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Hillary Clinton clashes with senator at Benghazi hearing
5 years ago

Hillary Clinton clashes with senator at Benghazi hearing

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has lashed out at a senator who accused the Obama administration of misleading the public over a raid on a US consulate.

A member of the Senate foreign relations committee suggested there had been a cover-up of events surrounding the assault in Libya.

Mrs Clinton thumped the table as she clashed with Senator Ron Johnson.

Earlier in the hearing, she took responsibility for security failures that led to the attack.

Mrs Clinton will be grilled later on Wednesday in the House of Representatives, where she is expected to face even more heat.

The back-to-back hearings are expected to be her last appearance on Capitol Hill as America's top diplomat.

She is being questioned about the raid on 11 September last year on the US mission in Benghazi that left the US envoy to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other officials dead.

Emotional testimony

The ambassador died of smoke inhalation when he was trapped in the burning consulate building, after armed men stormed the compound.

The assault triggered a major political row over who knew what and when.

Outrage in Congress over the incident led the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, to withdraw from the race to succeed Mrs Clinton.

Last November, Mrs Rice admitted releasing incorrect information after the Benghazi attack. She said there had been no attempt to mislead the public, but Republicans were unconvinced.

At Wednesday's hearing, Sen Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, said: "We were misled that there were supposedly protests and then something sprang out of that, an assault sprang out of that."

Mrs Clinton replied with a raised voice: "But with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans - was it because of a protest, or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans."

Thumping the table four times, she added: "What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator."

Mrs Clinton told the senators her department was implementing - as well as going above and beyond - 29 recommendations by an independent panel that investigated the incident.

Earlier, Mrs Clinton's voice cracked with emotion as she described the moment she and President Barack Obama welcomed home the coffins of those killed in the Benghazi attacks.

"I stood next to President Obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at Andrews," she said.

"I put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters, and the wives left alone to raise their children."

She also told the Senate committee she never saw paperwork requesting more security at the consulate in Benghazi.

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5 years ago

'Expanding terrorist haven'

In her opening remarks, Mrs Clinton pointed to the rise of Islamist militancy across North Africa and said: "Benghazi did not happen in a vacuum."

The secretary of state's appearance comes less than a week after a siege by Islamist militants at a gas facility in Algeria in which three Americans died.

US consulate in Benghazi on fire. 11 Sept 2012
A scathing US inquiry blamed "grossly inadequate" security at the Benghazi mission

"Instability in Mali has created an expanding safe haven for terrorists who look to extend their influence and plot further attacks of the kind we saw just last week in Algeria," Mrs Clinton said.

The secretary of state also said there was "no doubt" that the Algerian attackers and remnants of al-Qaeda in Mali had weapons from Libya.

Three state department employees have lost their jobs over the Benghazi attack.

Mrs Clinton, who is stepping down from her post in two weeks, has spent a month recuperating from a series of ailments in December, which delayed her testimony.

She is considered a strong candidate for the Democratic nomination for president should she run in 2016.

Mr Obama has nominated Democratic Senator John Kerry to replace her as Secretary of State.

At the scene

Four months after the attack on Benghazi, Mrs Clinton is finally testifying in an open hearing in Congress about what happened, how her department and the administration handed it, and how to move forward.

Mrs Clinton has testified once before on Benghazi already, in a closed session, when the investigation was still ongoing. Many questions were left unanswered.

She is hoping her long-awaited appearance in front of Congress will defuse some of the political acrimony that has engulfed the debate about Benghazi. Much is at stake in this hearing, not just for Mr Obama's foreign policy in his second term and how Republicans will interact with his administration, but also for Mrs Clinton herself. This is her last high-profile public appearance before she steps down in a couple of weeks.

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5 years ago

I don't care if she saw printed paperwork or not.  The message was out way before the murders, and she was informed one way or the other and others knew. Request for help and not diminishing security from an ambassodor in another country is  not just a ho-hum, I think I'll ignore that I ever saw this or got a call on it, or a fax or whatever, and won't tell anyone today, game.  I also know better than to think anyone with a lick of a brain in their head, didn't know to protect our people when 911 was around the corner.  This whole crooked administration is twisted.

5 years ago

She certainly had enough time to practice her lies with Obama.  Rep Karen Bass's speech thanking Clinton and pushing for more support for Africa just turned my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm really getting tired of the US GOVT and black elected officials spending OUR tax dollars on Africa!  When are these people going to realize they are Americans, NOT AFRICANS!  If they would just take half the effort to improve this country that they take on Africa we would see major improvement!


