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Teenage girl is left brain-damaged and blind after smoking synthetic marijuana she bought in a gas s
5 years ago
 A teenage girl has narrowly avoided death after smoking 'synthetic marijuana' that she bought from a gas station and suffering a series of strokes.

Seventeen-year-old Emily Bauer, from Cypress, Texas, has been left with brain damage, paralysis and is unable to see after taking the synthetic weed with friends last December.

Her family is now hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of the substance, which is often labelled as 'potpourri', while campaigners battle for stricter laws to make it illegal across the country.

Fake weed, which is also known as 'Spice' or 'K2', is an herbal mixture doused with chemicals that trigger a high similar to smoking marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Former life: Seventeen-year-old Emily Bauer started experiencing severe migraines in December, after smoking a synthetic weed she had bought from a gas station

Former life: Seventeen-year-old Emily Bauer started experiencing severe migraines in December, after smoking a synthetic weed she had bought from a gas station

It is often sold as incense or potpourri, and is advertised as a legal alternative to weed. While many states have outlawed it, manufacturers have responded by slightly changing the compound so that it can return to shelves.

Emily smoked the drug last December with friends and within 15 minutes, she told her boyfriend she was suffering from a migraine and needed to lay down.

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5 years ago

What a sad...sad..sad thing!!!!!

5 years ago

We keep being told that marijuana is benign but that is the message being pushed by the pot head brigade. The purpose is to get stoned plain and simple. Side effects, issues like this one, and the frequent downward slide to other drug use is ignored,

5 years ago

This stuff is chemicals they are selling. Just change the ingredients. I don't even know how they could sell it appearing to give the indication that it has anything to do with an effect one might get from the real thing, especially knowing the drug problems in society.  And if that real thing is altered, man made, then it is not natural anymore either, and is not the real thing, or anywhere near like it. They know this whatever it is is killing, doing all this harm, and they're still allowed to sell it in stores??

5 years ago

I meant they just change the ingredients. It's not cannabis, and from what I read and heard about it before, is it is nothing like marijuana, or the effects of, that it's horrible, & if pot has been doused with chemicals, then it's not the same effect either. This companie/s should be sued to kingdom come and back and no company be allowed to try and pass off something as any real drug, just because it sounds attractive to kids or some people,  and that is their purpose,  not caring that they themselves know the dangers of this crap. Allowing this is tantamount to premeditated murder IMO, and that's at the least. There's enough problems in the states with doctors who give their patients psychoactive legal drugs, without a problem or care as it is, that they definitely do not need, all too often!

5 years ago

Yes, synthetic and who knows what is in it.  Yuck.  (and very unfortunate for this poor girl).

5 years ago

Well, what do they think all this stuff is that a lot of doctors pass out like candy, just because they can, because it's labeled 'legal'  for them to do??? A lot of it makes people nuts, but no uproar about that too much.  Some, their doctors know they don't need it,  the person just likes the effects.  You ever listen to some of the ads even on tv about different drugs for different things, and they name off a whole laundry list of what it can cause to happen, or don't take if you have this or that, and I'd bet that if you don't have this or that, that by taking some of those meds, you could end up with some of them!  But since it's legal, a lot of people don't worry about it as much, think nothing can go wrong, like with this other unnatural stuff that almost killed this girl.

5 years ago

She is a lovely girl, and this is such a waste of life, I agree with Sherry on this Doctors gve out drugs like givening out sweets (Sweets meaning Candy I believe in the U,

we had this problem and still do up a point, however, but Doctors are now regulated Q&A: Doctors' regulation and Regular checks on doctors' skills will start from December, heralding the biggest shake-up in medical regulation for more than 150 years.

