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Duck shot with crossbow bolt / 3 reports
5 years ago
Report 1           29 January 2013

Duck shot with crossbow bolt at Dearne Valley park

Duck with crossbow bolt in head
The duck is still able to fly and feed itself, the RSPCA said

The RSPCA is investigating after a duck was seen in a country park with a crossbow bolt through its head.

Barnsley Council reported the incident after the mallard was spotted at Dearne Valley Country Park in Barnsley.

The organisation said officers had attempted to catch the duck without success but were continuing to monitor it.

Anyone convicted of shooting the animal could face a six-month prison sentence and a £5,000 fine, the RSPCA said.

A spokeswoman said: "Obviously as the duck is still able to fly and quite mobile it has been difficult for our officers to catch it but we are continuing to monitor it and hope to catch it eventually."

She added the animal appeared able to still feed itself but officers wanted to treat it before it came to any further harm.

Officers believe the bolt may have entered the duck's head through the ear canal.

The RSPCA urged anyone who had witnessed the shooting to contact officers.

Injured duck shot with crossbow found
5 years ago

Report 2 

18 February 2012

Injured duck shot with crossbow found in Spalding

Duck shot with crossbow. Photo courtesy of Abi Beeby
Inspectors were investigating the illegal shooting

A duck shot with a crossbow has been found in Lincolnshire.

The mallard was rescued by the RSPCA from Commercial Road in Spalding on Friday and is now recovering at East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk.

Andy Bostock, from the RSPCA, said the bird would have been in tremendous pain and said he was shocked and appalled.

Inspectors were investigating the illegal shooting and anyone caught could face a six month prison sentence and a £20,000 fine, the RSPCA said.

Injured mallard shot with crossbow in Derbyshire
5 years ago

Report 3

20 September 2010 

Injured mallard shot with crossbow in Derbyshire

The RSPCA has warned the public to watch out for illegal hunting after a duck was found with a crossbow bolt in its breast in Derbyshire.

The bolt passed right through the mallard crossbreed duck's body, but it has made a good recovery.

It was released back into a pond at Riverside Gardens in Belper on Monday.

RSPCA inspector Graeme Petty said the duck was found injured five days ago, but has recovered after treatment with antibiotics.

Park warden Steve Jopp said: "It was found in a lot of distress because… one of its wings was pegged to its side - but the RSCPA were out within the hour."

Mr Petty said: "We caught the bird and immediately took it to a local vet. Thankfully, the type of bolt that it is - there aren't any barbs in it so it was simply a case of slowly, carefully pulling it out."

The RSPCA warned that anyone shooting birds without a valid licence could face a six-month prison sentence or a £5,000 fine.

5 years ago

Some people are just plain freaks, cruel to the core. I've always said they should have much harsher sentences and fines when they catch these freaks. I've read some pretty horrifying stories of what people have done to animals. Saying they could face a 6 mo. prison sentence, is when it should be a should be facing a sentence, and 6 months is not long enough IMO. Too often these scary morons get off, or w/nothing more than a little of next to nothing of a sentence or fine.

5 years ago

This is horrible!!!! I don't know how anyone can be so pathetically mean and disregard wildlife this way! I mean hunting ducks is one thing but then use a gun!!! This looks like it was just a sort of target practice thing!!!

5 years ago

The RSPCA warned that anyone shooting birds without a valid licence could face a six-month prison sentence or a £5,000 fine.

I've studied Law, but not criminal Law as I mainly stay with Housing Law which is Civil Law and ECUR Law, however, I will say what bit I know about Criminal Law, I believe that it maybe a 6 months prison sentence or £5,000.00 fine, but the RSPCA fail to say, or both, meaning a Sentence and a Fine, but even then, I am of the opinion the sentence and fine is far to short,

this as always been the main argument in the UK, the punishment hand-down by the courts, but when questioning the courts, they correctly say: complain to the Government. 

I believe that a punishment of this sort of criminal act should be at least 10 year prison sentence with a fine to the sum of £15,000,00 and ban the one's who committed this act from holding in the persons any sort of fire arms for life,

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5 years ago

I know people who hunt, but then they fill their freezer with the meat too, and give to friends to help them out.  These other people are just maiming and torturing for sick fun because they get a sick sick thrill out of seeing an animal suffer.

5 years ago

I saw this on a program here in the USA a few months ago.  I thought it was shot here in the states.  Yeah, here it is.  From Arizona,  Must be two different ducks with the same kind of injury!


I don't understand what the uproar is about.  If it was someone who was just shooting at ducks for fun or target practice, then yeah, punish him!  Here in the states we punish anyone we catch who do such a vile thing to any creature!


HOWEVER!  If he was hunting in a legal hunting area, shot the duck and the duck lived and escaped, then that's another story.  How many hunters have shot an animal, thought it was dead, only to watch it get up and run away?  Try as you might, you don't always find it.  I remember an incident where I shot a deer that dropped, then bolted in the woods faster than I could blink!  It took me hours to track that buck down!  Most would have given up ... but I'm stubborn.