Obama and Clinton continue to LIE about the Benghazi issue and the left wing govt employees of the people put themselves above the law and worse yet, above the people who hired them.  They make me SICK!   It's time to fire them all and put people in congress who believe in the constitution, the freedom of the people, and realize they are but the people's employees!

5 years ago

I've watched several members of congress question Clinton on the Benghazi issue.  It just turns my stomach to listen to every single democrat kiss her ass and thank her for making the world safer!  NOT ONE democrat cared even a little to get down to the truth of what happened.  Of those I saw, only one republican gave her kudos for what she's done, but at least he asked her about the planes and why they weren't dispatched to clear the crowds.


This isn't a congressional hearing.  It's a party against party witch hunt with no regard to finding the truth.  We are in serious trouble with the people in office today, BOTH PARTIES!  We are now doing the exact same thing Russia did just before their collapse.  Everyone in office could care less about tomorrow, just worry about today and what I can get away with.  What a @#$%^& JOKE!

5 years ago

I got to hear a little of Limbaugh on the radio when I went to the store. He called listening to them a "Pukefest." 

5 years ago

The part he said about Hillary saying "What difference does it make?"  in part of her speech, made my skin crawl.

5 years ago

I watched the morning coverage and I too became sick of all the slobbering dems praising clinton.....while she sat there and smiled away.  I give praises to Rand Paul for going after her while she sat with a smirk on her face shaking her head.  At least he got her on record saying she didn't know anything about guns being transported by Libya to Turkey.....I truly think they wanted Stevens dead because he knew too much about the gun trafficing and needed to hush him up....just like the survivors...where in the hell are they???  They are keeping them silenced for a very good reason.  

What also pissed me off was the dems going on about the mass of weapons they are still looking for in Iraq......and this is worse than Benghazi.......a-holes!!!!

clinton has had practice lying under oath...remember Whitewater?????   Blood of four Americans is on her and obama's hands.....but you know.....I don't think they even long as they come away squeaky clean....who cares who dies!!!!   I was also very upset that more Republicans didn't come after her stronger...they talk big when they are on FOX....then when it comes down to questioning her, they back off....DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I give big kudos to Rand Paul!!!!

5 years ago

Got this in my email.  You may have also:

Rand Paul via 
5:34 PM (37 minutes ago)
to me

Dear Sherry, 

"If I were President, I would have relieved you of your post." 

That's what I told Hillary Clinton earlier today when she testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing over the Benghazi terrorist attacks that left four Americans dead. 

Of course, that's a tough statement, but when it comes to the loss of precious American lives - I'm not going to beat around the bush


You see, in September of 2012, the U.S. Special Mission in Benghazi was attacked, leaving four Americans murdered in cold blood. 

During the weeks leading up to the attacks, U.S. personnel in Benghazi pleaded several times for additional security. 

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was killed during the attacks, requested additional security from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Unfortunately, his requests were ignored and overlooked. 

Despite a review board citing 64 things that could have been done differently - potentially saving 4 precious lives - the Obama Administration hasn't been too candid with the American people about what happened in Benghazi. 

I believe those who make judgment errors need to be replaced, fired, and no longer in a position of making these judgment calls. 

So far, no one has been fired - even though it's clear that no one even bothered to read the cables from Benghazi and Ambassador Stevens requesting more security. 

Ultimately, with her leaving, Hillary Clinton is accepting the culpability for this tragedy - and I commend her for that

But this problem should have been addressed earlier. 

If I were President, I would have relieved Hillary Clinton from her post a long time ago. 

Of course, some cables are going to be missed and not read. 

If she would have missed the cable from the Ambassador in Vienna asking for $100,000 for electrical "green" car stations, I would excuse that. 

Or if she missed the cables requesting $100,000 for three comedians who went to India to "make che, not war," I would have excused that

But she didn't miss these cables, and instead missed the cable coming from Libya - one of the hottest terrorist spots in the world. 

Not to know cost four Americans their lives. These are lives that could have been saved. 

As the review board stated, Hillary Clinton and her Department weren't "willfully negligent." 

It was a failure of leadership not to be involved and know these things. 