In the 50's or 60's it was said they found a wonder drug in Valium, little did the Patients know the drug was the wonder drug was very addictive, indeed that much addictive that in time the drug works against the patient, by causing or make worse the health problem that the drug was said to cure,

it was until I was advise that my mum took Valium that I foundout more about the drug, indeed Dr Veron Coleman gave the answers, in the very easrly 70's he states in one of his books, he warned the D.O.H of the problem with the drug, but the D.O.H dismiss his finding,


POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: Like all medicaments of this type, Valium Roche may modify patients' performance at skilled tasks (driving, operating machinery, etc.) to a varying degree depending on dosage, administration and individual susceptibility. Alcohol may intensify any impairment and should, therefore, be avoided during treatment. Valium Roche should not be used alone to treat depression or anxiety associated with depression, since suicide may be precipitated in such patients. Amnesia may occur. In cases of bereavement, psychological adjustments may be inhibited by benzodiazepines. The dependence potential of the benzodiazepines increases when high doses are used, especially when given over long perods. This is particularly so in patients with a history of alcoholism or drug abuse or in patients with marked personality disorders. Treatment should be withdrawn gradually. Symptoms such as depression, nervousness, rebound insomnia, irritability, sweating, and diarrhoea have been reported folowing abrupt cessation of treatment in patients receiving even normal therapeutic doses for short perods of time. Withdrawal following excessive dosages may produce confusional states, psychotic manifestations and convulsions. Abnormal psychological reactions to benzodiazepines have been reported. Behavioural effects include paradoxical aggressive outbursts, excitement, confusion, and the uncovering of depression with suicidal tendenceies. Extreme caution should therefore be used in prescribing benzodiazepines to patients with personality disorders. In patients with myasthenia gravis, who are prescribed Valium Roche, care should be taken on account of pre-existing muscle weakness. Common adverse effects inlcude drowsiness, sedation, unsteadiness and ataxia, these are dose related and may persist into the following day, even after a single dose. Other adverse effects include headache, vertigo, hypotension, gasto-intestinal upsets, skin rashes, visual disturbances, changes in libido, urinary retention, blood dyscrasias and jaundice. Little is known regarding the efficacy or safety of benzodiazepines in long-term use.

My mum died in 2006, her Doctor was paid for seeing the Prescribing the Drug and paid by the Drug company, he  made alot of money, but he did not live long enough to enjoy, when I meet up with mywife in the 70's she herself was taking Valium, it would take me and her over 30 years to get her off the Drug, she is better now, but it took alot of hard work and upset, I have always believe the best drug is no drug,

And the way I look at Doctors today, they are no different than the street drug pushers, but in saying this, there is one difference, one is legal and other is not.

in relation to Marijuana this drug was decriminalised in Washington state in December 2012, I would be interested to know could the same for the whole of the US 

I am now reading "Every Year Doctors Kill More Brits Than Terrorists Ever Have." this is on Veron Coleman website 

5 years ago

Just a thought too.  I remember being in a nursing home a few times back in WA state, and have others tell me they've seen the same thing in other nursing homes--that is you could go in one day, and like in the lunch room, observe people who seemed very with it, alert, despite whatever ailed them, and coherent, moving about some if even in their wheelchair. You could go back another day,  and observe these same people, same place, and they would look like zombies, slack faced, mostly out of it, so to speak.  And so on. Can't tell me that some of these people in these places are not over medicated at times, knowlingly, whether to make the staff job easier, what? I don't know.  But it reminded me of how teachers would be known for recommending that a child has ADD or ADHD, and should see a doctor, get meds, when all it was to do was to make the teachers job easier, and the child had nothing wrong with them.

To your question could marijuana be legalised for the whole of the US?  I imagine some states will be much harder pressed to do such a thing than some like WA state, my home state which I love for it's such diverse geography from one side of the mountains to the other, but places like that are very liberal, including peoples in office.  That I admit I do not like about it-to pretty a state to be marred by such IMO. 