I have a couple of crossbows and have to admit that I feel sorry for the duck, but if the crossbow shooter was actually aiming at the duck, I give him credit for an incredible shot!  Anyone can shoot a duck with a shotgun (scattergun).  It takes a really good marksman to hit a duck with a 6 inch dart  traveling 115 feet per second!  (with crossbows, the 6 inch arrows are referred to as darts and the longer arrows as bolts ... no idea why).


We have wild turkey behind my place in the country.  I'm thinking of hunting for one of them during season with a 20 inch bolt (arrow) that travels about 350 feet per second.  It isn't for sport, it's for food.  I don't want the turkey nicked or shot and then fly away with my expensive carbon bolt (about $10 each).  Plus I would feel bad for the bird if it was wounded and got away.  But sometimes it happens. 


I can excuse a hunter who simply missed his mark.  I cannot excuse someone who is just trying to see if they can hit something.  That's what inanimate targets are for. 

5 years ago

I agree with you Michael...on average though I think a person shooting with a gun has a much better chance of getting the animal than with a bow and arrow. I am just going by what Bob has said about the averages of a gun and a bow and arrow. The place next door here when we first came down here had bow and arrow hunters. One of them tried to take after an animal that Bob had been watching for a long time. Bob shot over his head and got the animal. He let him know he didn't appreciate the fact of just walking in and trying to take an animal that Bob had been stalking for a long time. The guy about went nuts over it. Bob would not have shot anywhere close to him but he wanted to leave a lasting reminder to him...LOL It worked!! I hope you get your turkey! I had wild turkey once and it was very close to the turkey you buy in the store! I basted it with orange juice and man was it good!!

5 years ago

Another thing about this duck that got shot depends on where it was shot..within city limits and if it was then duck season would not make any would have been shot illegally and in that case the person/s deserve what they get. They do the same thing up here with Moose or Caribou in season...then if it is taken off the limits of where they can hunt that is another added plus to go down on the hunter and if there is any want and waste then they REALLY sock it to them! They will go into thier freezers and completely empty them out!!

5 years ago

That guy in Report 3 needs a manicure...

5 years ago

I remember when I was living in San Diego in the early 70's, we had a problem with kids killing seagulls.  It became such an issue that we actually had civilians patrolling the beaches trying to find those responsible. 


Many people take their old bread to feed the gulls at the beach.  It was fun to throw a piece of bread in the air and watch the expert flyers dive down and snatch that bread out of the air before it hit the ground.  Well some jerk got tired of all the seagulls around and starting killing them by throwing alka seltzer tablets in the air.  The birds didn't know the difference between bread and tablets and gobbled them up.  Since birds can't release gas, they explode.  That's the definition of cruel!  And anyone who intentionally commits a cruel act should be punished to the point they will never want to do it again!


Notice I said intentionally.  Sometimes there are accidents, even with irresponsibility.  There was an incident when I was 12 or 13, I had received a Co2 BB pistol for my birthday.  I was with a buddy of mine out in the woods shooting my new pistol.  I saw a bird high in a tree, a small bird, bigger than a sparrow but smaller than a blue jay.  It was squawking, making a lot of noise.  I figured I would scare it away by shooting through the leaves.  I was just playing, did a fast draw, old west style, and shot without even aiming.  I hit that bird perfectly in the middle of his chest, killing him instantly.  I couldn't have made that long distance shot if I was starving and had aimed. 


I couldn't tell my folks what I had done because I ashamed, not to mention grossly irresponsible.  I didn't want to play with my gun any more and I was moping around the house.  My father finally asked what was going on.  When I explained what happened, he was obviously angry.  He told me if I had just run away he would have punished me, but since I took the time to bury the bird and the tears in my eyes, he knew how bad I felt about it.  He used that as a  tool to drive home what he had tried to teach me before about safety, handling guns, responsibility, etc. 


The bird died.  I was sick about it.  But I learned a valuable lesson from that tragic event.  I can only hope, if that duck was shot in the same manner, the person who shot it is sitting at home just sick about it and now understands how critical responsibility is when it comes to weapons.


Hunting with a bow is much harder than than hunting with a gun.  You have to get closer, you have to have better aim because an arrow doesn't bounce off ribs or make a bigger hole on exit.  If a hunter runs out of bullets, his gun is pretty much worthless.  You can't reuse a bullet and the govt controls everything from shells to gunpowder.  I can retrieve an arrow and use it again.  If I lose my arrows, I can make some from the trees.  I think it's important for hunters to learn bow skills. 


My reasons for bow hunting are entirely different than some would think.  Obama is already making it harder to purchase bullets.  Those with loaders will be targeted next.  Then comes the guns.  When the govt comes to take away all the guns, I'll still have my bow.  If the govt took all the bows, I know how to make one.  More important, I know how to use it.  It kind of reminds me of the movie Hunger Games. 