And for those failures, she should have been relieved from her position a long time ago

As a U.S. Senator, I believe it's my duty to get to the bottom of every judgment and leadership error that occurs within our government - especially one
5 years ago

 especially one that results in the loss of precious American lives. 

That's the only way another tragedy like this can be prevented in the future. 

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul 

P.S. Please take a moment to watch the brief video of the tough questions I had for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi terrorist attacks that left four Americans dead. 

Please consider chipping in a contribution of $10, $15 or $25 to help RandPAC hold bureaucrats in Washington accountable for their judgment errors.

5 years ago

I listened to the short video.  I liked what he had to say to her, except.... for the part where he said he didn't suspect her motives. 

5 years ago

That was going too far, and I, as much as I've been okay w/ what I see of Rand Paul, well, that definitely hit a very very wrong cord with me.

5 years ago

I agree on that last part Sherry! He gave her free reign as in saying "I believe you!" He fell right into her trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She certainly had enough time to practice her lies with Obama.

Boy You are SO right on that Michael! I was thinking the same thing while reading all of this hog wash!!! guts...that's what we have in Congress is a bunch of people with NO guts!!!

I am so damn sick and tired of all the lies and then what Clinton said "Who cares!?" Is she freaking kidding us!? The only way to stop this from ever happeneing again is to fire every damn one of them involved in it...make a GOOD example!! But...we have no one with guts who loves to listen to lies maybe because they have something in THEIR closet that if it came out could really put the damper on them!? Man they are a bunch of crooked bastards!!!

5 years ago

Dang Care2 can tick me off sometimes! Thank goodness I clicked BACK and recovered and copied and THEN hit reply AGAIN for my message for it to show up!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

5 years ago

I can accept him stating he trusts her intentions.  I don't think her intentions are the ones we need to be concerned about. It's Obama's intentions that cost those American lives.  I believe that 100%. 


The problem I do have with Rand Paul and a few others like him, is this:

Please consider chipping in a contribution of $10, $15 or $25 to help RandPAC hold bureaucrats in Washington accountable for their judgment errors.


Rand Paul is an elected official and is paid quite handsomely to do what he's doing.  There should be no reason for us to donate to his cause!  There are hundreds of organizations that have popped up since Obama first showed his true colors, who ask for donations to spread the word or hold elected officials accountable.  All we get for donations are emails with updates ... updates that usually come after we've heard it on the news or read it somewhere else.  If people feel the need to donate money for the conservative cause, send it to me.  I'll keep people informed and write to elected officials once a week for the cause!

5 years ago

The Repubs wimped out yesterday on Hillary...and now she will never have to answer the tough questions that should have been asked.....and did you notice how many dems asked her anything about Benghazi but drooled over her performance as SOS???  They should have had Brett Bair from Fox question her because he knows more about Beghazi Gate than any of the Repubs.   They folded when they had the chance....they talked so big prior to her appearance.....then wimped out.  They spent more time giving a 4 minute speech to her, then left only a minute for her to ask a question.....this hearing was a joke.....and she won!!!!   And only Fox is covering it...except for the LSM who are all saying Hillary ate their lunch!!!!!  One dem went on and on about the missing mass weapons of they were back to blaming Bush instead of what was on the table today to question she sat there and smiled and shook her head in agreement!!!  What a joke!!!!!  This entire administration on both sides are a joke......and you know what scares the hell out of Hillary will run in 2016 and she has almost a 60+% approval rating.....she failed as she will go on to be POTUS.......WE ARE SCREWED WITH A CAPTIAL "F"!!!!

5 years ago

THAT Michael, also didn't set right with me! It's why I copied it along with the rest to, also, and put it there, though it really does go with the whole email. I just don't know who to trust all the way anymore.  Rand was doing good till he did that. It set up a red flag in front of my face, so to speak. I do not believe he even believes that.

Not just the donation part-his saying he didn't suspect her motives in it. She definitely played a part.

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5 years ago

The only ones I can see with good intentions in their heart, are ones that didn't run-Sarah Palin and Lt. Col. Allen West, well, one that did, - even Herman Cain.

5 years ago

This regime was so afraid of Herman Cain, that they did to him what they would have done to Allen West had he ran. And the thing is, I know the lefties know it was all a set up, ones who like to come across as they are oh so honest, yet fully support the Lying Obama. They prove themselves to me over and over of what they are not, yet claim to seek-Truth. They are like the muslim religion giving themselves  a pass for lying if it promotes their cause and Obama's.

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