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Wasn't this the truth yesterday!!!
5 years ago

This occupier knows he has not a thing in common with MLK.  His narcissist self has once again showed itself. What's new there?  This was a way, IMO, to put his stamp over a day that was set aside to celebrate MLK Day, and himself being the exact opposite, it was in his muz com mind to make a mockery of it, and want people to remember this day as the day he was (illegally) sworn back in, and less remembered, or not remembered,  for the most important day it should be recognized for.  I said before that his followers will be given the false impression that he did it on this day for honest and good intentions, and they will/have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker, instead of connecting the dots of what Obama is, from his childhood on up.

5 years ago

Yeah, Clinton would be checking her out.  Then you got Dirty Flirty 'Uncle Joe' it looks like, sitting right behind her. Wow. Has America ever been duped by the sex predators and wanna be predators in our offices.Yeah, I know they aren't the first, and IMO, when it happens, out the door they should have went, and should go.

5 years ago

Was Ronald Reagan the only President we've had in the last several that had their brain intact, wasn't a sex predator, except maybe Bush, and what the dangers of this kind of gov't. ever getting into power would result in? Even cared?

5 years ago


5 years ago

Watch Al Roker Go Absolutely Nuts Trying to Get Obama’s, Biden’s Attention During Parade (and It Works!)




Oh, Al Roker. What would we do without you? You give us such joy.



First, well, first you’re hilariously eccentric.

Second, you recently told the whole world that you soiled your trousers while visiting White House in 2002 (of course, the medical procedure-induced accident isn’t the funny part — it’s the fact that you told people).




Finally, who else could make losing their mind over President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at Monday’s inaugural parade so funny?




You’re one of a kind, Mr. Roker:





Seriously, the last time we saw someone act like this in public it was The Beatles’ first visit to America:


5 years ago

OMG Maui!!!!! All of the above are hysterically funny----sad in a lot of ways because they are true, but funny because if we don't laugh AT them, we will lose our own purpose and dignity.

5 years ago

Mary are so right....we have to laugh because depression is much, much worse!!!

5 years ago

Mr. Roker looked like he needed a nice little white padded room. I'm surprised Booboo didn't demand the red carpet be rolled down the street for his stuffy arrogant self. Ho-Hum.

And you are so right Maui. Those hmm hmm - adults? -  screaming and hollering over Obama like pre-teen and teens at the Beatles, what else can one say? It says it for itself.  I wonder how many times Obummer looked at himself after that, in a mirror, donning his crown and velvet fur trimmed robe thinking what a dandy he is.

5 years ago

These are all great Maui..saw most of them on facebook!LOVED the one with the man in the crowd with the US flag upside down!! WHAT a message! And I hope Obama and Moochelle saw that flag!!! Therwe is nothing Obama does for the betterment of the American people and when he does things like he did here using MLK legacy and trying to compare himslef to him he is either really stupid or really sick to think he could even come close to MLK!!! He is so desperate for attention and anything to boost is low self esteem that he will do anything and everything he knows the American public abhores!! It's like a "I will stick it in your face!" kinda criminal! Is that REALLY a wig on Moochelle!? She must think she is some super star or something!!

Beyonce sings to end Obama inauguration ceremony
5 years ago

Beyonce sings to end Obama inauguration ceremony



The singer Beyonce sang the Star-Spangled Banner to hundreds of thousands of people in Washington DC at the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama.

Beyonce, who will perform at the US Super Bowl next month, was accompanied by her husband Jay-Z at the inauguration.

Officials estimate about 700,000 people attended the inauguration, down significantly from 2009, when about 1.8 million people witnessed Mr Obama be sworn in as America's first black president.

The Main Question did she sing or not, there is talk in the UK that she Mined, 

700,000 people attended the inauguration, 27% were Black Americans, 73% were Illegal Immigrants. 

Beyonce mimed Barack Obama inauguration Star-Spangled Banner rendition
5 years ago

Beyonce mimed Barack Obama inauguration Star-Spangled Banner rendition

IT has been reported that Beyoncé mimed her rendition of Star Spangled Banner at Obama's inauguration yesterday.

For millions watching on television, Beyonce's soaring rendition of America's national anthem was the highlight of Monday's presidential inauguration ceremony.

But a spokeswoman from the band which accompanied her yesterday has claimed that the singer did not sing the American National Anthem live, but lip-synched.

A spokeswoman for the Marine Corp Band explained to The Times that it was normal proceedure to record a backing track of the vocals, and that Beyoncé chose to use this version instead of perform live to close the inauguration ceremony.

The spokeswoman said, "We did pre-record it and it was Beyoncé’s decision at the last minute to go with the pre-recorded version.”

“We pre-recorded all music as a matter of course and have done since time immemorial,” she said. “This is our 54th inauguration?There is no question of there not being any music – it’s not because the performer cannot do it.”

Beyoncé's performance of Star Spangled Banner was performed on the Capitol in Washington DC, as part of a run of musical events to celebrate Obama's second inauguration. Kelly Clarkson sung My Country ‘Tis of Thee and James Taylorperformed America the Beautiful.

- Alice Vincent,

5 years ago

Yeah!! It was a fake signing! At least it fits the fake administration that is in there now!!! FAKES...FAKES...FAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Carol, Could not say it better myself, as we say in the UK, You've hit nail on the head or shouls Bang on Target,  Fake Administration lead by a Fake President I love you.

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