We do not all agree here, everyone has their own reasoning, but I wouldn't want to see it more than medicinally legalized, regulated and kept natural myself. I think the hippies of the 60's and 70's particularly, and on up, gave it a very bad name for what it can do for some medicinally wise, and those who would prefer it over drugs, yes drugs, chemicalled and all that, from a doctor. Everyone is different on what they can tolerate, how they tolerate, how their mind or body tolerates a medicine, so some may not like a legal drug, how it effects them, and are much more comfortable with marijuana, emotionally as well, and I do not agree that it is all about getting a high for fun for everyone, anymore than those who use legal drugs do it for just the high all the time. I haven't read your link yet on doctors killing more Brits than terrorists, going there in a minute or so, but I am a firm believer of doctors killing patients with legal meds, and misdiagnosing, and so giving them more meds, and so on. You may have read where I talked about my aunt, thought she was dying 3 different times, misdiagnosed, put on different pills, they were killing her. When she had her care taken over by an OMD, marijuana was just part of the natural substances used, and it was used in her food,- it helped her gain an appetite, she was down to 89 lbs. from her condition from meds from reg. doctors. And no, this doctor does not and has not used marijuana himself, but I'll tell you, she's back in her 120's weight range, can speak normally now, couldn't before, - walk without having to hold her arm, and she has no more awful shaking of the hands and mouth anymore, which all affected her badly before.  She never has before or since used marijuana,  but it was very beneficial as part of her treatment.

5 years ago

"Every Year Doctors Kill More Brits Than Terrorists Ever Have." 

How Your Doctor Could Be Putting Your Life In Danger - And How You Can Protect Yourself. 

12 Medical Truths That Could Save Your Life. 

Dear Reader, 

I have an amazing piece of information for you that is truly frightening and is one hundred per cent true: 

The death rate goes down when doctors go on strike. 

Hard to believe I know, but it really is true. Research has shown again and again that the number of people dying goes down when doctors go on strike. 

In fact, far more people die as a result of what doctors do than die in road traffic accidents. 

To find out ‘why’, then read on... 

Is your doctor trustworthy and honourable?
We all want to trust our doctor. We want to believe that if we fall ill there will be someone honest, honourable and caring to whom we can turn. 

But even honest and honourable doctors who care about their work and their patients can still make people ill and can still kill. 

Many of the problems caused by doctors are a result of prescription drug consumption. When your doctor writes out a prescription, he or she has to rely upon the honesty and integrity of the drug company making the product he or she is prescribing. And since most drug companies do not operate in an honest way, that is a fundamental error of trust which can lead to many problems. You suffer from your doctor’s trust in the drug company. 

Coleman’s 1st Law Of Medicine
If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.

The bottom line is that however good your doctor is - and however much you may trust him or her - you must share the responsibility for your own health and you must know when to tell your doctor if you think that the treatment which he or she is providing you could be causing problems. 

The Twelve Laws Which Could Save Your Life
Vernon Coleman has built his latest bumper 235-page book Coleman’s Laws around twelve basic laws of medicine. These are laws which he has, over the years, formulated for his own benefit, as a doctor, an author, a concerned relative and a patient. Vernon Coleman has illustrated the twelve laws with clinical anecdotes and scientific data. His twelve laws are designed to help you make sure that you get the best out of your doctor (and every other doctor who treats you) and to minimise your chances of being made ill by a doctor. 

"May I thank you for all the helpful advice in your books. Without exaggeration I am convinced they have saved my life - I found your advice invaluable."
J.M., Dewsbury

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5 years ago

Sure like to find out what that single food is that it says we eat almost everyday, that causes illness and death, that's listed down in that link, but doesn't say there what it is!

5 years ago

Sherry..I agree with you 100% on everything you said! All of these drug ad's on TV....VIAGRA...good lord..if you listen to all of the side affects it SHOULD make a man wonder if he really gives  sh*t about getting it up or not! I mean after all when we are young it's GREAT but after growing up/older and realizing what life is really about then it all don't have that fantastic of appeal! The side affects should scare the hell out of a lot of people on a LOT of these drugs and etc; that they advertise....why don't they SLOW down and say loudly what the drug affects are instead of putting the record on a 45 speed where hardly anyone can understand what they are saying JUST SO they can say they WARNED people!!!!! BS!!!

This "synthetic" marijuana should scare anyone...just the name "synthetic" as in fake...not real....made up....harmful ingredients and the list goes on!!! WHY can't smart minds see DANGER when thney advertise this crap!? I hope this place and others where this young gal bought this BS will be found accountable and I hope somebody SOON does something to stop this criminal crap!!

5 years ago

I can believe that in a heart beat Ray!! Today all it seems to be is write a prescription...hell wroite several of them..mix them all up and what do we have a walking time bomb for the human body!!!!

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