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AP: Scott Brown Not Running For Open Senate Seat
5 years ago

BOSTON (CB – Former Senator Scott Brown announced Friday that he is not running for the open U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, according to the Associated Press.

The news comes as a bit of surprise.  Earlier in the week, there were reports he was “leaning strongly” towards running again.

Brown was elected to the Senate in 2010 in a special election following the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.  But he was defeated in November by Democrat Elizabeth Warren


Despite the loss, he remains popular in polls and he still has a statewide political organization.

When Sen. John Kerry was nominated to become Secretary of State, it set up another special election in Massachusetts.

Congressmen Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch are running against each other for the Democratic nomination.

The primary is April 30. The general election is set for June 25.

Gov. Deval Patrick named his former Chief of Staff Mo Cowan to fill the seat on an interim basis Wednesday.



This comes as a surprise.....I was hoping he would run....we needed another Republican senate seat....but I guess when you lose to a liar like the Indian princess Warren, it kind of takes the wind out of your sails.  Although Brown was leaning more liberal and was a pal to obama....he saved obamacare for him!  Another surprise.....obama asked Brown to be SOS two weeks before asking I guess John Kerry was 3rd best....LOL


5 years ago

Correction above....obama asked Kerry to be SOS before Rice pulled out......not Brown...ooops!!!  Too much going on politically that I can't soak it all in without messing up who is who or who did what!!!!

5 years ago

No problem there Maui..not much to soak in!LOL When they are digging from the bottom of the barrel it don't make mucvh difference! All those states in the NE are liberal states so they can all live in their prefered debt!! There are 'some' nice people from that area but for the most part i have seen and heard nothing but liberal loonies!

5 years ago

And then there is CA with yesterdays report that Hispanics will soon surpass the white population....and then today:  Millionaire athletes look to flee California's 13.3% income tax...



If this happens, and CA has to depend on the Hispanics to pay taxes and keep their state alive....they are doomed!!!!  That's not going to happen!!!!  But at least the liberals will get the Hispanic vote there.....I guess that's all that matters.....I say it couldn't happen to a better state.....look what they did to Hollywood!!!!

5 years ago

California deserves every disaster they get if they are so dang loose with the illegals, hispanics, morals, decay and anything and everything else. When illeglas can come into a state and start telling it's citizens what to do and what they want and demand and the state gives it to them....then they are not too damn smart IMO!!! Then add Hollywood on top of it and you have a total fire bomb!!

5 years ago

The only problem with that whole mess is it affects the rest of the country financially because of their inability to deal with the illegals, gangs and you name it!

5 years ago

Well....I say let the Hollywood stars who slobber all over their Imperial king save CA....they can afford to do it with all the money they make.....


And....the Hispanics have Eva Longora who had a role in obama's inauguration...she can be CA's representive!!!!

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