I'm not one of those dooms day preppers, but I do believe in covering all bases the best I can.  When hurricane Fran blew through here, we went 10 days without power.  We were one of two people in the neighborhood who had a generator to keep the fridge going.  Didn't do a lot of good when I ran out of fuel!  The next thing I need to work towards is a combination wind and solar power to take care of power needs.  If the power goes out,  I can power the house as long as I have gas for the generator, but I would like to be able to do so if I don't have access to fuel.  Once I've got that, I believe Kristie and I will be self sufficient no matter what happens. 


Come to think of it, I still have one thing I hadn't thought of until just now.  All my garden tools are gas powered.  I need to get an electric tiller and cultivator! haha

5 years ago

I've come across the regulations as setdown by the RSPCA on hunting wild birds and what birds in the UK which are protected by Law  Wild birds and the law

another report this time a local report, this report I find completely sicking to say the least, the report relate's to 2 horse in Staffordshire

Thugs cut ear and throat in 'sickening' attack on two horses

A HORSE died after having its ear almost chopped off and another had its throat cut in two places in a 'senseless and sickening' attack.

Mares Vienna and Honey Bee were found with the horrific injuries in a field where they had been left grazing by their owners.

Honey Bee in happier times.

                    Recovering: Honey Bee in happier times.

Vienna, who had her ear cut, was found collapsed and had to be put down after becoming dehydrated and suffering liver failure.

Despite having her throat slashed, vets managed to save Honey Bee and the horse is now recovering in stables.

Now Woodstock Stable Trust, which owns the horses, is offering a 'substantial' reward for information leading to the conviction of the attacker.

Trustee Liam Cooper, aged 22, described the attacks as horrendous.

Liam, from Kidsgrove, said: "I got a call to tell me there was a horse down in the field so I went to have a look.

"Vienna had her ear near enough cut off and we couldn't get her to stand up, because of the stress she was in.

"She had also been cut on her cheek and we had to put her down because she had become dehydrated and her liver had given up.

"We didn't realise at the time but we then noticed the other horse in the field, Honey Bee, had its throat cut.

"We have no idea why somebody would do something like this.

"They were old horses which used to be in a riding school but had retired, so there will be a lot of people out there who will have happy memories of riding them as a child.

"To attack the horses and then leave them fighting for their lives in a field in this way is absolutely sick."

The horses were grazing in fields off Gill Bank Road, Goldenhill, when they were attacked between 12pm and 3.30pm on Wednesday.

It is not clear what objects were used to attack the animals.

Liam's father Frank Cooper was one of the first on the scene after the horses had been found injured.

The 62-year-old, who also lives in Kidsgrove, said: "The cuts on the throat of Honey Bee were so deep, you could put your finger in them and see its windpipe.

"Whoever did this must have used something like a sharp knife to cause these sort of injuries.

"There is a path that goes through the field which is often used by dog walkers, so we are just hoping someone saw something happen."

Staffordshire Police have launched an investigation into the incident and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Sergeant Phillip Ferns, from Stoke-on-Trent North Local Policing Team, said: "This is a senseless crime where two defenceless horses have been attacked.

"We are keen to identify those responsible and bring them to justice for what has happened."

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Lesley Mountford on 101 quoting incident number 542 of May 2.

Alternatively, people can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

5 years ago

A fitting punishment for the horse mangler would be similar wounds!  Since many would object to cutting off his ear and slitting his throat, then cut off the hand that did it!


As for the laws in the UK on birds, it is confusing as hell!!


All birds, their nests and eggs are
protected by law and it is an offence,
with certain exceptions, to:
a) intentionally kill, injure or take any
wild bird


I take it the exceptions are hunting season for duck, goose, turkey, dove, pheasant, etc?  They make it sound like you can't hunt any birds in the UK!


Attempting to commit
an offence
It is an offence to attempt to commit
any offence or have in one’s
possession anything capable of being
used to commit an offence.


REALLY???  In that case, all women could be arrested for prostitution and all men for rape since they both have in their possesion at all times the capability of committing the offense! 

5 years ago

When we lived in WA,  We left our dog w/some friends who had 2 other dogs as we were going on a short trip. The dogs got along, they had a big pasture, completely fenced by a high chain link fence, and they had a barn or a dog door to go into the garage when they wanted with plenty of big water containers and tunnel type food feeders.  When we got back, our friends had left during that time too, it was dark out. We got Kayla, put her in the back of our covered truck, & when petting her, I felt something sticky, which I just took for dog slobber at the time, till we got home.  I looked, and saw a little hole in her neck, but other than that she was acting just fine.  I took her to the vet first thing in the morning, and what happenend is someone had shot her with a BB gun. It wasn't where it would hurt anything thank goodness, so the vet fixed her up.  Our friends told us that the family down the road had kids milling around the side and back of thier home quite often, and another neighbor had one time seen them w/ what was probably a BB gun, and police had been out there before over some kind of troubles or another. I knew there wasn't really any way to prove it, so we just didn't leave her there anymore.  I figure it was smart azz kids who probably had a thing against pit bulls, because the Doberman and Lab/Chow had never been bothered, yet Kayla has always been a gentle sweetheart. I sure would have liked to have been able to prove it though. 

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