor guy sure suffered from that fall though and when he went to school and his Grand kids saw him..Oh My Gosh!! That was hilarious!!!!

I have also almost fallen off the back of a ladder thinking I was on the bottom step and not......scared the bejeebies out of me! Of course then I was going up our stairs once after this guy leveled the 2nd to the bottom step only to find out it was a little higher too and about fell flat on my face from that!

5 years ago

I'm so new to this site, but in my infrequent postings, Cam was always such a gentleman to me. My sympathies and condolences to all of you. I know he would want all of you to carry on in his and Linda's names, so please do just that.

5 years ago

That's the plan Mary Ann, we will carry on just as Cam wanted FSM to be.  If I can ever be of assistance, please don't hesitate to call on me. 

5 years ago

I miss my friend

5 years ago

I miss him too...  

5 years ago

Me three.  I miss seeing him out there in the middle of the night when I can't sleep and having him to laugh with through the wee hours.

5 years ago

I know Michael. Many nights he was the onl other one here. Would love o debatyet this gun issue with him now 

5 years ago

I miss them both so very's been tough friends.....thank you for keeping this thread alive.   When will the hole in our hearts heal?


5 years ago

When will the hole in our hearts heal?

Shortly after I find another nut that stays up all night and chats online. haha  The heart will heal, but will never forget.  For me the healing has already started just by reading through the funny stuff.


Nan, for what it's worth, I had Cam aggreeing with me on the gun issue.  I think the thing that sold him was when I said when the law abiding gun toters outnumber the outlaw gun toters, there are fewer problems in town.  It was good citizens with guns in the gun rack who stopped the U of T sniper from killing more police who were trying to stop him.  I told Cam about a scene in a movie that just made him bust out laughing.  I said if the law abiding folks carried, it would be like that scene in a movie where an armed robber pulled his gun to hold up a local bar.  What the robber didn't realize is it was cop bar.  Every person in the crowded bar pulled their weapon.  The robber stuttered, stumbled and ran away.  Now imagine that happening in every bar!  The robber's eyes get big as silver dollars, he gasps, whispers oh %#&!*% and pees all over himself.  Not one shot fired.  That got him laughing!

5 years ago

as you know I can't post videos but this is the scene you speak of I belive

Code of Silence

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5 years ago

..that was HILARIOUS Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nan..OK..I will tell you how to do it with You Tube videos...when you have a You Tube video show up..there is at the top it will say on the Share buttom and a white screen will show up with links....CLICK ON LONG LINK..then copy and bring it back to the group here and add the video: before it..that's it!! Most of them work ;like that and some times the old fashioned way works..don't ask me why!

5 years ago

That's it Nan!  Although I must have seen the TV version as I don't remember that language being a part of it! LOL


One of the things that I loved about Cam was his common sense.  He had an idea of what he believed would be best, but he wasn't too good to listen to another view and change his mind if it made sense.  I would say that was the best gift he gave to me.  No matter how much research you do, there's always something more and one should take the time to listen. 

5 years ago

Michael - Love the tribute on the FSM PAGE as you first come into this FSM group to Cam, I normally track some discussions (thus coming in only on a certain article), but not here as much as I would dearly like to be, especially lately. Bless you Michael for doing that.  What a wonderful tribute to such a kind man.

Cam came into my mind this morning when I was walking my rescue, it is so strange how people you meet touch your life so deeply.  Cam was one of those people, he had so much fun, then sorrow, but he still came into this group and posted things that I found so funny I would almost fall off my chair!  Cam, you are never forgotten and will always be a part of my life.  I look forward to meeting you again, and finally seeing Linda. 

5 years ago

Thank you Arthur.  That was a beautiful statement you made on Cam's behalf!


Carol and Maui, when I went to post the notification of Care2 down time, I noticed how selfish the tribute to Cam sounded.  While neither of you said a word about it, I felt bad using 'I' instead of 'we'.  I am sorry that it appeared that way.  I changed the 'I' to 'we' so as to include all the hosts here on FSM.  After all, we are a team!  The message should have been from all of us, and now is.

5 years ago

I didn't even think of it Michael.....I was so thrilled to see the tribute and Cam's picture on our front page....that's all that makes it seem he is with us everyday when I sign on......and actually he is because so many threads here on FSM keep him in our thoughts.  I have been reading them and enjoying every word.  I do bet he is pounding the keys on his laptop over obama this week....I hope Heaven gave him a larger keyboard for his so-called "fat fingers"

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